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    Steve Motts closed Barebox last year.
  2. I had a 90 V8 factory job. The gearbox is a great cabin heater - if you don't like it insulate the cab rather than cool the oil.
  3. Don't you fancy spanking a grand to eat someone else's dust in a tour group? ;-) I was there this summer and had a big trip in 2008. If you google The Old Salt Road (from Tende). Glacier Sommeiler. Col du Parpaillon it should get you going. I have some memory map routes if you drop me a pm with your email, or guess I coudl convert to GPX if that helps?
  4. Friend has an N reg 300tdi 90. He's in Russian on his way to Vladivostock en route to Oz. Known as Griff. I got a text this morning he asked me to post "Electrical gremlins have struck! Keep blowing fuse3, gauges and indicators.Had an auto guy look and things seem ok, he cant diagnose it. Could you drop a post on lr44 for common points that may wear through causing shorts? No net here as usual! We may have to drive the last 3000k with no indicators, gauges or brake pads." Any useful practical help from experienced fixers appreciated - armchair speculation not required thank you. Many thanks for reading...
  5. widget

    iPad mount

    I use a RAM mount. I used to have a Samsung Q1 using the same 1" ball mount short extension and suction mount which has been stuck to the screen for the past 4 years with no probs. I just had to buy the iPad cradle and reused the mounting kit. I also use the same mount for my iPhone in the other car, with a different cradle obviously! When I need a replacement for the iPad I'm sure that RAM will be able to supply the cradle for the next greatest bestest thing. Just checking, but is your iPad 2 a 3G model?
  6. I've just put a set of all terrain tyres onto my D3. Although I'm not in the same vehicle as you, perhaps if I explain my thinking it may help yours? The stock tyres are 255/55 R19s (see pic). For green laning I wanted a deeper profile of rubber, to mould around rocks and allow emergency airing down. My secondary requirement was for a winter tyre - i.e. one which is siped, works well under 7 degrees centigrade and is rated with the snowflake symbol. Third requirement was price - about £700 fitted. I've been driving Defenders for a few years and have indulged in an expensive tyre habit; running BFG Muds, MFG ATs, and General Grabber TRs. In winter the ATs were vastly superior in the cold, wet and light snow than MTs. Only in deep snow off road did the MTs work any better, noting that they were unsuitable in most other winter conditions. For green laning I reckon I can do 95% of UK lanes on ATs with no modification to driving style. The other benefit of ATs is approx 7% better fuel economy (comparing same size BFGs on my V8 Defender auto) and lower tyre noise. I don't do pay and play. So I looked for an AT style at sensible cost. The latest AT from GG is available in the 19" and 18", but not 17" yet. I don't know how it performs but GG rate it the same off road and superior on road to the AT2. 4x 19" would have used the entire budget of £700. I decided to buy a set of 5x 17" rims for off road and winter use. These are incredibly cheap on ebay as many D3 owners want to upgrade to bigger rims. I got 4x 17" from a LR dealer (Harwoods Tonbridge) on ebay for £100. I also picked up a lone rim for £20 on ebay. These rims will also fit a Discovery 2. So the choice was BFG ATs or GG AT2s. BFGs are longer lasting and have a superior tyre wall and load rating compared with the GG AT2s. The AT2s are a more suitable size for the D3, are adequately speed rated (BFGs aren't) and £40 less expensive each. Both are Snowflake symbol'd. A couple of weeks ago I tootled off to Micheldever tyres and had 5x 265/65 R17 General Grabber AT2s onto my D3. Total cost was £580 for the 5, fitted and balanced etc. Including the rims I hit the £700 budget exactly. The winter ATs will stay on until March when the mean temperatures rise. Then will be swapped for the road biased Pirelli Scorpions for on road use until November next year. Then swapped for laning as required, not that I do much in the summer anyway.
  7. +1 Never had anything addressed to Widget before!! Sat here like a numpty wearing it in. It's good quality gear, thx.
  8. Cracking spot - hilly and would be a massive challenge when wet. On the downside it's not a very large site, and full of bugs which want to eat you alive We was car 6.
  9. Ordering thread is here... http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=58383&st=0 with details of P&P and how to pay etc.
  10. Ok - put me down for: 1x Rugby shirt XL 1x Polo shirt XL Many thanks
  11. I feel like a right chump - totally missed this thread. Hey ho.
  12. widget

    2wd LRX

    If Land Rover don't reduce their average CO2 output they'll go out of business in the next model cycle, not from consumer pressure, but from EU fines. So far the strategy has been to rationalise the normally aspirated engine range and introduce stop/start on FL2. The next big step is vehicle downsizing/weight loss and the V6 supercharged Hybrid, small and large diesel Hybrid projects and an efficient smaller model strategy offering super low Co2, which means going 2wd. Toyota RAV4, VW Tiguan and Ford Kuga all have 2wd variants which sell strongly in the company car sector and reduce CO2 to get them all into the sub 160g bands, which dodges the initial VED showroom tax and allow lease companies and corporates to write off more of the cost off the balance sheet.
  13. Received wisdom would be to fit an ARB in the back and a Trutrac in the front. It's well documented elsewhere I'm sure, but the rear wheels generally do more tractive work, and you can't steer with a locked ARB on the front. For snow, vehicle traction is not a problem, but available grip is. I'd stick a Trutrac in the back and invest in the biggest floatiest set of tyres you can get.
  14. You can of course, but if you have a mo would be interested to understand how you arrived at that idea?
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