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  1. Do we want / need another 200 Tdi into Series Post ?

    Yeah I didn't have air tools back then but i do now
  2. Another 3k-4k and its done

    Yeah I'm up for that it should be good
  3. Share your LR Plan(s) for 2017

    Well the 90 has gone now and out of everything I wanted to do to the 90 I only fitted the flat roof and re-con'd replacement bulkhead but everything I wanted to fit to the 2a rebuild is still on track for fitting if not already fitted. 1, Galv chassis ( fitted ) 2, 200tdi engine ( fitted ) 3, Def / Disco 1 diffs ( fitted ) 4, Gearbox / tranny box to be uprated to high ratio spec ( planned for 2018 ) 5, Galv bulkhead ( planned for 2018 ) 6, Parabolic springs ( fitted ) 7, Galv front panel ( planned for 2018 ) 9, S.P. exhaust ( planned for 2018 ) 10, New turbo ( planned for 2018 ) 11, Mazda RX8 front ( planned for 2018 ) 12, New doors ( planned for 2018 ) 13, L.E.D. lights ( planned for 2018 ) 14, Crucifix grill ( I'm not fitting a S3 grill its a late 2a 1970 ) 15, new insa sahara's ( planned for 2018 ) wish me luck
  4. LED headlights

    Yeah when I get round to fitting them to the 2a I will be fitting the Bearmach ones as I did on the 90 as they was great
  5. Another 3k-4k and its done

    Yeah my monthly budget should be better after Christmas as my holiday side of son's wedding will be paid for so what I was putting away every month for that will now go on the 2a
  6. Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    Sorry its a bit late, I got the new to me diff fitted over the weekend just gone and gave the axle another lick of paint aswell This will be it for now till Christmas is over then it starts all over again, my monthly budget should be better aswell so even more money to throw at the 2a to get it closer to being finished. So all the best everyone hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy new year see you soon
  7. Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    Didn't get anything done last weekend as son needed a lift cleaning two flats ( his cleaning business ) so I will fit the diff this weekend now
  8. Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    I've got it now and it seems a good one just need to give it a clean, paint it then fit it which I will do over the weekend
  9. Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    Damn, my diff should have arrived by now and hasn't so can't fit it yet, have sent a message to the seller just waiting for a reply
  10. Tyre changing the manual way

    To me the old fashioned way was laying the wheel and tyre on the floor and once the all air was out of it if any you used tyre leaver's to remove the tyre from the wheel and the same again when refitting / changing tyres, that's the way I last did it back in the early 70's
  11. Time for a new LR/4x4, suggestions please

    Haha yeah
  12. Time for a new LR/4x4, suggestions please

    I like the adds on telly where the D-max is being loaded with a 1-tone crate next to a gear that if it was real would probably flatten the D-max on its own and the other add where the D-max is being slowly driven out onto a dirt track and the D-max is leaning the wrong way
  13. Do we want / need another 200 Tdi into Series Post ?

    Its r/h/thread, I had this on my last 2a and I just put it in 4x4 and selected reverse I think as its a long time ago now and gently feathered it on the clutch with the strong arm and tube resting on the floor to undo the nut, sounds drastic but it works
  14. Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    Removed the 24 spline diff and halfshafts on Saturday ready to fit the 10 spline diff and original halfshafts this Saturday as this will be the last spend and fitting of stuff to the 2a before Christmas then it all starts again in January then I will slog it out and get it finished, can't wait
  15. Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    Yeah I obviously got it wrong and thought It didn't matter which early Def / Disco1 diff I used as long it was from either of the two and bagged a cheap 24 spline diff from the Kelmarsh show a few months back fitted it and later bought the wrong shafts from paddocks as paddocks used the same pic for 10 spline shafts and 24 spline shafts and assumed I was getting std series shafts, they did state Salsbury but as the pic was the same as the 10 spline shafts and other than the 10 spline shafts they was all they was selling so assumed they was right but obviously not so I'v got a new set of rear Salsbury shafts that I can't use but on the plus side I have just got hold of a good 10 spline diff so once it arrives it will be fitted and i'll be able to use my old 10 spline shafts, oh and a set of longer braided brake hoses aswell