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  1. The pic's don't them justice but the gaps are a lot better than they look.
  2. Plastic outer wings fitted not same as std wings.
  3. Yes apparently most Cooper Discoverer tyres come with the white block lettering on the tyres but seems to only be on tyres from 265 - ? X 16 onwards but our's are 235 - 85 x 16 and don't, also the black lettering is a different style of lettering to the ones that have white lettering on,the black lettering has lines going across the letters and makes it harder to paint and possibly run so we just did the outside of the lettering
  4. Hi guys Son deteailed my tyres today
  5. All the bits are other than the low gear wheel not sure but possibly due to the kit fitting different boxes some low gears may fit some won't but as I said I don't no much about tranny boxes
  6. Couldn't find the invoice but this is what you need
  7. I don't know much about tranny boxes but there are 3 shafts i think that come in the kit, inc 2 of the 3 gears needed to fit the shafts then you need to order another gear thats not in the kit as the original gear won't do now, i will dig the invoice out later for the part number, you also get a thrust washer and all the gaskets 🙂
  8. A little job to do on the landy this weekend ready for going swinging again next weekend in Rhyl 🙂
  9. I get what you are saying Daan i thought the same thing but although the Heystee kit is better made its twice the price and you only get the conversion kit which doesn't come with calipers, disc's, pad's, and everything else to fit them which could be another few hundred quid on top so thinking when i get the Zues kit i will buy a couple of sets of disc's and try and sorce pad's locally if not buy a couple of sets off them.
  10. Right ok still interesting to know though and when I find more tops I will deffo be checking, sadly the top i found the other day got binned after I took the pic and since then the bin men have been so it could be anywhere now
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