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  1. Did Martin at D44 have any useful advice when you spoke to them?
  2. When you are saying brake cone, do you mean the cone clutch or the brake ring? That clutch was brand new.
  3. He was involved in the design of the discovery 3... he loves that car.... - oh, that's funny, the new 'defender' looks like a discovery 3! He has been a land rover lover for life but cant tell the difference between a defender and a series 3 🙄 Windscreen - not seen the new 'defender' but it looks exactly the same as the D3 in front of me.... I whizzed through the 'the door opens and has hinges' section and the 'accessories' bit to the 'tool that's cool' I wonder if he thinks he is a cool tool?..... Anyway. Guess my opinion is invalid as I cant afford one anyway.
  4. Those springs won't fit the 200tdi or earlier pressed type pedals. I changed my pedal box to a TD5 variant (i think) so I could use one of these types of spring - i dont have the LOF one.
  5. From their website: The LOF POWERspring will fit Defender models 300TDI, TD5 and also TDCI PUMA vehicles.
  6. I'm curious. Are there options for the Salisbury axle?
  7. Its had two different sets of wiring tried on it at least so I don't think it can be this.
  8. I cant think how as you would have to put a central fork in to move the clutch, but both sides of the clutch have a function so the fork would get in the way. You would also have to seal the pivot as the whole thing is bathed in oil.
  9. Interesting thoughts. I cant remember how accessible the oil passages are. Swapping the rear housing would solve all of this as the issue that Ralph had was clearly not caused by a problem there. Ralph, if you get chance, could you post a pic of the relief valve setup please? This is the only thing I havent taken apart on mine so curious as to how it goes together!
  10. I am not sure they would-be pattern springs. D44 bought all the old new GKN stock for these when GKN stopped making them.
  11. You would think, but I dont think thats the case. The clutch is new and thicker than the one that came off, this is the third (?) set of springs tried on it.
  12. The brake ring is static. The cone clutch has two sides covered with friction material. In one position the clutch is held static against the brake ring and in the other it sits against the driving gear. The oil pressure moves the pistons out, as you say, and that moved the clutch and therefore engages/disengages drive. I think it is the rear housing too. But my gut feeling is it is the bore that the solenoid sits in.
  13. reb78

    What Tyres

    They dont make the AT2 anymore - it was a nice tyre though. The AT3 has replaced it (somehow via the AT which we still have on all four corners of the D2 and back of the D3). We have the AT3 on the front of the D3 and they seem good. Neither of the discos are used in challenging conditions as much as the 110 - partly because I dont mind the odd dink on the 110 but also because I still have more faith in the BFGs on the 110.
  14. My theory is a small amount of wear in the channel that the solenoid sits in and so the seals on the solenoid cant work properly and let oil pass through when it it is not supposed to be engaged which is causing the cone to move at rest but not engage either way. Do you have a tool for those caps? It might be worth us making something up but they must come undone.
  15. I think pressure is getting by the solenoid when at rest Ralph. I would be tempted to try the back section of your old OD on the rest of this one from Neil. It must be pressurising when it shouldnt be. I dont think it is the solenoid as that one on it was new.
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