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  1. I thought the same thing. Be interesting to see how they perform/wear.
  2. Whats involved with bringing one over? It must be possible looking at the yank stuff you can buy here but is it silly money? They are dead cheap to buy in the US relative to new cars over here, but I guess by the time this tax and that tax and shipping are added it will soon bump costs up
  3. I only put one on because it came up cheap and after listening to mmgemini talk about reducing heat in the area by removing the drum. I didnt really do it because I had a problem with the old system.
  4. Me too but the 'mericans dont want to sell it over here.... I was looking it up the other day and they have no plans to release it in the UK/EU
  5. Interesting. Mine was third hand when I bought it. I think its been on my 110 about 11 years, I stuck the pads on with silicone when I first installed it, might have adjusted it twice in that time and have never changed the pads so goodness knows how old they are! They dont wear as you only put the handbrake on when stopped... odd that he has had these problems but I suspect something isnt right there...
  6. This is one I would definitely like to add to the 110 as I rebuild it.
  7. I think its reinforcement for that section as i think it would be weak without that there? I cut my matting around it. It looks quite neat but I can see why you dont want to.
  8. As above - £8k could get you one around 2007/2008 without high mileage if you search around.
  9. Why don't Ashcroft or Syncro use thermostats in their coolers? Can you overcool the box? I have had thermostats fail on the coolant side of a BMW box - that used a small coolant:Oil cooler so is stat failure on the oil side a problem for the land rover ones? The Syncro one looks identical to the Ashcroft one but is more expensive.
  10. Outside of lockdowns, I do a 550mile round trip once a fortnight in the 110 plus local miles at each end (was averaging 25k a year at one point). I have RRC front seats and an overdrive and its a perfectly decent drive.
  11. I sold my e39 528i a few years ago... I really regret that.... everything in that car was exactly where it needed to be.
  12. 110k miles out of my last set Phil! Yours are barely worn in!
  13. I'm not so sure. Defender parts are fairly cheap relative to many other cars and the tyres available for Defenders are perhaps a little more than a car tyre but some can achieve 4+ times the mileage.
  14. Ah. Ok. When I read the blurb it sounded like the waeco only had settings between 4 and 12 degrees. Its me misunderstanding how they are set I think.
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