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  1. Test drove it today did a 100 mile trip all country and it ran great with no issues including getting stuck behind a Steam traction engine for about 10 - 15 miles and if anything it ran cooler than it did before 😁
  2. Whilst out at Blackpool i bumped into another detectorist who the day before ( obviously a local ) and shown me on his phone he found a Tiffeny and co bracelet worth new about ÂŖ350 s/h ÂŖ250 jammie sod
  3. Yeah i think many moons ago when i had my last 2a 200tdi i used the brass defender type header tank, but yeah i quite like it just needs straightening up now 🙂
  4. New clear expansion tank and cap now, will post pic's later
  5. Just realised i forgot to post my finds ☚ī¸
  6. Yeah I think that is partially why I went the aftermarket way as I heared lots about the std plastic one splitting but I'm also annoyed at myself for not noticing it wasn't vented but like what's been said with a see through one you can see the level where I couldn't on the ally one.
  7. I couldn't find it so i've ordered a new clear disco one and cap and should be here by Saturday hopefully 👍
  8. Right i think i have a disco tank somewhere i will try and find it, Thanks Western
  9. Right so would a std 200 tdi Defender header tank do
  10. Hi guys Well yesterday me and a couple of mates went to Blackpool on a metal detecting trip and on the way back very close to home probably the last couple of miles i noticed and antifreeze smell and my temp gauge was close to hot so i quickly flicked the electric fan on and it helped a little bit then when we arrived home and looked under the bonnet we noticed the bottom rad hose had blown off đŸ˜Ŗ And wondered why it have blown off then realised that my aftermarket header tank didn't have a vent and assumed that was the cause of it, i've noticed the supplier on ebay now sells them with a vent so if i was to get one where would the pipe go to once connected to the cap neck on the expansion tank, to another container or just to the floor. This is what i'm running
  11. I'm running 235/85x16 cooper sst's but they don't do them in 750x16 but the 235's upsets the gearing a tad with them being bigger than 750's and i always forget to calculate that when trying to upgrade the gearing ☚ī¸
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