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  1. Not yet as I've had a couple of teething problems mainly electrical but sorted now but plan to have it MOT'd by the time my 2 weeks hol's are over or earlier if possible
  2. Dam i've done it again forgot to post the pic's 😭 So here they are
  3. Finally got round to fitting the cubby box in place today as with doing everything else i've not had chance, will post pic's tomorrow 😀
  4. Sure will, got loads of places to go and see aspecially with the metal detecting plus tip runs and work round the house with trailer can't wait now 👍
  5. Just sorting a few little niggles out then its ready for its MOT as i'm off for 2 weeks after this week 😁
  6. Re-adjusted the brakes and clutch now bit awkward to test the brakes in the drive but i think i've cracked them but will find out once it goes in for its MOT.
  7. It was, day off tomorrow so will sort the brakes and clutch out then fit the brake light switch once it comes then its more or less ready for its MOT 😁
  8. Had the 2a out yesterday up and down the drive ( still on sorn ) seemed ok but need to adjust the clutch, brakes and replace a faulty brake light switch but other than that i'm quite pleased 😁
  9. Engine back in and running with no oil / water leaks so just got to refit the floor plates back in and sort a few small jobs out and its done, will post pic's tomorrow
  10. Will post some tomorrow whilst refitting the engine.
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