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  1. Good evening, Yes Fridge, I could get more from Nigel but I have suspicion that maybe I did something wrong or broke them while putting them together. I have four our of 8 showing no resistance figures on multimeter ( the other four are showing circa 0.6k ohms per cm). I am up and running but tuning is a problem with crazy lambda and thus crazy VEAL moves to richer when I know it is already too rich. I am getting contradictory information from compression tests, exhaust manifold temp and and spark plug condition so after checking and finding no resistance I thought I could fix basics that I can cross off list (new sparks already in and coils seem fine). Anyway, perseverance proved successful and I found another post with Nigles info at last, so I thought I might put it up here for anyone else searching. Now that I have the spec I will contact Fla and get a cheaper alternative. Thanks for input.
  2. Oh ok. I agree about price so thanks for alternative option. I will contact them and see. I'm sure if I give them the info they will know best spec. Tks a mil for help.
  3. Thanks, that is brilliant. I guess you are very happy with results or you wouldn't reconditioned them. Do yoy remember if you had the specifications or did you just tell them what it was for and the did the rest? Cheers
  4. Hi guy. I am looking to source a new set of HT leads. I have a set of Nigle's DIY ones currently but seem to have botched them up and now I can only get a resistance reading on 4 of the 8! and one boot is damaged. Anyway, I remembered reading a post by Nigle (Hybrid from hell) some time ago providing details of the spec I should ask for but for the life of me I cannot find the post. If memory serves it was in the form of a completed magnacor form as per above. I'm pretty sure I even copied and pasted it somewhere to keep it safe in case I needed it .....but obviously I can't find that either. Could anyone have the spec I need? Also, I did look up the above Fastlane but can't find them on the inter web so if anybody has a link or a cheaper place to source than Magnacor I would very much appreciate it. (If relevant my spec is: RRV8 3.5 on MS1 with ford coil packs from Nigle) Thanks guys
  5. Daragh

    Correct spark advance for RV8 3.5

    Haha, obvious I suppose if I think about it......
  6. Daragh

    Correct spark advance for RV8 3.5

    I probably have it wrong as it shows as a negative value but it has one of the drop down options 'Fuel Press'. See attached....? 2018-12-01_12.54.03.msl from cold -.msl
  7. Daragh

    Correct spark advance for RV8 3.5

    Yep, I agree re the settings and set up but I thought the interface of changing the parameters would be the same. Just trying my best to look up stuff rather than ask stupid questions and waste peoples time on the forum. I am sure people's generosity on the forum will only last for so long and I want to try and keep my teachers happy
  8. Daragh

    Correct spark advance for RV8 3.5

    I've looked it up and recommendations varies but 3 bar seems consensus. If I am reading my MLV correctly mine runs at -5 dipping regularly to -7! That seems a strange, I guess I am reading this wrong.
  9. Daragh

    Correct spark advance for RV8 3.5

    Hi Lo-fi, Great to hear that it is not just me that 'features' don't do what they should. I think I missed something there, how did you identify I have low fuel pressure? What should it be? I actually have one filling a swirl pot and then a second new one feeding the engine. Fridge F I suppose that would make sense re the trigger angle and I might have another play with trim angle at another stage. Some of the videos I have found online as for Miatas, megasquirt seems popular in that world, so maybe it is different for them.
  10. Daragh

    Correct spark advance for RV8 3.5

    So, a little update......Good news, bad news! I did the timing on Saturday. The good news is that I checked the TDC on cylinder one and it appears to be correct and matched the TDC marker on the pulley. The second good news is that the timing appears to be set at 10 degrees BTDC so that is good. So the timing seems to be correct, I was secretly hoping that it might have been wrong. Now the bad/strange part. I am running MS1 and as per above you should be able to alter the timing with the Trigger Angle or the Trim Angle but when I changed them and burned each change, there was no change to the timing. No ,matter what I did it stayed on 10 degrees! Maybe I am missing something However, when I change the Fixed Angle to any positive number it is reflected at the pulley. And when back at -10 it matches whatever I put in spark table. Anyway, timing appears to be correct so I guess I don't need to worry about it but would love to know if I am getting something wrong. To give you all a laugh, my lambda arrived so I took off exhaust to clean up a tiny leak in weld on lambda bung but dropped some weld onto the threads...... no sensor going in there for the moment . I was sooo close to getting a tuning drive. Ah well, there is always next week. Thanks guys
  11. Daragh

    Correct spark advance for RV8 3.5

    Yep and new lambda arrived today so ready for step 2 when I get the timing right........
  12. Daragh

    Correct spark advance for RV8 3.5

    Yep, I have read that it should be at circa 45kpa and also that its not a biggy. I will update as soon as I get a chance to have a go at it and let you know how I succeed or fail miserably
  13. Daragh

    Correct spark advance for RV8 3.5

    Hi Guys, Didn't get to it today so will be the weekend. Thanks for confirm on SAW and interesting way of making sure it is fixed at 10 deg with the spark table, although mine is idling at 900 rpm and 70kpa so I would have to change nearer the top corner ! I've been reading up on that as well, but that is the next challenge. Basics first and one step at a time. Tks Daragh

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