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  1. Return of Defender?

    If you consider the abomination they've managed to turn the discovery into, I'd hate to think what they'll do to the defender. (Plus I do wish these damn articles would stop making out that the defender has been in production since 1948!)
  2. Landrovernet Down?

    As far as I could tell the site owners hadn't logged in or participated for a couple of years. I think there were two of them so it wouldn't surprise me if it's shut down.
  3. Trickle charger while being stored

    I have seen this with house lighting transformers as well. It is worrying. I do wonder if it is another product of very very cheap stuff with little quality control coming out of China though. I cant beleive how cheap some of these electronics have become in the last 20 years and I cant help but wonder if the prices are driven down because of poor quality components and production.
  4. Part suppliers

    Well you do insist on driving something where healthy glowplugs are vital Phil
  5. Part suppliers

    Avoid Island 4x4. My experience here
  6. r380 leak

    Can you elaborate on the oil pump bit Dave? Would this cause a leak between the boxes and is this an issue on the lt77? My lt77 is still leaking despite changing the seals twice (once without removing the collar and again by removing it). Collar change seems the next option, but could the oil pump be at fault?
  7. Spacers, Wheels, Tyres etc etc

    Wolf steels or modulars look good in my opinion. I'm not bothered about alloys personally? Why not consider a steel wheel??
  8. Some landy po*n

    What's the awning? I'm looking for one that doesn't break the bank (if one exists!!)
  9. Boost pin problems.

    I cant see how 'de-tuning' will help? Unscrewing the boost compensation screw will just move the pin out when not under boost and reduce fuelling at that point?
  10. clutch slave cylinder hose/pipes

    Ralph, could you tell us the cost and do you know if llama might be happy to produce a few more?
  11. 5th gear keeps breaking

    If its the same box being reconditioned (rather than a new box to replace it), I wonder if there is a fault in the casting/machining that isnt allowing a bearing race to sit square, or perhaps an oil pump fault - as I doubt this would be replaced as part of a rebuild?? (although it could be tested depending on the quality of the rebuild??) Edited to add - doesn't sound like it is the same box being repaired each time reading the original post again. Weird.
  12. turbo boost actuator

    This is what I found when mine went. I emailed/rang round loads of places. Some just wanted to sell me a new turbo. The frustrating thing is that the damn things must be available as new/recon turbos come with new actuators, but I couldn't find a source!!
  13. Charging ancillaries

    I imagine that this is what Anderzander actually wanted from this thread.
  14. turbo boost actuator

    I managed to get a secondhand one on ebay for £15 I think. I emailed everyone that supplied turbos about it, but no-one could (maybe would is a better word) supply a 200tdi part (even though many companies will put new ones onto their reconditioned turbos. There are aftermarket options, but I wasn't sure of the way to match up the spring pre-loads etc, so I went for the 19J version as its quite similar in application. Seems to have worked well.
  15. turbo boost actuator

    Noone will supply one. Been here myself. Im running one from a 19j turbo on my 200tdi turbo and it works just fine. The spring preload is slightly different i think but you wont notice the difference as long as it opens and releases the excess pressure.