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  1. Will a stumpy 200tdi r380 fit?? (I have one!)
  2. What box was it? A variation of the r380? Were there manual diesel p38 boxes that might fit?
  3. I wonder though - What would the cost and time be for a conversion (say from a tdi era vehicle) vs purchase of a factory 2.8? I bet the final costs arent that far apart especially if you put a value on time? I’d be really curious to see how the 2.8 drives in a defender -i had one in a BMW and its one of the nicest engines I have driven.
  4. Just forget it, I wish I hadn't mentioned it.
  5. As I said earlier - i recall the earlier steve parker stuff looked pretty bad too.
  6. My recollection of the early steve parker ones were that they were a similar construction to that tandy one. The curved version is certainly improved though!
  7. I haven’t looked but it must be bad as the Steve Parker stuff looks awful in the first place!!
  8. reb78

    TD5 Cut-Out

    Where are you based? London is a big place!
  9. They are working again now. I did what Mike said before I posted - did it again when I next got in for a drive and initially it didn't change anything, then a few miles later they started working. When they weren't coming on, I think I could hear the relay click once as i put the left or right turn indicator on so I wonder if it was getting stuck?
  10. I haven't had chance to do any diagnostics yet, or check the fuses, but the indicators on the 110 have stopped working - no hazards either. Its a 1989 110. I will check the fuses, but not sure after that - dodgy flasher relay or hazard switch? Any pointers on how to diagnose? My multimeter is 270 miles away.... TIA
  11. Diesel Bob is worth using if you need to send injectors/FIP off for reconditioning.
  12. I need to do a bulkhead change on the 110. Chassis is okish, but will need doing at some point. The job is already creeping and my enthusiasm waning before i have even bought the chassis! Biggest stumbling block at the moment is choice of chassis manufacturer. For every food review there is a bad one. Enthusiasm wanes further!
  13. TerrainTech appear (from their website) to have stock of Sheilder, Richards and Marsland. They are on one of my frequent routes from west to east to west of southern England. I might pop in and chat to them at some point..
  14. I guess I keep coming back to Marsland or Richards because they are established. Marlsand uses OEM GKN components, but it does mean everything gets a TD5 back end (not period for the Tdi's or earlier) and Richards gets generally good reviews and make them from scratch. Richards use a slightly thicker steel from what I can tell - probably good in terms of longevity, maybe bad in terms of more weight to hoik around! They also put the correct rear crossmember on for the era if that bothers folks. Richards are cheaper than Marsland generally and only marginally more than Sheilder for an established chassis. I think I have decided on Richards when I pluck up the courage to part with the money.
  15. I am in a similar spot but Richards seem to come out cheapest when i look for online. I will check again but how much cheaper are shielder for your chassis variant?
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