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  1. Thanks Boydie, I wasn't suggesting servicing them myself, just giving the outside a clean and dropping them back in. Thanks for the info though. So how important is pop pressure? and how long can injectors last? Am I going to be buying new ones in another 50,000miles? G
  2. Morning guys, I'm just after a few opinions. Pulled my injectors (300tdi) from the 90 yesterday and got them tested this morning at a local diesel specialist. No issues with the vehicle really, it does smoke on start up and full load at high speed, not much but it is there (probably not even the injectors). Power seems ok, Its on 159,000 miles so I thought I would get them checked. The pressures are a little down but nothing significant and the pattern looks good. The guy said they were fine. When I quizzed him on pop pressure, he said they couldn't test that. So do I: A) Clean them up myself and drop them back in with new washers. B) pay the $140 to get them ultrasonic cleaned and put them back in with new washers. C) pay $640 for a set of 4 from paddocks and get them sent over (to Australia). cheaper than a rebuild to. D) something else I might not have thought of. Thoughts? G
  3. I would go with TF springs again, I found them great. Only now running OME because I got them cheap. I wouldn't run TF shocks again though, go OME. Good to have you back Jason G
  4. I have the Reynolds Boughton serial number but there are no other plates. Did the originals have weights on them?
  5. Thanks guys, I know the numbers but to import the trailer I need documented proof of its weights etc. G
  6. Morning Folks, I am in the midsts of importing my 90 and trailer into Australia, however it looks like I am going to need some official documentation stating the weight capacity, unladen weight etc for the trailer. Does anyone have this in a PDF they could send me? I have found the manual for the MKII but not the MKIII. Any help appreciated as my Carnet is running out. Thanks, G
  7. Hey chaps. Mongolia blogs are up: Part I: http://siroccoverland.com/2014/01/13/mongolia-part-i-the-wild-west/ Part II: http://siroccoverland.com/2014/02/03/mongolia-part-ii-the-gobi-desert-and-the-route-north-to-ulaan-baatar/ G
  8. So... Indonesia went well. We had to wait 2 months between Russia and Australia as we were container sharing. The cheapest place to fly to from Hong Kong and the cheapest place to live is Indonesia Lisa learn't to dive on the Gilli Islands, just off Lombok. We flew to Jakarta and traveled overland by local bus through Java, onto Bali, Lombok and out east to Flores where we went to the Komodo National Park. Whilst in Komodo, when Lisa was doing her PADI Open Water I went snorkling and among the hundreds of fish species I got to swim with turtles, manta rays and even a few black tip reef sharks, which although tame, does come at a shock when they are neary 2.0m long! The great news is after arriving in Melbourne our truck arrived soon after. It cleared customs yesterday and the inspection by AQIS we are so happy it didn't cost us anything more than the shipping handling and 1 inspection. cleaning and further inspections could have cost us upwards of $500AUD We also didn't consider the underneath to be that clean and were pretty worried. So, its now insured and we collect tomorrow! The fixing can begin!
  9. Garry, it's not a problem we're staying for 12 months and likely longer if/when I can get a sponsored job. No plans to return to the UK so we have mant summer and winter cycles to look forward to! Steve - not cleared yet. Ship arrives on the 5th Dec hopefully, we fly out of Indonesia on the 23rd.
  10. https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/1382982_733082113384228_1186665144_n.jpg So we made it to Magadan, down to Vladivostok and the truck/trailer are on their way to Melbourne. 26,200 miles (42,000 Km) driven, 248 days on the road, 116 nights wildcamping, 176 nights in the roof tent, 22 countries, 16 International border crossings and 4 vehicle services. I cant find a way of displaying photos on our tablet, I tried the about bit it just links. and I have a bit of a backlog due to shipping the laptop with the truck. More photos on facebook though. Currently in Indonesia trying to live cheap while we wait for the container to land. Once we set up in Aus a lot more content will follow and you will probably see me more active on the forum again! Thanks to those who have followed our 10 month journey from the begining. Its been pretty special and is still difficult to take it all in. We have only just started to see other travellers here in Indo so only now really talking about the trip to other people. The rig is going to need some TLC next month! G
  11. Well I found a small chaf on the LH wing wire, but they didn't seem too interested. I would assume if it was that causing the short it would also blow the hazard fuse when turned on? They are cracking on with bypassing butchery as I type G
  12. Thanks JB, and thanks fr the input guys. I should have added that the fuse blows before you turn the engine over. Ie. when the gauges kick in. No indicators touched. The guys here want to bypass the problem. Haynes manual does not show a very clear diagram either so they are very confused! (that and the fact its in English.) We are getting there, and we have the net! Found a small chaf on the green wire on the front LH indicator, pointed it out, but they are still keen to start chopping wires Hazards work fine, all indicators work, no fuse blowing there. Car runs and starts fine, I just have no fuel/temp or indicators! I have removed the rear wiper also, that is all taped up and looks to be ok. from behind the dash. Maybe its chaffed someplace else? Thanks for the input guys, we feel very far from Land Rover help out here in Siberia! G
  13. Just an update. We made the local news here in Siberia Video link here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10153189639135068&set=vb.161256027233509&type=3&theaterhttps://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10153189639135068&set=vb.161256027233509&type=3&theater Some Siberian Bridges here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152590395463306&set=vb.161256027233509&type=3&theater and here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152590199318306&set=vb.161256027233509&type=3&theater Mongolia here: Siberia Here: Plenty more over on FB and I missed a few countries also, sorry! G
  14. ^^^ some truth there with exception to tarmac! (give the Chinese 20 more years though!) My 1 piece of advice is to build everything strong, whatever you decide to do. People bang on about weight but if you try to save too much on engineering you may find stuff failing along the way. G
  15. Some info here on using existing tanks. There must be a guide somewhere http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=56709 G
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