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  1. My beard isnt that long... however freelander was still the worst vehicle I have ever had the misfortune to own so if the new defender is that good that then it will be truly hopeless.
  2. Personally i think they are great looking trucks and having driven a few of them, they drive really well too. Completely effortless, comfortable, and suprisingly economical compared to what we on here drive! The F150 i used in the US returned nearly 30mpg (uk gallons).
  3. I bought an OEM 'Borg Warner' unit from Island 4x4 - I wasnt sure mine was working, so thought I would replace it anyway. You could hear the thing locked all of the time. Weeks and weeks later , once I finally got them to respond it then took months to get a refund - dreadful servive. I just put the old one back on in the end!
  4. hmmmmmmmm . Good to hear. I had always leaned that way but more recently a few people seemed to have been negative about them.
  5. Just taken a look at the Sheilder Chassis site and interestingly they are exactly the same price as Richards. I think the Marsland chassis come from GKN from what I can make out, but are they worth the extra money compared to Richards or Sheilder?
  6. There have been a few threads recently about providers of new chassis. Choices seemed to lean towards Marsland over Richards but until the last few years, I always thought Richards were the supplier of choice. They are also in the region of £600 cheaper than Marsland once VAT etc is costed in. Why haven't folk been choosing Richards recently? I am in no rush, so wait times are not a factor for me. I have new doors and a galvanised bulkhead and given the welding I had to do earlier this year on my chassis, I am coming to the conclusion that it may just be easier to build the new parts (especially the bulkhead) onto a new chassis as the amount needed to be done to strip and change on the current chassis is part of the way there anyway....
  7. What wastegate are you using as a spare? Mine had a hole in the diaphragm on my 200tdi and i couldnt find a new one. Its run a 19J wastegate actor for about 5 years now.
  8. Just for contrast i tried a freelander and hated every second of it. It was not comparable to my 110 in any sense. It even broke down a LOT more.
  9. This ^^^^ I have two now so have one recored on the side as a spare.
  10. Why dont they galvanise these tanks - like the Calor/Flogas bottles you use on the BBQ etc??? Given where they are placed - often under vehicles in the muck and road salt in the winter it would seem sensible?
  11. Great. Thanks for that. The vid I watched online swapped a complete arm in 20 mins - I bet I cant do it that quickly!!
  12. Thanks for having a look Dave, i appreciate it. Do you know if we need to remove the driveshaft from the hub on all D3 models? I saw a video online yesterday that showed you could just unhook the ball joint but other guides suggest it is too tight.
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