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  1. It was son whilst working on his golf in the garage he was thinking of bodging his golf as he want a jeep JK orJL you can't see it in the pic but i put a line through the word Jeep and put van next to it me taking the tiddle 😁
  2. Nar I don't like it on the bonnet so I am leaning towards fitting it on the inside on the rear n/s wheel arch behind the front passenger seat
  3. Hi guys I'm not really a fan of a spare on the bonnet but trying to make some room in the back but a 235-85/16 Cooper Discoverer STT looks a bit big to me, what do you think
  4. Hi guys As my std oil breather is starting to leak oil ( 200tdi ) i decided to look at other makes and after reading reviews on here and other forums i decided to buy an allisport one and was suprised it arrived in a britpart box 🤔
  5. Thanks for the offer Nick but think I will look for so nothing closer and not sure whether to go for a fairy or a rom a drive
  6. Yeah i will just keep a look out for one for decent money, would love a romadrive but to expensive.
  7. My std speedo was reading 55 when the GPS speedo was reading 75, it will do 80 but then its really screeming.
  8. Hi guys Just recently replaced my HRTC ( high ratio transfer box case kit ) for a std transfer box as the gearing was to high as 1st gear was like 2nd but 4th was great for Mways, i also have 3.54 diffs and 235 tyres which i thought would be more or less right which it is for normal roads but at 70 the engine is screeming so think i need an o/d now ☚ī¸
  9. Gearbox all tested today just got to try it on the Mway which I mite do tomorrow but everything seems ok
  10. gearbox back in now hopeing to test it tomorrow 🙂
  11. A couple of pic's from after the trannyboxes were swapped over so the ashcroft trannybox is the one on the floor
  12. Std trannybox swapped over to my g/box now just got to swap a few studs over as the std trannybox had a few missing and fit the sump plate on and its ready for going back in once i've replaced the clutch as it span whilst we was out on our last metal detecting trip due the the high gearing coming out of an awkward junction ☚ī¸
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