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  1. Sorry about slow reply, been fooling about looking for somewhere to fit it. Thanks for the advice, the lights light and the channels change so it works. Maybe
  2. The wife, unwisely, let me wander off on my own at our local market cum car boot sale this morning. So I'm now the proud owner of a go-cart, a gel battery, some begonias, and a Moonraker Minor CB. Fortunately (?) she focused on the go-cart ("you senile old pillock...." etc.) so didn't get too much stick over the CB. The question. No antenna (what do you want for £5?) but I want to check if it'll power up before investing further. I seem to remember reading somewhere that it's a bad idea turning it on without 'load' on the antenna. Is this correct?
  3. Had to replace the radiator before Christmas due to it splitting in the cold (about minus 15) and not wanting a repetition was 'generous' with the antifreeze when refilling (due to 5 gallons being donated by a mate, or rather the company he's store man for ). Currently it's about 60/40 antifreeze to water. But I've been told too much antifreeze can be bad. Why?
  4. Hatty continues to get more incontinent with age, this time the petrol tank . It's a pin hole caused by salty crud between the carrier and the tank. The tank's generally in good condition, just a pin hole at the bottom. But where there's one hole showing there's another brewing? As I run 99% of the time on LPG £100+ for a new tank is a bit much for carrying the couple of gallons I usually have in. I've fixed leaks before (other tanks) with the two part epoxy patch but it always seems to leak again after a month or so I'm thinking of 'in tank' sealers. The sort you pour in and slosh about to
  5. David, Typing this with frozen fingers but just had to say thank you for recommendation! Adapters (elbow and pipe) arrived last week but radiator held up due to weather. DHL staggered in with box at lunchtime (Sunday!?). Biggest, most ludicrous and best packaging I've ever seen! Took me half an hour with wrecking bar to get in! Will keep box for storing odds n sods in LR. Much better quality than pattern parts, core must be about 50% thicker. I'm well chuffed.
  6. Well that's kicked £100 out of my daughter's paypal account. Wonder how long it'll be before retribution? Many thanks:D
  7. Sorry about slow reply, been fooling about under bonnet. Top hose inlet, looks to be straight? Mine angles inwards a bit, is the one you got straight? Did hoses fit ok?
  8. Radiator gone and there's a bit of confusion which type I have due to being a conversion. It's a 1988 110 V8. No oil cooler. Two inlets/outlets on offside upper; one to head breather, other to header tank. Normal inlet/outlet. Same rad when in 2.5 petrol form but with head breather blanked off. Part number? Thanks in anticipation
  9. Called to see a friend who was struggling to get the sump plug out of an old Mondeo. They have a small 10mm head but the bolt body's about 14mm, the sump's aluminuim. And it was well stuck. I headed for stilsons (nice big ones), he stopped me and headed for camping kit and produced one of those 12v 'drop in cup' heaters (looked suspiciously bent to get element to sit flat on sump, must have done this before). Plugged it in, held it against sump for a few minutes with aid of welding glove and 'hey presto' out came the plug with a slight tap on a10mm spanner. Simples! Obviously heat expanded a
  10. The CF-P2 Odyssey Moderators. Accept this goes well OT but I'll drag it back to Land Rovers. Honest. The wife knows the syndrome; I read a thread, get glazed expression, and disappear into garage. Before the thread started I was blissfully unaware such a thing as a CF-P2 even existed, but it's dominated my spare evenings for the last couple of weeks. Please note that I'm writing this to give a 'numpties' advice to fellow 'numpties'. By definition most of the advice you find on the net is written by the IT literate, but sometimes they assume knowledge far beyond mine. Please also note that t
  11. Just got one and I've a little problem. The SD card. I tried a 1Gb SD (not SDHC, or at least I don't think so). It worked, but now it doesn't. Must admit I was mucking about with the settings but there's nothing that would turn the SD off is there?
  12. Been playing 'hunt the oil leak' (again). While lying under a warm 110 with the exhaust 6" from my nose waiting for the next drip (it's the transfer box) I got to thinking about something that's been troubling me for some time; how much energy is 'wasted' through the exhaust? And can I recover some of it? (as an aside, how many other's find lying under a Land Rover strangely therapeutic? Or is it just me? ) I seem to remember reading somewhere that about 50% of the energy in fuel goes out of the exhaust pipe, and a fair bit through the radiator. Now 50% of a V8's fuel is a lot of energy. Has
  13. Hatty's indicator relay is playing up. Well, a bit. (Most of Hatty is a 1988 110) In normal use it gives one flash of the trailer light along with the normal indicator warning then works normally. With a trailer plugged in there's no trailer warning. But it works fine. Now I have my old loom following a bulkhead swap with a full set of relays. And I'm sure it's the large transparent blue one full of wiggly amp stuff? But a bit of reassurance would be nice before I brave the elastic-tricity stuff:)
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