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  1. ever since buying my disco my spring on the drivers side has always sagged slightly..... i can fit my head in the passenger side arch but not in the drivers side.....
  2. mine were pretty easy to fit self tapping screws just had to cut the arches back, so it was a lie up and mark job
  3. Round 3 was awesome for me!!! first time for everything!!! hehe hopefully will do it again someday x
  4. mines been hot wired so i dont have to much of a problem but im guessing it would have the same problem if it hadnt been by passed!!!
  5. Hey, I need a fair lead that i can pass the winch hook through (only have a small hook) anybody know where I can get one? Thanks, Pete
  6. Hi, How have people fitted centre winches? I have a truck cab with the spare wheels just behinf the cab, and i want the winch just behind that, but how do people attach it? Many thanks, Pete
  7. Hey, putting a smaller after market steering wheel on my 1999 TD5 90. need a boss kit for it, but what spline will it be? any ideas? Thanks, Pete
  8. Thanks for the help. I had looked at southdown ones, but i want it to go through the vent on the top of the wing so the heater can have one too...
  9. Hi, I have a QT rear diff guard that was on a 1988 defender rear axle. fitted fine! now i have a TD5, will it fit on the front as the rear is having a kam diff fitted to it? thanks, Pete
  10. Hi, I am after a snorkel to fit to my TD5 90. I have a North Off Road cage fitted and am after one that goes through the vent on the top of the wing. I will also need one the same on the other side as i want my heater to work (unlike in my old 90) Any idea where to get them from/who can make one. Would like one made from one solid piece if i can, but all depends on price. Thanks, Pete
  11. We need to change your profile pict honey as it looks so much cooler now :D

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