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  1. Now folks mention it, I have dealt with Bearmach direct. I bought a Hawkeye Total from them directly. Their customer service was very good - they reserved me a Hawkeye for when stock came in as they were out of stock when i initially enquired. They also gave me 10% off because they didnt have stock. Pretty good really. (Plus the Hawkeye is 100 times better and more reliable than the amateur nanocom I have for the D2 - the only thing Hawkeye cant do that woudl be useful is write maps to the ecu...)
  2. Personal experience of trying britpart, allmakes and bearmach. Yours is clearly different. I haven't had to send anything back to bearmach. Same cant be said for the others. I would deal with the seller rather than bearmach though so wouldnt experience their customer service anyway.
  3. I think folks were talking about this before Christmas. To be honest, Allmakes quality has seemed to be going downhill for sometime. I only buy bearmach if I cant afford genuine or cant identify a good oem brand some other way.
  4. I have an Eberspacher D1LC under my second row seats in the 110 but it isnt a puma model so not sure that would work for you.
  5. reb78

    Piston broke

    Haha. We have friends over there. Strangely I am about to get warm in front of a log fire!
  6. The inside of my 110 is currently a muddy soaking wet place. Its a complete mess after spending two days in this pouring rain in muddy fields finding and fixing a water leak. I cant see anyone wanting to get the new defender in this state or actually beimg able to clean it properly afterwards!
  7. Its a nice looking truck. I would definitely get it fixed and keep it. Get it running right and you will have lots of years of enjoyment out of it.
  8. reb78

    Piston broke

    Haha. Well done. You are getting quick at rebuilding that engine! Dennis isnt supposed to hit fully until 3pm but its pretty rough in East Cornwall already! Been out playing in the floods in the 110 (on the way back from tesco..)
  9. Ah. That does explain why the quality could be variable. I have never touched biodiesel made from WVO as the quality issues do concern me as there seems to be no standard way of processing or quality control. If the solid fats arent all removed it xould cause the issues you describe i beleive but i am no expert My 200tdi performs really well on SVO - in the summer I genuinely cannot tell the difference between SVO and diesel. If anything I feel it runs better on rapeseed. Sunflower and diesel are comparable. MPG is unaffected. My FIP was reconditioned a couple of years back by DieselBob and he reported no ill effects from me using veg and I asked him to do whatever was necessary to make it as compatible with SVO as possible.
  10. Yep. Same ^^^^ I buy SVO from the supermarket when it is on offer at 70ppl. I would have thought, as a foodstuff, it is pretty well regulated?? The stuff you were buying Geoff, doesnt sound like it had reached the end atage of processing??
  11. I think something else broke your engine Snagger. My 200tdi has run on SVO for about eight years now. I have a heat exchanger but its in a box as I have never got around to twin tanking the 110. In the summertime its run on 100% SVO and I tail that off to almost 100% diesel as the temps drop to below 10C (this is partly so I can use the eberspacher without breaking it though as the engine would be happy with 10% veg even in this weather). The one thing I dont do is leave high percentages of SVO in the tank if I am doing short journeys. So I will run at 100% and do 300miles then top up with some diesel for short journeys in the week then a full tank of SVO for the 300mile trip at the other end of the week. This is less important in the middle of a hot summer but very important as the weather cools to stop SVO sitting in the pump. I have done over 100k miles like this. So cant imagine a 25% SVO mix used once would do any damage at all. We had the head off of mine about 24 months ago due to a failed head gasket and the bores looked perfect.
  12. I think Cynic-al sums it up,. Furthermore, with regard to the last bit of your comment, the ONLY people who have spoken to me about actually buying one are people who want something to show off ON their urban commute!! So well done LR, you have made another nice Chelsea Tractor....
  13. Haha. Yep. We have ended up with three, just so we are able to work on one and still drive the others! There is still a high risk that we end up with two off the road though!
  14. Genuine LR parts all day long (springs, bushes and shocks). This setup is something they got just right and when I did the 110 they werent too expensive either. Given the original set was about 25 years old when I changed it, genuine parts last well too!
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