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  1. Yeah I think it changed a lot after the landy mags started battling it out every year to get one over each other to run the show so it started to loose its self after that and other shows started springing up everywhere, I miss the big guys like craddocks and the tyre changing company's that drew the crowds in with live auctions and tyre changing going on, I too get fed up with iron monger, Sauna and other car stalls that tend to flood into the shows now a days but I suppose that's the way it is these days, shame though
  2. Yeah tbh I would have liked to have gone to the farm run event rather than the Kelmarsh one as I think it would have more of a vibe to it being on and so close to the original site where as I think Kelmarsh will just be another Peterborough show, its just a shame son and g/friend can't make it the following weekend as we would have all gone there instead but there is always next year and maybe if I am lucky the 2a will be done in time
  3. Anyone else from here going
  4. Are right ok that explains the confusion then as I read earlier this year that the farm was doing there own billing show but son wants to go to this one and the venue seems different to what I had read earlier this year
  5. Hi guys Just wondered if anyone is going to the billing show ( Kelmarsh ) 21-22 July 2017 and just thought I would ask is it on the farm that used to do the camping for the original shows or is it a different venue all together now as I am
  6. I managed to sell my new old std springs I took off the 2a a couple of weeks ago yesterday to a member of another forum so hoping to go to the new billing show ( Kelmarsh ) I think its called so I will try and get some rear Paras from there plus some other bit's n bob's I need for the 2a
  7. Some pic's of some of the work I have been doing on the 2a over the last couple of days
  8. Off this week so been busy working on the 2a, replaced the front springs with new Parabolic springs, replaced the engine oil seals as I had replaced them with BP ones before we decided we was keeping the 2a and have now replaced them with Bearmach ones instead, re-fitted the bottom end of the engine to the chassis and gearbox as it was just easier to fit and torque the head down this way than struggle with it on the bench then built the head up afterwards, just got a few other bit's n bob's to fit like flexi brake pipes, bump stop's and stuff that I have had laying around since buying them earlier this year Will post pic's later
  9. Think early Range Rover's used the later ones aswell
  10. Noise wise I think you would need to fit some sort of matting / soundproofing to the bulkhead, we have just replaced our bulkhead on the 90 ( 200tdi ) the old bulkhead had factory fitted carpet on the bulkhead which was stuck down well and couldn't transfer it over onto the new bulkhead so atm there is no carpet / soundproofing on the new bulkhead and it is quite noisy in there now. As regards the engine mounts I have never used the Def mounts but have used 2.25P mounts with a tdi in the past and I have fitted the same mounts on the one I am doing now as I never had a problem with them but have heard bad things if you use 2.25D mounts but would imagine Def mount would be just as good as 2.25P mounts if not better
  11. Can't wait for next week so I can start doing stuff on the 2a whilst I am off next week
  12. Nice one and yes I will as regards the pic's
  13. Yeah will do
  14. These are of our 90 rock / tree slider's and looking down the door to the rock slider the rock slider sticks out about 1" which would be ok but on my last 2a the rock slider stuck out about 1/2" so if it sticks out either 1/2" or 1" I would be happy
  15. All the bits I ordered the other day arrived today so as I am off for a week in two weeks time I will fit them then aswell as fit more shelving in the garage