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  1. Made and fitted the brake pipes yesterday inc bled the brakes as well, oh and here are a couple of night pic's
  2. Weller modulars from paddocks wanted 8 spoke but was sold out so went for them instead
  3. New wheels and tyres, ok a bit ott for what I want them for but 7.50's are getting hard to get now and these tyres were cheap for what they are
  4. Yeah i still have the the old 4.7's just incase 👍
  5. Well its all in now will have to see
  6. Yeah i have the S3 cable as well, yeah i've added an ashcroft transfer box and Def diffs to match the engine
  7. Hi guys I want to fit a S3 speedo head ( gauge / clock ) to my late 2a due to me fitting the 200tdi, I've looked on ebay for a speedo head that has similar mileage to mine but to no avail and as the rebuild is nearing completion I've been thinking about fitting a new speedo head rather than a used one, but want to know is it just a matter of fitting a new speedo head and off you go or do I need to tell DVLA that I've fitted a new speedo head
  8. Yeah i was going to buy some of that spongey stuff you stick to house external door frames to stop drafts but i forgot to get some but will do for when the top tray gets painted
  9. Sorry Arjan its an swb pretty std other than the 200tdi engine
  10. Hi guys I've just bought a set of 235 85 16 Cooper Discoverer stt's and just wondered what the tyre pressure should be please
  11. Off ebay they are britpart 1 kit per seat does either front outer seat @ £75 each but I like them and was pretty easy to do but you will need a decent staple gun mainly for the headrest covers
  12. Oh yes as both together gives me more space, ok no good for loose tools but ideal for stuff in cases or small boxes
  13. Fitted the front seats and cubby box pedastal using an up side down centre tray then once the tray is painted ( limestone ) i can fit the cubby box to it.
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