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  1. 🙂My HD rears are dual rate, i have the std ones here if i need to put them back on
  2. Set of 4 spax adjustable shocks ordered, feeling optimistic
  3. She's used for exploring Cornwall with my lads, towing my tractor and trailer, and towing a vintage trailer plough at vintage vehicle working days 90 ploughing.mp4
  4. Koni heavy track shocks are adjustable but i think you have to take the shock off to adjust them, price £415 for a set of 4 Spax ajustable shocks are easy to adjust but cost nearly £600 for 4
  5. What about these - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LAND-ROVER-DEFENDER-90-110-H-DUTY-OLD-MAN-EMU-NITROCHARGER-SHOCK-ABSORBER-SET/262163426599?hash=item3d0a286d27:g:YMUAAOSwDhxd3KxN
  6. Ok you've got my attention, so would this be why I can drive my Freelander 2 hundreds of miles with little problem, the Freelander also tows better, same trailer on my 90 and its pulling the 90 all over the place. So I'm now thinking better shocks will help with the towing as well ?
  7. My balance, both of my balance organs were destroyed by a virus 20 years ago which has also left me with chronic fatigue both make driving my old truck challenging, we spend a lot of time exploring back roads which can be uneven to say the least, it's the rocking from side to side that get's me the worst, it isn't much but its enough to make things hard for me. All the suspension is new polybush comfort bushes, std front springs with land rover heavy duty rear springs front and rear are std height and new std shocks She doesn't have mounts front or rear so i will have to get some weld on brackets There are a few companies making weld on brackets now for axle and chassis YRM metal solutions is one
  8. Hi, my early 90 doesn't have anti roll bars, I'm finding the 90 a hard thing to drive due to my balance issues and the side to side roll on my 90, i want to try a anti roll bar but which end would be best to improve roll and steering sharpness ?
  9. HVO fuel, has anyone been using it in their older land rover ?
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