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  1. Thank you both. I watched a few online rebuilds but didn't notice any mention of pegging the bushes. All attention was on the end float of the gears. Cheers guys
  2. Thanks Snagger. Sorry for the confusion
  3. The tiny pin prevents the thrust washer from turning. The larger pin stops the first bush (2nd gear) turning. There's nothing to prevent the other bush (3rd gear) from turning on the mainshaft.
  4. How do you prevent the second bush from turning? Or is it meant to turn?
  5. Thank you Snagger, I think I'll have to drill the mainshaft and buy an extra peg. Thankfully I've got a drillpress and a set of cobalt drills. A bit annoying but I'd rather take my time and get it right. Thanks again
  6. Hi, I've checked the new mainshaft this morning. There's one small hole for the thrust washer peg and one larger hole for the bush peg. Does that mean that if I use two bushes, that one of them would be unpegged? There's definitely no hole for the second bush to be pegged. Incidentally the parts book shows two bushes but only one peg. The replacement mainshaft is a genuine part also. Any thoughts?
  7. Hi Snagger and thank you for replying. I'll have another look at the mainshaft when I get in the workshop. I bought a new mainshaft as the peg had sheared in the old one and worn the shaft. The bush itself was intact. I'll have to check if there's a another hole for the other bush. Thanks again :-)
  8. Hi guys, I'm new to the forum so hello everyone. Im rebuilding an early series 3 gearbox and have a question to ask. The gearbox has a single bush for second/third gear but the replacement I've been sent is two separate bushes. Only one bush can be "pegged" to the mainshaft. Do you think I should get a replacement single bush or use the two separate bushes? Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi. I've been using Cooper ST 235/85 R16 on my 109 for six years. They're great on and off road. Long lasting too. I should get another six years from them at this rate.
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