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  1. GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    I think I recall that the early Roamerdrives had the odd issue with oil flow, but I really cant recall if I read that once or not, but you dont hear of many issues and it has to be a more robust unit by design I think. I know Neil used to leave his engaged all of the time whereas the speed sensor on the GKN was partly to prevent engaging in reverse (unless you get to 30mph in reverse) and also to stop engaging in low gears where high torque is going through the unit (not sure this will work in low range though).
  2. GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    If I was spending the money on a brand new overdrive it would be a Roamerdrive now. My GKN has been pretty good, but i have heard of others (on here) who have had nightmares with theirs.
  3. R380 oil

    Not sure I ever said the gearbox sucks? Thanks for the input... I guess Even Ashcroft suggest ATF may be a better choice - http://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/frequently-asked-questions/r380-faq-s.html
  4. R380 oil

    It’s an odd question I admit. The thing is, my overdrive experiences suggest out of all of these oils atf copes the best. I realise LR used the oil for a reason but I have 25litre drums of atf so it’s handy and quick to use.
  5. R380 oil

    I know the R380 recommended oil is MTF94, but what are folks running in theirs? ATF is so cheap and was the original spec for the box that I could/would change it more regularly than i currently do with the MTF. As others may have seen, I have been disappointed with the MTF (and difflock oil) behavior in my overdrive and ATF seems to cope better there, so is MTF really superior to ATF??
  6. GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    Possibly, but I guess an additional pump would also be needed then. David and I have been talking about a finned sump like the roverdrive sump for the LT230. A similar design would increase capacity and provide some extra cooling. We are thinking of doing some tests with temp probes built in to the back plate so we can get a before and after. Visual inspection of the oil would be interesting too - you can see it has worked hard after 6000 miles at the moment as it is no longer the nice red that it went in as (unlike my gearbox oil as an example).
  7. GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    Agree. I tried MTF94 in mine and also that fancy difflock evo stuff. None have performed as well as ATF and even that suffers over longer oil change intervals. The difflock evo which is specced for gearboxes using ATF came out as black and burnt as can be after 6,000 miles so I was very disappointed with that.
  8. GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    Mo had that when he was using Neils old OD. We changed the clutch but it still did it. Since then the springs were changed and it seemed to make a big difference. Looking at the clutch material should give you the answer though i think.
  9. GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    Yep. It looks fine. It’s a thick hunk of metal though so it’s take something to distort it.
  10. GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    Absolutely. I know what you mean. I’m doing 500+ miles a week in mine at the moment so it’s serviced at least every three months!
  11. GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    Yes, the blueing always makes me think that. They run very hot but I think that’s partly because they carry a tiny amount of oil (700ml). Vulcan Bomber is looking at whether he can make an extended sump to increase capacity and cooling. (There are US versions)
  12. GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    Being sure whats wrong is the hardest part. Get it apart and check the clutch but it could be as simple as weak springs in the clutch unit legs.
  13. GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    I havent found time to strip your old one yet, but thats interesting. What frequency were you changing the oil at? I dont seem to get any sludge in mine.
  14. GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    Haha. Happy to advise!
  15. GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    Oooo. Ill check the revs. What i said might be at 80 actually! Its a 28% ratio change i think.