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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have a 65A alternator fitted to the engine ready - one thing that baffles me is the two wire thing - surely I can just bridge the terminals and fit a 70/80 amp rated cable?? all the diagrams however show two? can only guess it was to supplement the original (lighter) wiring? Also looked at the Wipac units - wasn't planning on changing the actual lights but it seems to make sense - was thinking of wiring to take 16amps which should service a 100w bulb (if I ever wanted to) with a decent safety factor
  2. Hi All, first post here. I have been building a 1965 2a for the past year and am not far off wiring. I was tempted by the autosparks looms but having rewired a narrowboat in the past (without any wiring instructions) I kinda figured a Landie with all books available and plenty of online resource should be a doddle...ahem, will prob live the regret that! So I have a few questions. The first relates to security - I can see that whatever is done the thing is gonna be easy to get into so I'm looking at making it a myth to start for the unknown! I have heard of the isolator on the coil/starter rela
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