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  1. The guy you link to at repairkits UK is a really helpful chap. Lots of people have used his kits (including me) and he knows his stuff. I'd just buy what he recommends snd rplace the solenoid. He sells the copper contacts for some solenoids, but that looks like a comolete replacememt solenoid.
  2. Interesting. Thanks. We think it must be something to do with that cover. I just can't beleive I'm dropping this box again! I wish I'd left the old clutch in when i last had the box off now!!
  3. Well Bollox! On the way to work this morning to pick up a colleague for a meeting in Hampshire and this happened again. Pulled out of a junction, got up to third, went to change to fourth and it was very stiff to pull out of gear and wouldnt go in any gears at all. I pulled over, turned off, could select all gears. In a hurry, I started in 3rd, clutch down, but could feel it grabbing so pulled away and drove home without stopping and used the overdrive to go 3rd to 3rd+OD. Clutch hydraulics are all new. Clutch was a new Valeo back last October, HD clutch fork and release bearing (from Nige - HfH) fitted at that time. It must be an internal clutch plate issue. Neil (V8 Freak) and I have chatted and are going to change the clutch again!
  4. Thanks Phil. Not sure on this one. I may have disturbed something, but the raise in temp indicated in the original post definitely coincided with a hard run up a hill. Probably didnt even get to 90C looking at the VDO gauge! It wont be getting any attention for a while though - lost all gears again this morning, so its looking like the boxes need to come off AGAIN! (will update my other thread on the issue on this!)
  5. Are they like these?
  6. Pretty sure the one in there is 88 Ralph. It is old, so probably tired?
  7. So. I think the comments re the stat are correct. 150 miles done today. On warm up, you can see the gauge rise to just over 80 and then the stat opens and it drops to about 77/78. If you pootle along, that's where it stays. If you put your foot down on the motorway, it gets to about 82/83 but no higher.
  8. I did wonder. Funny how i've gone from worry about it being too hot to now being too cold though! I'll pick up a new stat.
  9. I was worried it was under reading initially, but like you say. Spot on. You reckon those temps are ok engine wise? The gauge and matching sender came from Merlin Ralph. Best price I could find and very quick postage too. About £50 all in.
  10. I have three old hubs in the garage from our Discovery 2. Can they be rebuilt? Has anyone done it? Seems a shame to chuck them away.
  11. Well, VDO gauge fitted and, if anything, things are a little cool! This was after a run on the motorway and then a couple of miles back through town and idling on the drive. The second pic is a thermal image camera and the temperature is at the gauge sender in the thermostat housing. It seemed to get up to about 84/85C on the motorway on the gauge.
  12. Crikey Gary. That's three years to notice that post!
  13. Well, after defending Island 4x4 above, I now find myself struggling to get a refund for a seized viscous fan hub. Bought mid May, fitted a few weeks later, seized on all of the time. I sent a polite email two weeks ago, no reply, so followed with a phone call a few days later - was promised a response that day. None came. Sent a second email last week asking for a response and refund. No reply. Tried to ring multiple times. No one picks up. Have now sent a third email asking for a response and a refund otherwise i will go through PayPal. When they answered the phone almost a fortnight ago, they said they were busy with orders - that's fine, but don't simply ignore the few people with problems, otherwise there will be no more orders!!! I am £60 down with a failed new viscous hub in the garage at the moment! Just put a big order in for about £200 worth of parts with LRDirect - Island 4x4 will not be getting any more of my money until this is sorted.
  14. I only leave important stuff in the car when the dogs are also with with me! Good luck getting past the jack russell in the first place and the hope is he will wake the lab enough to do his job ETA, dont dismiss ballcocks idea about building the locks into the door. I have these fitted on my garage door and i can see how they could be discreetly worked into a defender door and B/C post and back door.