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  1. Hi guys Can anyone please tell me the egzact weight of a complete disco 200tdi engine please 😀
  2. Ok will think about it as i need to sort a few other bits n pieces first but i do like the idea of the S1 type heater if i can get one
  3. Not going with a landy heater reason being and didn't notice it till we decided to fit the heater is mine is the square type heater with the later type bulkhead but the people who restored the replacement bulkhead had joined a later type top bulkhead to an early type bottom bulkhead so the square type heater won't fit, we could fit a round type heater which is what i was going to do but have decided on fitting an electric 12V heater instead but haven't got round to getting one yet but will do soon 🙂
  4. Think this thread has come to an end now and would just like to thank everyone that has helped me with stuff and or shown interest I really do appreciate it THANKS You never know I may get to do another one in the future but that will be another thread
  5. Yeah true with the swivels, with the speedo cable it snapped just before the head end think it was the angle it was going into the head so will have to address that with a new one it was a Bearmach one aswell đŸ˜Ĩ
  6. Cheer's guys, I've put its first 100 miles on it now and had a couple of issues with the 2a whilst driving it the main issue was what Snagger said a short while ago and that the gearing mite be too high due to me having an HRTC fitted to the gearbox and Disco 3.54-1 diffs fitted which it was a hell of a lot, and with all this fitted before Snagger mentioned it I just wanted to see for myself first before I removed everything then later wondered what if, anyway I have now replaced the rear diff for a 4.7-1 diff in the rear which is one of the original diff that was fitted to the 2a when I bought it and that seems to have sorted it and will refit the front later and the other issue is the new speedo cable has snapped so I will have to get another one now ☚ī¸
  7. Yippee it passed 😁😁😁😁
  8. Cheer's guys, with mine everything is new now motor, wheel boxes, cable, arms and blades so possibly as been said maybe something or everything was worn possibly everything as the wiper assy wasn't fitted just the old motor as everything else was just hanging down due to the bulkhead being repaired and never finished by p.o
  9. Hi guys Just curious really i've noticed on my n/s screen that there is a wear mark from a previous wiper blade before i have owned the 2a that goes from the bottom of the frame to the right part of the frame on the outside and just wonderd how it got there as mine is a late 2a with later wipers, just wondering if there are differend arms and blades out there that fit and would work like that as the std stroke is a bit anoying
  10. If your buying new 7.50 tyres you will struggle like I did a couple of months ago and ended up buying a set of 235's
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