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  1. reb78

    computer says NO

    I would get more from them if i was more organised, but I always seem to forget and have to get oil at last minute. I ought to get into the habit of ordering when I order filters etc, but I often tag these on to other orders to make up the amounts to get free postage. Smith and Allen confuse me a little as their ebay shop is cheaper than their website, but their website is easier to search.
  2. reb78

    computer says NO

    Yep, same here re the amounts I buy. The 200tdi is doing 2k a month so gets serviced every 3 months at the moment. Its up on 250k ish (not entirely sure how many miles that engine has done) now so want to keep it ticking over nicely!
  3. reb78

    computer says NO

    I'm curious - what are the opinions on ECP oils, particularly their own Triple QX brand stuff? They are the most convenient motor factor to me when i need oils in a rush and they have good deals a lot of the time if you ask. Is it a false economy. I buy all of my parts online from LRDirect or Britcar, but never think to do this with oils.
  4. reb78

    Eberspacher D2

    My D1 fan runs on for about 5 mins, possibly more after turning it off, so it is normal for it to continue but probably not for as long as you have experienced here. Temp sensor was my first thought too with yours, but I am not sure they are even that complex.
  5. reb78

    Best engine

    Haha. Oops. Quite right!
  6. reb78

    Best engine

    Thats the same issue I have with all of the written reports saying '60 years of the iconic defender coming to an end'. We have had the defender since 1990 so it was more or less16 years when it ended. They didnt seem to understand the 110/90 and the series vehicles before that. Really bugs me!
  7. reb78

    Deep water

    Yep- as above. That seems ok and you have a head thats ready to go now.
  8. reb78

    Rear discs

    Its about the last thing on my never ending list of things to do. Mine has well maintained drums that are properly adjusted amd they are fine in my experience and I drive it a lot and tow heavy trailers a fair amount too.
  9. reb78

    Dash centre console panel pre Td5

    Its still evolving today but with screw on front panels i can change the layout as i please. For your new radio i would build a consile on top (flat with the top of the dash to house the unit.
  10. reb78

    Dash centre console panel pre Td5

    Make your own Ralph. I did (some pics on here somewhere). Its dead easy and ultimately you can customise completely to your requirements. The afternarket sutions are all overpriced IMO. I bought a MUD centre console and its cracked, the finishing strip constantly falls off, the cupholders dont really hold cups and i found it generally rubbish!
  11. reb78

    Defender wheel tracking

    I do similar and use a modified old track rod now
  12. reb78

    Defender wheel tracking

    He's doing this. The string is 15mm off of the front of the rear left wheel.
  13. reb78

    Defender wheel tracking

    I had this issue (max of 5mm probably more like 2-3mm though from memory at that back wheel) It was like the rear axle was ever so slightly twisted. I posted on here and general consensus was that it was LR build tolerances. So.....i gave up with the string and measured the distance between the inner rims on the front and back of the front wheels and adjusted so it was 0mm toe in/out i.e. parallel. I check straight ahead roughly by centerimg the steering box using the key on the back of the drop arm then go for a drive and fine tune by adjusting the drag link. Been doing it this way for the last 60k or more. It drives straight and I get no uneven tyre wear at all. The rear BFG ATs have done over 100k miles and they started life on the front.
  14. Will do tomorrow. I bought a specific gravity tool like you mentioned for a few pounds so that should tell me! (I dont know why i didnt think of it - we use them for measuring colostrum quality in cattle!)

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