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  1. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    and Land Rover Ambulance bodies....
  2. Query about front springs

    I've always found the standard setup on my 110 to be excellent Mo. I know they aren't the same vehicles, but with the roof tent and rack and moderate weight in the back, the standard TD5 era progressive springs handle well with the rear ARB fitted. I have a bull bar at the (front most of the time) and standard front springs are fine without an ARB. Genuine standard springs, genuine bushes (in good condition), standard (i think Monroe or Armstrong on mine) shocks and the rear ARB on my 110 are definitely what i would advise to others so can't see why a similar standard setup wouldn't be right on your 90.
  3. When I last had the hubs off of the 110, i noted that the stub axle seal lands were a little worn. I put new seals in and thought i would see how they did. They've probably done about 10,000 miles and are a little weepy. Are the stub axles easy to sleeve? If so, can you tell me the size please? I haven't used a speedi sleeve before - are they easy to fit? The axle is the original 1989 110 version.
  4. After market upgrade 300tdi intercooler

    So what boost are you running out of interest?
  5. New Defender

    Was going to say exactly the same thing. So looks like the major US brand was sold to Italy some time ago!
  6. Try half a turn at a time and if the effect seems like what you're after fine tune from there.
  7. Ok first post.. Garrett VGT Turbo (2256V) on my 300Tdi

    Scooby Jim fitted one to his disco in the discovery section. Reported he was pleased with it, but I guess it's subjective as his old turbo was failing.
  8. Ok first post.. Garrett VGT Turbo (2256V) on my 300Tdi

    I kinda agree but then I haven't seem any actual evidence for the offerings from Bell, IRB, Allard etc either.
  9. Ok first post.. Garrett VGT Turbo (2256V) on my 300Tdi

    When they initially announced the turbo on here there were a flurry of questions. Nearly all unanswered and that was at least five years ago! That's one reason why myself and a few others are looking for alternative options..... I think Bell Auto Services sell the turbo you have enquired about - Pete is generally good at replying IME, so drop him a line. The gains are low-mid range as far as I can tell, but I was after something that might also give a little more flexibility at the top end too.
  10. Ok first post.. Garrett VGT Turbo (2256V) on my 300Tdi

    Oh. That's a shame. He seemed fairly unimpressed with the end result on that thread, plus it would mean attempting contact with the one of the most uncommunicative companies in the land rover world! Even their website says they'll be back in 2016.........
  11. Ok first post.. Garrett VGT Turbo (2256V) on my 300Tdi

    Sooooo. Massive thread revival, but what happened here in the end??
  12. Accident Advice

    Thanks! It would have been sinful to scrap it really. A new (well secondhand) bonnet and we won't really realise anything had happened to it! But the bonnet can wait until something comes up. Now the cheques cleared, I'll mention the insurance. Initially they were quoted £3000 for the repairs. I was shocked as they said they'd repair it at that cost. My valuation on it before the accident, being generous would be £3000, probably closer to £2600-£2800 for a quicker sale. Following this, as the repair co started to strip it further, they said they found another £500 of damage. The insurance then said it was uneconomical to repair. They apparently valued it at £4800! I was shocked. Our excess was £400 so we could have walked away with £4400 for a new car. Knowing the history of this one and that it's been well maintained by ourselves, we opted to buy back. With the salvage estimate on it, we ended up with nearly £3000 plus the car. This cost under £500 to fix in the end! The headlamps took a day of making new brakets and fixing them on to the casing with sikaflex and self tappers (must have got it right as the alignment was checked at the mot and didn't need altering!). So, the remaining £2500 can go towards paying the inevitable hike in insurance premiums that will no doubt follow!! The funny thing is, I can't for the life of me see how they valued it at £4800 in the first place! As it's a very late 54 plate (potentially overlapped with the first D3) I wonder if their finger slipped down a line onto the first of the D3s!!
  13. Accident Advice

    All fixed for under £500 and just passed the MOT (after changing the TREs)