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  1. Thats good news. i have a rear canvas with body fit not window fit so thats great. And ill pick up the tub cappings for my 92 200tdi. To give it the semi vintage pick up look
  2. Hello folks. I was curious as to what body parts can swap across. I have acess to 109 tub cappings that i need and also a rear canvas with they all fit my 110 project
  3. New video is great. More pics of that disco be great
  4. I wonder if they could be cut off an old bulkhead and attached. maybe a series 3. Iv seen a few at a cheep price might look into sizes. Maybe yrm could start fabricating them.
  5. yes scott. the strenghting is ok but its rusted out on the inner panels.
  6. how do you repair the inside of the bulkhead ?
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