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  1. reb78

    Roof top tent cover replacement?

    Thats not a bad outcome really Scott. My cover is currently good, but its good to know we can get new ones made at a 'relatively' reasonable price.
  2. reb78

    Second Row Door Frames

    I got front doors from land rover and mid row from SP as they were all cheapest that way. I managed to get a rear door from a member on here. I thought SP sold frames too?
  3. reb78

    Oil from water pump bolt hole

    I think my water pump was the one that was on the engine when i fitted it 100k miles ago. Dont know how long it'd been on there before that.
  4. reb78

    Oil from water pump bolt hole

    My 200tdi weeps oil along that stud as well. I will fix it when i next do the timing belt - probably a dab of loctite on the threads where they go into the block.
  5. reb78

    What Tyres

    My BFG ATs on the rear of the 110 are nearly at 100k miles. They will need replacing soon due to perishing, but there is more life in tread terms left in them!
  6. reb78

    OT: Someone as bad as Nige

    What the hell was he trying to pierce to hit the carotid??!
  7. Some of the bumpers mean that it isnt that exposed. I just sprayed mine black so it blended in!
  8. reb78

    General Grabber AT

    I’mput off of Goodyear because of such awful handling on the D2 on 18inch rims. Just terrible on those tyres (I can’t remember the pattern though)
  9. reb78

    General Grabber AT

    Me neither. I have to confess, I am always nervous about unknown brands - afterall, these things are the only things between you and the road, but I am keen to hear more.
  10. Just to throw another question in here, what’s the difference between Hawkeye Total and Hawkeye Total Pro? I’m struggling to figure it out. They both appear licences for all vehicles out of the box.
  11. I’ve apent years trying to save time by not removing stuff. It’s quicker in the long run to have clear access for whatever you’re doing. You might find more that needs doing whilst your diamantling bits but then you know it’s all back together properly and sound and doesn’t need taking apart again.
  12. reb78

    General Grabber AT

    Have General Tires stopped making the grabber AT? The one with the wavy AT pattern? I normally find Paddocks are good for them so looked there first and they have none and its hard to find any anywhere by the look of it. I am after 255/60/R18. If they are unavailable, whats a sensible equivalent?
  13. Apparently it can with the D2 if you have the barcode?? Someone else mentioned that.
  14. I have recently bought a D3, but still have the D2. I have a nanocom for the D2, but the cost of upgrading it to include D3 functionality is more than I paid for the unit and the D2 licence originally!! A Hawkeye that is unlocked for D3 and D2 has come up and I can recoup most of the cost of the purchase by selling my nanocom. Is there much that Hawkeye cant do that nanocom can? I.e. will i regret getting rid of the nanocom?
  15. I have just bought a 2007 D3 GS auto. Incredibly low mileage for year (68k miles) and very comprehensive service history. Went out for a good drive today and a couple of issues became apparent, but nothing insurmountable I hope! The two issues may not be linked, but I wonder if they are hence will document them both here. 1. After a 30 min drive we parked up and the heat coming from the back left wheel was quite noticeable. I suspect a binding caliper/seized slide pins and will investigate tomorrow. Hopefully nothing more serious than that. 2. When we got near home, I was fiddling and just thought I would see what it was like on the kick down on the auto (probably should have avoided this given point 1). It kicked down, took off, then raised an error about the transmission and said limited gears available, then HDC error after which it lowered itself to access mode and the vehicle slowed significanlty. I think it also noted an EPB error. I pulled over turned off and re-started and was able to carry on home. Two separate issues or do you think i can fix point 2 if the rear left problem is fixed?

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