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  1. Everything is doing it. My old 240 Estate GLT would be worth about £5-7k now - I gave it away in 2008. My old E39 estate would be worth about £4k - I got £600 for a trade in in about 2012. The price of rotten high mileage D2s seems on the up. Capri's were ten a penny 20 years ago, my uncle had four - all scrapped now - even rotten ones are in the £1000s now!!
  2. I was forever trying to do jobs like this with awkward bits of body or trim in place. Then I had an epiphany and realised that if I spent half an hour removing things like the WOR matting the job would be 50 times faster, I would get less stressed about fiddling around in small spaces to do a simple job and skinning any bare skin in the process. Just remove the matting - its not that much of a ballache to get out. Then with the transmission tunnel out of the way the actual job you want to do will take 5 minutes. You can dry under the matting whilst it is out too as its bound to be soaked under
  3. Shame this is a reason - who cares what they think?!?! I drive what appear to be a bunch of old motors and some seem to think I must be poor because of it... I own all of my vehicles unlike them.... BUT... I understand your other reasons.
  4. Perfect. Thanks Dave. Good to have confirmation as its in there bow and the transfer box went back on tonight!
  5. Haha, or buy a decent brand in the first place. I hear nothing good about Terrafirma
  6. Side by side they looked the same and same height, so I have taken a chance! I hope it works as I put the main box back up on Monday night!!
  7. Land Cruiser if we are going Jap. Range Rover comfort at a lower price. I was out in Mongolia of all places a few years back and anyone who was anyone drove a land cruiser imported from Japan. Those things just floated along and given there is a road north to south and east to west and thats about it for tarmac, they spent a LOT of time properly off road.
  8. Haha. No worries. I am going backwards and probably going to start buying older vehicles. The new stuff doesnt do it for me. I nearly bought a softdash 300tdi about 15 years ago. Wish I had as they are going for a lot more now!
  9. Ah, nice looking car if its the one on FFRR. Its vehicles for sale like that that stimulated my 'what mileage' thread.
  10. Oh my they are nice. F150 too if we are going to go this route.
  11. Is this the nara bronze one that was up on FFRR? That looked rather nice.
  12. Ineos have already failed on the 'Made in Britain' promise so my expectation is the whole thing will be a damp squib. Those silly suspension mounts are going to act like a plough off road and they have shown no signs of changing them.
  13. What about a range rover classic? There are some lovely ones out there fetching good money now.
  14. Oh, so ugly though! Most say they are bullet proof though. Just service items, brakes and tyres to do.
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