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  1. Yes there are numbers on it but i think son has them written down somewhere.
  2. Sorry not got round to finding the engine s/n but here's a few pic's
  3. Hi guys Managed to get son to do the timing belt on the fitted ford di engine it should have been done a while back but son didn't want it doing but after me and a few others banging on about it he finally caved in and said ok, so its a transit DI engine not sure which model its from as they was fitted to mk3/4 and 5 transits obviously will need a timing kit but all the ones i've seen are for later models of transet so just wondered if anyone could advise me on this please 🙂
  4. Finished off a landy project, done various jobs on my landy, painted garage floor and fitted some new racking in the garage as well
  5. Whilst I was out in the landy today I was doing a lot of thinking and have decided to do it, just need to decide on a roof tent now
  6. Yeah i've not got round to sorting stuff out yet but i will do soon 😄
  7. Yeah I've been wanting to do mine for the past 4 years but just as I start getting closer to doing it something else crops up and gets in the way
  8. Hi guys Just been told that the Billing land rover show ( farm ) is not going to be held this year due to the covid19 and our bookings will be held for next year
  9. Depending if billing is still on we will have a look round and ask peeps about them but will see
  10. Hi Arjan Probably a fold open one as the hard shell ones look a bit expensive as I would need a roof rack as well
  11. Hi guys Me and son have been looking at fitting a roof tent to my 2a 88" and just want to know what roof rack to get and what setup you use and if possible pic's
  12. New racking fitted by son whilst i was at work, just need to sort stuff out now and arange everything how i want it 😄
  13. Hi guys Well after sorting a couple of niggles out yesterday and decided to give the 2 landies a run out to the Peak District, here are some pic's
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