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  1. Sorry, away for the weekend, its a disco2 2002, TD5. I haven't tried it with the lights on since........
  2. Last night, I turned the ignition off and the engine kept running, until I turned the headlights off??? It happened twice (I removed the key, the second time). The third time, I switched the lights off first, and then turned the key and the engine stopped normally. Is this odd behaviour?
  3. NeilF

    Alarm woes

    OK, I'll try that, though the problem is very intermittent - I hate intermittent problems!
  4. NeilF

    Alarm woes

    My Disco2's alarm seems to be having an identity crisis. Shortly after locking the car with the key fob, 3 or 4 mins, the alarm will suddenly go off without any intervention. It takes repeated presses of the key fob to turn it off. Thereafter, the dashboard LED lights with a continuous rapid flash until I turn on the ignition. My immediate thought was that the key fob battery was on its way out, so I replaced that, but to no avail. Any ideas?
  5. My usual garage gut is off on his hols so I took it to another place who said something about a 'cover plate' that usually cracked and they replace it as a matter of course, than he started talking about a new oil pump too....... Any Idea what this cover plate is?
  6. Griff, Thanks for that. I doubt I'll do that myself, can't be arsed these days and I don't have a 340lb torque wrench either. But I'll pass this on to my garage guy. Just wondering about the faff of holding the crank still while undoing the bolts - can you not leave it in gear?
  7. Did a 300 mike trip yesterday. This morning the oil light came on. Put a liter in and it went nowhere, the oil is horsing it out. Looks like the front crank seal. I’m guessing it’ll need the radiator pulled out to get at it? A lot of work for a 4.50 seal .....
  8. Got some on eBay, hope they fit. Thanks, guys
  9. Thanks! but I've put a gauge on and I think I need an 18/32 mm size - the nearest I can find is 18/40 - they all seem to be for track rod ends rather than the cover for an anti roll bar link - anyone know any different?
  10. My Disco2 failed it's NCT (MOT) test. One item was a split dust cover on the anti roll bar link. Can you get these separately or do you need to buy a new link? If so, what's the difference between the ordinary one (RBM100223) and a Delphi Link Assembly Front Antiroll Bar Discovery 2 (RBM100223 G)? How do I know which one I need? Another Item of failure was a track rod end. Now, it failed on the same thing on the same side 2 years ago. My garage man swore there was nothing wrong with it but we replaced it anyway and it passed. I find it hard to believe a track rod end would wear in 2 years, so perhaps there is some play in the steering linkage but somewhere else? What else is there on one side only that could give rise to play when worn? I also got a fail advisory on not having any rear seats. It's a 7 seater, but the rears were folded up..... :D
  11. Ok, thanks for confirming my thoughts. Too early to say yet but no fault lights have yet re-appeared.
  12. I've had a hate/hate relationship with my panel lights for several years: I suspected the Three Amigos after reading threads on here, though sometimes it was the downhill light, the TC light and the ABS light, though other times it was the handbrake light replaced the downhill light. In any case, turning off the ignition would clear the lights until the next time, with sometimes weeks between events. Lately I've had the same problem but the lights didn't always clear on restart and then finally I got all 4 of the afore mentioned lights that did not clear at all. I dug out my Hawkeye which revealed three ABS faults. Unfortunately, I didn't right them down, but they included something about an air gap and a broken sensor wire. I thought that if I cleared the faults with the Hawkeye, and if they were not spurious, they would come back. They have not done so and I was wondering if my supposition was incorrect and that I currently have physical faults that are now no longer registering. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  13. Well, I've had the new air bags in a week and not a sign of a sag. They inflated as good as gold, too. Thanks to all the contributors and just to re-iterate what the more knowledgable on here have said: even when you're sure it's not the bags, it's probably the bags.....:)
  14. Well, I owe you an apology for not heeding your advice sooner. I went back and sprayed with soapy water. Nothing. Then I jumped up and down on the back bumper and lo and behold! bubbles from one spring. So I'll buy a pair to replace both. Still not sure why both sides go down though?
  15. This was the way I was thinking, but I have no idea how to approach this side of things
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