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  1. Had a nice surprise this morning went to my daughter's ( my ex wife's house ) to get some tools to help a mate put a shed up and found son was there doing stuff to the 90 he had fitted the screen / frame in place and was in the middle of fitting the roof on and said he will do some painting later so I will go round again tomorrow and have a look and take some pic's
  2. Wow a lot has changed since then, decided to sell the 90 as son's wedding is getting closer and the 2a isn't yet due to waiting for the ins going to court over the accident with the 90 ( all settled now ) and once the 90 is sold the 2a is mine so I can start restoring it for myself, anyway as we already bought the new recon'd bulkhead and smooth roof before we decided to sell the 90 we still needed to fit them and have just fitted the bulkhead and in the process of fitting the smooth roof and get it all painted ready for selling so the glass van sides and the fitting of forward facing rear seats isn't going to happen now due to it going to be sold then once its sold I can get the 2a back into the garage and start work on the it
  3. Flaming weather it was nice and sunny earlier this morning when me and son attempted to get the 90 out of the garage to get everything else out ready to fit, anyway fitted the screen to bulkhead seal went to fit the screen and the heavens opened so everything had to go back into the garage inc the 90 and we shut up shop for the day, anyway I am off from the middle of next week so hopfully might get it all done then if the weather is ok
  4. Yeah I think they was being sold by a company called Sanderson's and said the 2 plus 1's was designed for truck cabs as they either have a rag top or no rear top at all so whilst driving without or minimal weight in the back the two upper leafs are used giving a softer ride then when they are carrying or towing heavier loads the lower leaf helps the two upper leafs to carry the weight rather than having a parabolic spring using all 3 leafs together giving a harder ride. I know parabolic springs give a better ride than std springs but think the 2 plus 1 setup mite be better than having std 3 leaf parabolic springs as I will only be carrying heavy weights every now and then
  5. Finished off the odd's and ends this morning then Andy dropped a bomb shell me and Jen are going to watch the City match so that more or less stopped me in my tracks as the plan was after sorting the odd's and ends out we was suppose to be fitting the rest of the body on, screen, roof and doors so I will just have to wait now till I can have him to help me with it. Anyway on a good note I am sat here on here with a few cans as its been ages since I last had a drink
  6. Are nice one
  7. Hi guys Just thinking ahead really as I intend using the 2a SWB as a weekend car plus doing the odd sea fishing trip which will involve towing a small 550kg trailer loaded with fishing and camping gear aswell as possibly 4 x adults in the 2a and want to fit parabolic springs all round but just wondering as regards the rear's what's best 3 leaf para's or 2+1 leaf para's as I want a bit of comfort aswell as being able to carry a load, what do you think
  8. that's not good but you should be able to get one easy enough and pretty cheap
  9. Yeah its draggin on now as I am doing it on my own, son was going help me with it all but his new business had picked up just after we stripped everything off so since then I have been doing it on my own but I'm getting there, just want to get started on the 2a now
  10. Finished fitting everything back on the bulkhead yesterday then had the engine running, just got a couple of loose ends to sort out as regards the wiring behind the dash then we can start fitting the screen, roof and doors back on then get it painted
  11. Fitted the lower dash in today inc the metal panel that has the air vent lever's screwed to it and sorting some of the wiring out, here are a few pic's I took just before I fitted the metal panel
  12. I used to run my 2a when it was still a 2.25p engine without a fan but kept it in the back helped save fuel and it allowed it to clime hills easier and I did the same when I converted it to a tdi and I will be doing with this one when it on the road
  13. Can't wait to get stuck into the 2a again so once the 90 is finished, refit some of the shelving I took down earlier this year to fit the log burning stove as I now have a load of 2a stuff and Defender stuff on the floor which I need to move onto the shelving to make room for the 2a coming back in as still have the head to refit and rotate the timing belt twice to reset the belt then start doing everything else to it as I have loads of work for it next year with the trailer aswell as a few fishing trips planned
  14. Did a bit more on Saturday fitted the wiper motor after removing the heater as the bracket that holds the wiper motor on slides up into the bulkhead from behind the heater then once it was fitted I replaced the wiper spindles then connected all the wiring up in the engine bay, working today so I will try and fit the dash in and connect it all up at the weekend and post some more pic's aswell
  15. Think Luminition used to do one that covered the 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder models if they are still around had one on my then 4 cylinder S3 and it was great but not sure if they are still going or not though