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  1. Should I buy or Should I let it go?

    i misunderstood... i have standart rims should fit?
  2. Should I buy or Should I let it go?

    i see will carry on with the 6.50 16's on it. no looks but more mpg
  3. Guys, I found these tyres on the net for 75£ / 115$ Falken 255 / 75 / 16 AT at 300 miles... is that too much for my 37 years old S3 here are the pics of the tires....
  4. Replacing a series lift pump.

    Hi guys. some newbie questions for you... I think i have some problem with the lift pump My S3 is 2.25 petrol+lpg in the morning regardless of the weather it starts at first try on lpg, but when i try to start in on petrol it doesn't (even if i leave it on petrol from the night) While driving i can switch form petrol to lpg and lpg to petrol Last night i checked my lift pump and saw it was covered with oil... is that the problem? little help needed thanks
  5. series 3 clutch

    I had the same issue, but mine was caused by 37 year old slave clutch cylinder. had it replaced and problem solved... Bleeding and adjusting didn't work on mine...