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  1. Do the same with a D3 picture and I bet you wont tell the difference.
  2. Question might be what pressure is needed? I.e. is it ok to put the feed as a header tank above the dishwasher? I suspect some house systems will run in this way anyway. Provided its not so high the waste cant recirculate into it. Or seperate feed and waste - that might even be better but might increase required capacity of the feed.
  3. I have one that is destined for this as well. Interesting that it needed a pump - like Sam, I was hoping to get away without one. What degreaser fluid are you using? Something like the traffic film degreaser stuff that farmers buy in bulk?
  4. I'd rather have a Cortina - especially if its a Mk3...
  5. I'm not sure I class that as off road.... My old BMW 5 series would probably cope fine on that track!
  6. LRDirect and Britcar are your best choices for parts in my opinion. Both have a wide choice of options and good customer service. Britcar is just beating LRDirect on prices for a few identical items at the moment.
  7. At least you have found the problem! What does the crank shaft look like - is that damaged or ok? I put a small smear of loctite on the crank, particularly around the woodruff keys to avoid this movement and keep everything nice and tight. It does make removal a little more difficult - i.e. definitely need to use a puller, but I think its worth it to mitigate the risk of this problem somewhat.
  8. Are you rotating the crank twice before you try to put the timing to back into the injection pump?
  9. shop4autoparts sell the gallery seals iirc. Split them for sure. When I did mine, the lower channels were blocked with a rubber goo that I presume was from less than frequent brake fluid changes. You would never spot this if you didnt split the caliper
  10. That is interesting. Looking at the numbers old springs vs new springs are around 0.5mm difference. I suspect the old springs will be slightly shorter due to being used? 0.5mm might be all you need though. Its a shame you cant get a 0.75mm thick washer! Too much and it might not be able to run in the engaged position properly!
  11. What about replacing the broken parts from your original OD (and only those parts) with the intact ones from the one you are currently using? Surely that should produce a working unit?
  12. Can you measure the springs against the two sets from the od you bought for comparison?
  13. After that, I am out of ideas. That unit has had two new sets of springs but I guess they may be faulty. Its a shame noone knows anyone at gkn who could locate the specs of the originals.
  14. Put the springs from your original OD on this one as yours wasnt slipping?
  15. I think the orange bearing is your likely issue then. They can leak.
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