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  1. We bought a 5ltr can of Limestone to do my swb all Limestone inside and out, inside had one coat and the outside had two coats not the best paint job in the world as it was our first time we had sprayed a vehicle but it does me, anyway think we used at least 3-4 lts and use the rest for touching up when needed.
  2. Yeah we can't wait either will start to get a few bits n bobs ready for camping there over the next couple of months one of them is a generator to run lights and stuff.
  3. No problem just wasn't sure how to use the timing took kit i bought as it was slighly different to the ones i'd seen but worked in out in the end, using a 300tdi turbo 🙂 Obviously with it being a tdi in a series i had to remove the rad as not much room to work but if it was a Def or Disco you would probably have the room.
  4. Test run went well the other day and had it on the Mway today and was very happy with it 🙂
  5. Gave the landy a good run out had it on the Mway and i got it upto 80 mph on the flat and would probably go more but i am happy with that,where as before with the Def pump it would only do 70 mph 👍
  6. Hi guys I have just replaced my Defender 200tdi FIP ( fuel injection pump ) with a 300tdi injection pump, the engine is a Def 200tdi engine that I have dressed as a Disco 200tdi and now fitted with a 300tdi injection pump, the pump seems to pull slightly better from lights and junctions but seems to pull slower through the gears but keeps pulling, with the Def pump I couldn't go into top gear less than 32 mph as the engine laboured were as the 300 pump I can go into top about 25 mph which is better but I will give the pump a better test on the motorway tomorrow but I suppose it's getting
  7. Removed the old FIP this afternoon and fitted the new one in place just now, just got to refit all the pipes and try it tomorrow 🙂
  8. Fitted this to get well used at the evenings 😀
  9. Yeah i've been to many Billing Auqadrome landy shows over the years but the very last show i went to at billing was on the farm when Billing and the farm were in it together, was soppose to go last year at the farm show but was cancilled due to covid19 as has now been carried over to this year, from memory the farm sit was more relaxed you can have a camp fire but not to big and you can let your hair down a bit more with a mobil cafe / chippy on site, i haven't been since the farm covered the show on thier own so it will be interesting on what i find when we get there so will have to see 🙂
  10. Hi guys Anyone going, me, son and a couple of friends are going. can't wait now 😁
  11. I ordered a 300 injection pump the other day and today it arrived so next week whilst i'm off i will get it fitted 😃
  12. Payday today so looking at buying one of these later 😃
  13. Thanks for this, will a 0460414099 do sorry for asking its just i don't want to get the wrong one.
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