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  1. Good afternoon, I'm after some help please, I've got a Defender 2.4 DHCI (2009) that I've restored to 'stock' condition. I've essentially 'zero timed' it in terms of interior and exterior. I'm about to have the wheels refurbished professionally, but I'm not 100% sure on the Land Rover white colour used on the steel wheels. I've got an idea it might be 'Chamonix White', but again not sure. Can any of you chaps please confirm? Kind regards FF
  2. Many thanks crwoody, didn't realise each light/beam was fused. Changed the relevant fuse and voila. Sincere thanks for saving me a trip to the auto electrician tomorrow morning. FF
  3. Good evening, After some advice regarding the headlights on my 2001 Defender TD5. Normal dipped beam, fine, switch to main beam offside light goes off completely. Offside light build replaced with new Land Rover part this afternoon. Any suggestions would be greatly received. Kind regards FF
  4. Dear all, I've got the standard rattle in my windows, and a minor leak from my extremely tired felt seals. I'm looking to remove the windows (it's a 2001) and replace the seals. Can anyone recommend a good solution, I'm currently looking at these https://www.mudstuff.co.uk/garrison-sw-rear-window-kit.html Please could someone advise? Kind regards FF
  5. It's a suspicion at the moment, but it became apparent when I ordered parts from a different supplier. I'd been a bit careless when ordering some indicator fittings, and ended up with duplicates. One set arrived in their little LR bags, they had a substantial rubber seal, and the electrical plugs slotted in perfectly. The 'others' had a flimsy foam rear seal, and the plugs had a very poor fitting. I'm looking at some other components now.
  6. Mods please move this if there's another more relevant area. Over the last 6 months I've been doing some work on my TD5. I've gone the pricey route and insisted that all of the parts used in repair or restoration have been genuine Land Rover parts, in their little LR Jag bags. I've used one on line supplier for quite a few items, however quite recently I've discovered that some of these parts, maybe all of them, are cheap alternatives. In each order I've always chosen the more expensive 'genuine' part in my quest for perfection. Has anyone else had a similar experience, and if so what measures did you take, legal or otherwise to reclaim your costs? Kind regards FF
  7. My trusty Defender TD5 started misbehaving yesterday. Low power she's fine, floor the throttle and at the top end the vehicle surges, then loses all power. The vehicle will come to the side of the road with the power on tick over, while the engine warning light comes on. At this point the accelerator does nothing. Turning the engine off, then back on again seems the reset the warning light, and you can then accelerate away. Repeat the above and the same happens all over again. Does anyone have any ideas please? Regards FF
  8. Please could someone confirm if the rear window on a 2001 TD5 was bonded or used a rubber seal? Pretty sure it’s bonded. Regards FF
  9. My Defender has been showing small amounts of fluid on the driveway. While having the MOT done today I asked the technician if he'd look underneath for me and try and source the problem. He invited me to look at the transfer box which was covered in fluid, he also put his hand to the forward part of the box and said there was transmission fluid. I presuming a seal(s) have gone somewhere. Could anyone please help identify the possible problem and how I might fix it? Thanks in advance FF
  10. Think 28 front 32 rear is the standard. I'll wait for the more experienced to comment.
  11. Really appreciate the advice, thank you very much. Top tip on not losing the top hats!
  12. Good evening, You guys have been invaluable during various parts of my TD5 overhaul. I’ve got a leaking rocker cover gasket, and I’m about to replace for the first time. Any advice would be extremely appreciated. Kind regards Fox
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