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  1. Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    Roll on next Friday and I get my bonus so I can get my turbo, it feels like ages since I last worked on the 2a fitting and painting the manifolds
  2. Bellhousing differences

    They seal a lot further up
  3. 300tdi turbo ?

    That sounds about right probably is about 90 ish degrees.
  4. 300tdi turbo ?

    I'll soon find out when I get to try it out
  5. Morris Minor Forums?

    Or a forum that covers all British classic cars
  6. 300tdi turbo ?

    Yeah on the 200tdi Def manifold the lever moves I guess about 1" maybe slightly more and the one on the 300tdi manifold only goes about half the distance but you can't see inside that part of the manifold, I know when I did my last series Disco 200tdi you could see a flap I think it was inside that the lever operated so I assume its working fine and once the new turbo is fitted and when I get the engine running it should be ok I hope
  7. 300tdi turbo ?

  8. 300tdi turbo ?

    Hi guys Earlier today I decided to remove the turbo from my Def 200tdi manifold as I need the bolts for my 300tdi manifold to fit the new turbo ( bought used 300tdi exhaust manifold ) which came without fixing bolts, anyway whilst I had the 200 manifold / turbo in my hands I noticed the actuator lever on the manifold traveled more than the actuator lever on the 300 manifold ( actuator removed from 200 manifold ) is this right or is there a problem as I'm
  9. series 3 disc brake conversion

    Thought it was
  10. series 3 disc brake conversion

    Are right I didn't realise you had to cut the shafts from what I've read it' just a matter of replacing swivel housings and fitting Defendet brakes, it' the Heystee one' I am looking at
  11. series 3 disc brake conversion

    Yep I deffo want to do this and mite aswell go the whole hog and do the rear's aswell but as I've already fitted the std brakes and swivels I will wait till the 2a is done and on the road and start getting everything together and do the job in the winter ( heated garage ) that way I can enjoy the 2a during the summer and work on it in the winter
  12. 1964 SIIA bulkhead replacement

    I've not decided yet to be honest
  13. 1964 SIIA bulkhead replacement

    Not got my bulkhead yet but when I do I'll let you know how I get on
  14. series 3 disc brake conversion

    Nice one cheers cheaper than what I thought, sorry didn't think of doing above
  15. series 3 disc brake conversion

    Are ok I thought there mite be somewhere over here that mite sell them and do you no what €887 is in pound sterling