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  1. No its less effort than it was with drums.
  2. For now I'm using the std none servo master cylinder but once the rear disc brake conversion is done I will see how it goes and if needed I will buy a a better master cylinder and servo
  3. Hi guys Well i am over the moon with my new Zeus front disc brake conversion it has totally transformed the 2a and have now decided to get the Zeus rear brake disc conversion kit as well and as with fitting the front kit i will post pic's 😁
  4. Its just ashame Alexa isn't stereo 🙂
  5. Hi guys I got an Alexa for in the garage for Christmas and i've asked her to fit an o/d on my landy and she hasn't, what am i doing wrong ☹🙂
  6. Sorry guys i completely forgot all about this thread, i bought one from my local hardware shop its pretty light but reasonably strong but not really had chance to try it out yet as with Covid and that and not been out detecting since early October but will give it ago asap 🙂
  7. Hi mate, sorry for the late reply 11psi to 16 psi is spot on and think I've heard peeps say 18psi is max. With mine 2a 88 with Def 200tdi with a 300tdi turbo and had an Ashcroft tranny box mine maxed out at 15psi which I was quite happy with but after a while I swapped out the tranny box for a std tranny box and it now max's out at 12-13 psi but need to get an o/d before I do anything, hope this helps
  8. Yeah i haven't tried Lidl or Aldi for logs but used to get mine from Home Bargains and they were great proper dry and burnt fairly slow and threw out alot of heat and sometimes i had to hove the small garage door open 😄
  9. Not used mine yet this year as all the local log supplying shops inc the one i mainly use have all stopped selling logs now due to new laws as regards the quality of kiln dried logs ( netted bags ) i do have a local log supplier but i don't have the room or anywhere to keep them dry other than keeping a few in the garage for buying in bulk, i have heard that this new law mite not come off so just waiting to see what happens and the only stuff i can buy is eco logs but i don't fancy them ☹
  10. Hi guys I've just got round to dragging my trailer out of the weeds to replace all the wiring and lights ( giving problems) the reg plate was still on from my 90 i had befor the 2a and want to replace it for my 2a reg and i still have an old classic reg plate from my 2a knocking about and just wondered if i can legally fit this plate or do i need a perspex one 🙂
  11. I didn't get that far as I only placed the spare on the bonnet but I didn't like it so have put it back on the rear bulkhead
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