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  1. Its funny as i had a run out to Matlock yesterday lol
  2. Hi guys I was looking out of the living room window just now and couldn't believe my eyes but you will need to blow the pic's up as i couldn't get close enough to get a decent pic
  3. Yeah i won't buy anything to heavy as i have a Titan SDS drill and that is heavy but all my air tools and battery tools are a lot lighter so should be ok 😀
  4. Lost count now of how many nuts, bolts and hose clips i've undone and tightend up now with refitting the engine back in must be well over 100 on the same first charged 2.0 amp battery and it now on 2 battery lights and i've not used the 6.0 amp battery yet and i am well pleased with it 😁😁
  5. Nice one cheer's Stephen 😉😀
  6. Hi guys Can anyone tell me what the Torque wrench setting is for a late S2a / S3 88" std wheels nuts please 🙂
  7. 62 x M10/M13 bolts and 13 x hose clips and its just gone to 2 battery lights on the 2.0 amp battery, later in the week i will start putting everything back together so will see if i can get it all back together before the battery goes completly flat if not i've got the 6.0 battery to go at but would be good if i don't but will see 😉
  8. Yeah i used mine for the first time and was really impressed with it using the 2.0 amp battery i undid 30 bolts mainly from the 200tdi timing cover and removing the rad and front panel as well as about 8 hose clips and its still on 3 battery lights oh and that was on the secon'd speed as well 😁
  9. Yeah i will just have to see as its main use will be for light work like body panels, timing cover's and cases then after that i will get my air wrench out 😄
  10. You need to get your prioreties together, extend back of house make living room into a garage sorted 😂
  11. Forgot to say i gave it a go on one of the 2a's wheel nuts using the 2.0 battery first speed it wouldn't budge it but did on the second speed i then tried it on my engine hoist caster bolts and again on first speed it wouldn't move it but second speed it did so looks like first speed will only do really small and loosly tightend bolts / nuts but i'm doing some work on the landy at weekend so will give it a good test then 😁
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