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  1. TD5 TO 3.5

    I am now looking at getting am Disco TD5 and swapping Engine and Transmission all together as it has done 60.000 miles in the last two years and now has over 230.000 miles on the clock, so if i can find a lowish mileage Auto TD5 Disco and swap the lot and change the transfer box and get newer drive train.
  2. TD5 TO 3.5

    Hi Shakleton I looked into Ashcrofts and spoke to Dave Ashcroft about what would be required for my particular needs, it worked ot £5,000 plut £1000 VAT. I am now looking for an Auto TD5 Discovery to swap over. Regards R
  3. TD5 TO 3.5

    Thanks Chaps, I definately need an auto as it is my left knee which is the problem, thanks for the heads up on the 3.5 output, the one I have found someone scrapping a 3.9 auto Range Rover (best thing for it) due to accedent damage on rear) But looking at replies I would be better looking for a TD5 Auto ? Thanks R
  4. swapping a TD5 to a 3.5

    Thanks for the information, The Ashcroft worked out at £5,000 plus VAT.
  5. TD5 TO 3.5

    Thanks for info
  6. TD5 TO 3.5

    Hi there Has anyone changed out a TD5 Manual to a 3.5 Auto ? I am looking into swapping out a scrapped (due to bodywork) 3.5 lpg auto out of a Disco into my TD5 Manual Defender ? Regards Richard
  7. swapping a TD5 to a 3.5

    Hi all After doing my knee in and my Defender TD5 Manual gearbox starting to play up I started to look into converting it to Automatic, Dave Ashcroft has been very helpful after I found out it was going to be about £6,000 to do. So I have come across someone scrapping a 3.5 lpg auto Discovery. Has anyone out there done anything similar ? Thanks for any help Regards Richard
  8. TD5 Cylinder Head Change

    Thanks Steve Just what I needed Regards Richard
  9. TD5 Cylinder Head Change

    Thanks for that, it has answerd my question Regards Richard
  10. TD5 Cylinder Head Change

    Hi All, Had a look and could not see anything asked before, but has anyone replaced a Cylinder Head on a TD5., Just wondered how long and how difficult ? Regards Richard
  11. TD5 Rebuild

    My fault for no replies, I should have said the TD5 is going in my defender, does that make a difference ?
  12. TD5 Rebuild

    Hi Chaps I have the offer of a 1999 Discovery cheap (Yes I know) it has done 190,000 miles My idea is to rebuild the TD5 Engine as mine has done 185,000 and is not very well and swap engines. I am running about 175Hp on the Defender so The question is, the Disco engine runs ok but high mileage, can I get away with just shells and a re bore or is there other stuff that can be done that would benifit the engine whilst I have it out, also can they be bored out larger safely if needed . Used to do all sorts of things with Cortina Mk 3 Pinto engines and now am a bit out of touch, or change the whole engine for a V8 and LPG it ?
  13. Ajustable Headligts 110 TD5

    Ah but we did have a postal system second to none then ?
  14. Ajustable Headligts 110 TD5

    Thanks Western, I know it won't, the wifes involved
  15. Ajustable Headligts 110 TD5

    Thanks for that Western What did we do before Computers, Mine will be off over the wekend as moving office to the next room, so will have top catch up on Monday. Have a nice weekend Regards Richard