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  1. thanks again for the advice , does that mean that i will need a bellhouse conversion plate then
  2. thanks scotts90 ill have a look after work cheers
  3. thanks again lads , im new to this but hopefully will improve the more i use it which i think i will be with the work i have to do , ive been rummaging through the site and its great , im trying to find info on what i will have to change to the donor engine is it everything , thanks
  4. thanks for the advice lads i think thats the way ill go , change everything i need to onto a 12L , but now to work ,once again cheers
  5. hi all firstly thanks for any help put forward its really appreciated , i have a 94 defender 200 tdi original ( 11l ) and unfortunately the rear cam bearing has slipped back leaving low oil pressure ( gutted ) , i realise its a big job but i am going to do the work myself which i know will take a while for me to do as i work full time and only have my garden to do the work in , my defender is my everyday work and social vehicle so i am wanting to get the engine out quickly and was hoping i might be able to drop another one in ie : disco 200tdi or a 300 tdi which i have seen some reasonably priced ones about , so my question is apart from another (11l) which are really expensive compared , what would anyone think might be the easiest engine to drop in ie : least amount of work converting things while i repair mine , once again thanks
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