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  1. reb78

    Odd clutch moment

    Just to raise this again. My biting point is sinking lower and lower - i now have about a third of the pedal as free travel before I feel any resistance. No leaks so I guess it’s definitely pointing to the master. I will try and get both today and change at the weekend.
  2. reb78

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    I dont think the filter will yield anything fruitful here Ralph - I think we tried it in Mo's truck and with a new one and it didnt help at that point. The springs seemed to make a real difference as it is these that hold the clutch in the 'off position'. When pressure from the pump is allowed through by opening the solenoid, the clutch is pulled back into the other cone and drive goes through the unit.
  3. reb78

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    oh, I didnt mean to do it straight away!
  4. reb78

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    I would be tempted to replace the broken part in your old one with the necessary bit from the new one Ralph. The one you have has had a lot of other new parts (inc clutch) so will provide spares moving forwards for you too.
  5. reb78

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I think you have highlighted the issues with your own examples - 200tdi is simple, minimal electronics, TD5 and TDCi had lots of ECUs and sensors that introduce their own problems, more complexity, more failure points and are harder to troubleshoot (I have a 200tdi a TD5 and a TDV6 whilst the TD5 isnt too hard to problem solve it is harder than the tdi and likewise the TDV6 isnt impossible but it is harder than the other two) Power steering is relatively simple and mechanical as are disc brakes, but ETC introduces unnecessary complexity in my opinion. We looked at buying a new defender in 2014 (ish) but i couldnt find one without ETC and the TDCi engine seemed to have no improvements over my tdi (the tdi honestly went just as well!) so we gave up. Springs vs leaf - i just dont care, they both do their job.
  6. reb78

    Bulkhead woes

    I don't reckon it will do that well without a little help.
  7. reb78

    Bulkhead woes

    If possible, i would remove it from the vehicle, hang it, put a load of warmed wax in, warm the metal work , (with hot air not a flame), let it run, drip, turn it, repeat multiple times at different angles. Whilst I would avoid waxing before welding, the really flammable bit is what the wax is thinned with (white spirit often), once this has evaporated, it is a lot less flammable.
  8. reb78

    New shocks, now .. ?

    WHS ^^^^
  9. Third pic down at the bottom looks a bit crusty on that chassis leg, might be worth a poke around to see what more comes away.
  10. reb78

    New shocks, now .. ?

    Armstrong or Monroe. Same as fitted by land rover, wont break the bank and work fine. Been through two sets in 30 years, I have no need to look at any of the other brands.
  11. reb78

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    I agree - its whether it pushes it so far that it interferes though, as it will be getting pretty close. I will probably wrap mine there when I add a larger sump to my OD - although if i can put a shield on then that might be better.
  12. reb78

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    According to the news, he's just had a baby....
  13. reb78

    New springs ?

    They are. Its just a cheap way of getting a set of virtually new genuine springs.
  14. reb78

    New springs ?

    The parts chaps at Gotts are good at finding hens teeth too. I needed a stumpy R380 bellhousing recently. Noone had stock but they found me one.
  15. reb78

    New springs ?

    Keith Gott often seems to have genuine take offs at reasonable prices.

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