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  1. Thanks Eight pot. So are you saying that the 300tdi coupled to an r380 out of a defender won't have room for a viscous fan? Other than that it would be a straight swap? Presumably you'd advise a rebuild if possible before fitting? Thanks again.
  2. Ok so looking for a bit of comfort as in everyday use for work. Been given a pair of seats from an rx8 (heated and electric on drivers) Anyone put these in? Anyone able to advise on how? Not bothered about electrics for now (plenty probs with them already!!!) Though would be interested to hear if theres a quick way just to alter rake and position for now (rest can wait) Thanks people. Rab
  3. Ok, so got some good advice from you re my electrical woes so will take on next problem now. Being ex military its original engine was N/A. A previous owner has swapped in a 300tdi presumably from a defender as no viscous fan or cowling (looks wrong but thats what it has). Anyway, have chance of 300tdi plus R308 box from a defender at decent money so a swap is on the cards. Also available is a salisbury rear axle from a 110. Now questions. Should I go ahead with the engine & box swap? Should I leave my current engine and Lt77 in and go for full recon of other engine and box first? And
  4. Thank you aĺl for your help. It is 12v but will check it all out. Methodical is good advice. Have to admit to spitting the dummy and trying another bit instead but will heed your advice.
  5. Like it says in the title really. Got an ex MoD 90 wiring has been "repaired" in the past ?. Whoever the muppet who fancied himself as an auto electrician was, he must have owned shares in red insulating tape. I have indicators, brake lights, front and rear sidelights, headlights on dip, 1 headlight on full (could just be bulb, sealed units). I have lethargic wipers which have normal speed and high speed. The high is in the right place, all other positions are slow. Occassionally they park but 90% of time stopping them is a pull the fuse job. Hazard lights? Eh, no. I also have a full loom of
  6. Hi fellow forum users. Unless I'm just missing it (not unusual) this must be the first forum I've been a member of that doesn't insist you introduce yourself first. Normally you find out when your first post, rather than getting helpful replies consists mainly of people telling you to go to the intros page first!!! Anyway, just posting this in case I befall the same fate here. I'm currently on LR number 4. First one was a Series 2a 88, then a series 3 109 (loved that one used to annoy the hell out of everyone behind me at first roundabout on way to village as had to take a cut to get round
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