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  1. My clutch pedal on my TD5 has always been the same since Ive had it, but its starting to give issues now so I want to get it sorted. The car was standing for a while after the previous owner wrecked the engine and when I got it, the bite was about an inch or 2 from the floor and the rest of the movement is just free. I can push the pedal down 3/4 of the way without it doing anything. Now I just got used to this and I actually found it easier than normal, not having to push the pedal so far etc. but lately Its been giving issues with gear changes, crunchy 3rd and not getting into 2nd when cold. it also gives a problem when changing from high to low ratio. I tried bleeding it today and it just got worse! I can only just select gears now!! when I was bleeding it, all that was coming out was fluid and air and I couldnt get the air out no matter how long I tried to bleed the system. what could be the problem? I cant see it being a leak because I havent noticed any fluid loss and surely you'd notice the fluid dripping? thanks for any help ASAP!
  2. I just used a small funnel and a length of hose, run the hose down through the engine bay and got someone to hold the pipe in while i filled from the engine bay!
  3. as milliejasper says, Im beginning to wonder if its the cold? It did do this a while ago but once I took it out and put it back in it worked fine, but its not having any of it this time! Ill give it a few weeks till it warms up and see what happens!
  4. Theyre the same CDs Ive had in the car for 6 months and theyve played fine up untill now, Im going to try one of those laser cleaning discs when I can find one, see if that works! if not ill bear you in mind Ian!
  5. Hi all, I was driving around the other day listening to a CD (in slot 5) and when it finished, it went to read CD6 and came up with "CD6-No disc". It preceeded to check through the discs 1,2,3,4,5,6 coming up with "CD# - No disc" before finally saying "NO DISC" and turning the radio on. Now I cant play CDs at all. Ive tried taking the magazine out,wiggling the CDs and putting them back in, but all it says is "CD check" and after a few secs says "No disc" and puts the radio back on. Its obviously not broke otherwise it wouldnt eject the magazine or talk to the radio. I assume the lasers dirty or something?? anyone know of something like this and how to sort it?? thanks!!
  6. let me know what the dealers come back with, been interested in this for a while, just never plucked up the courage to ask a price, I think we'll need a chair!! useful cos the dogs getting old now, will be so much easier for her to get in!
  7. I think you can only get the remote from dealers, as its got to be programmed to the car. the only other way of lowering the suspension is by lifting the back end of it above a certain level and all the air is released! I.e jacking it up high.
  8. mine was leaking from the fuel cooler on the left hand side, some rad weld type stuff sorted it out! The left engine mount was covered in the stuff!
  9. ok thanks mate, bloody shops shut now have to order on tomorrow! Thanks for your help!!
  10. right ive disconnected the switch and the throttle response and pulling off is much better, but the revs problem is slightly worse now, holding in every gear rather than just 1st and 2nd, and once revving slightly up before going down! confused now!
  11. there isnt any point in even checking it then for a fiver! does anyone have the part code? Ill order one monday! thanks guys!!!
  12. ok thanks mate Ill give it a go, is it ok to drive around with it unplugged? because its an intermittant fault so Ill have to drive for a few days to check if its ok? also Ive just looked it up on google, and found out its a problem with pulling away as well, is this why my td5 wont pull up my drive first thing in the morning? Its like I hit a flat spot and it bogs out to the point of stalling.
  13. Hi all, I dont think its really a problem but ive noticed a few times lately that when I shut off the throttle and depress to change gear my engine doesnt cut off straight away, like as if the throttle cable needs lubricating but theyre fly by wire arent they? it only happens in 1st and 2nd when pulling off in traffic, relatively low speeds, about 2800 rpm. it doesnt do it all the time, just occasionally, is it nothing to worry about or is something up?
  14. Little help needed please!! my discoverys fuel pump keeps popping out of the tank all the time and spilling all my diesel when I go round corners. the previous owner changed the fuel pump when i bought it but couldnt get it to lock in properly, I managed on my first try but it obviously has popped back out at some time and i havent noticed. and now when I try to tighten it, the thread turns fine, but if you wiggle it it pops off again! I think the owner may have damaged the thread of the tank. is there something im doing wrong or is there a way to replace the thread on the top?? thanks!
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