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  1. Hi Andy, while I can't help with the oil sender, could I ask a favour of you please? I see you have a 2.5td. I'm after a photo of the engine bay where the air-filter canister connects (to the chassis or where ever else...) After a re-chassis and loss of my photos I'm a bit stuck.. any photo much appreciated. Mark,
  2. Gents, I'm sorry to ask a daft one today - but - I cannot find any mounting points or markers to allow me to replace the air-filter canister and tubing.... I know its nearside, very close to the rad cowling etc. but thats as far as I can get.. If anyone out there has a 19J and could please send me a couple fo pictures of the location and mounting of the air-filter canister I'd be massively grateful... I couldn't decode the Haynes narrative and a search of the web has, well been interesting but pointless... Huge thanks in anticipation.
  3. Thanks Western - so Red from battery AND both brown rings on the same terminal. Cool and once again thank you!
  4. Gents, last push now to get the motor running. I need some help please. I've looked for historic posts and am lost on the wiring diagram in Haynes. I have 28DJ coded starter motor - three obvious terminals. Three wires on the engine harness: White and red band (know where that one goes), large single brown and a pair of smaller brown. Where do these two connect please? Looks like a body terminal and possible something on the solenoid?? greatly appreciate any sage advice please...
  5. Thanks Lo-fi - nuisance but better to know now. Replacement to be sought. Many thanks.
  6. Evening gents, sorry another daft one as I get closer to turning the key on the full engine / g'box rebuild. The viscous coupling fan on my 19J - its missing the coiled spring I've seen on other images of the same... So daft one - is the coil important? Appreciate your continued assistance and wisdom...
  7. Evening gents, another relatively daft question I fear but - as part of the ground up rebuild I'm replacing the exhaust on my 1984 110 with a 19J 2.5 turbo diesel uni (retro fitted 1986). Question - Do I need a CAT exhaust option (for MOT purposes etc.) or is a standard non CAT OEM set sufficient? I'm trying to keep costs and complexity down - simple it good.... Many thanks, Chubby M
  8. Monkie, Western and Maverik - as always thank you for your invaluable support. Mark
  9. Looking at the VIN, I have SALLDHM V - V 3.5L, V8 carb, petrol, Low Compression That surprised me..... looks like the 19J was added 1986/7 from what little data I have on the history.
  10. Hi, sorry for another wiring drama but can anyone please help before I go insane... 1. Whats this 7 pin (one Male and 6 female) connector for please? Off the bulkhead loom, looks to have been largely unused other than reversing switch (Green Brown). Other wires (all females) are White, Yellow White, Lime Green, Purple Orange and Green. 2. These two female connectors Lime Green and White Orange. What are these and where would they connect? 3. Whats this Green (male) and Green Brown(?) female for and where on earth do they connect? Looks to coming from the gearbox -
  11. Hi, good afternoon. Question re front axle springs on a 110 (1984). I have inherited LR springs for the front axle (look to have been fitted 5 to 8 years ago with when new bulkhead etc. was fitted). They are standard length and look to be standard load. The longer one (by 10mm) is banded with white paint, the shorter with yellow banding. I've checked the archives etc. but could someone tell me which one is driver side please? Huge thanks again chaps.
  12. I had the same issue with a 1984 110. I looked the replace the rear half but found I would be welding good metal to something as solid as cheese so I gave that up and sought a replacement whole chassis from a breakers yard (there are "challenges" with this approach I know), but my unit was superb and unblemished for £600, few minor mods like new engine mounts and jobs a good 'un. I'm still fighting with the full ground up rebuild but I know I have a very stable chassis now.
  13. Boris113 - much appreciated, will give them a try.
  14. Good morning all, quick one - can anyone point me at a LR breaker in Norfolk please? Really struggling to find some key (and heavy) bits and postage costs from Devon, Manchester etc. are getting a bit high..... Huge thanks in advance. Chubby M.
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