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  1. water containers for camping

    I have one. I’ve never folded it flat again though as like Mike I worry it will break it eventually.
  2. Show me your Camping setups

    This is pretty much what I have for the 110. I’ve got the same roof tent with the additional skirt, but I rarely use that as it’s a real faff to put up. Like you, we can havevthe tent up and ready for sleep in minutes.
  3. Russian Microcat online off-line?

    I haven’t been able to access your link, Andrew, for about 6 months. I assumed it was my ISP. Since then I’ve been using the link Paintman has put up.
  4. Show me your Camping setups

    My roof tent goes on in spring and comes off in the late autumn, so don’t rule it out unless that’s too much hassle. It is heavy, but we only move it twice a year. Surprisingly it makes no real difference to fuel economy so I don’t mind leaving it up there. 5 mins to put up. All the bedding in it and ready to use and about 7 mins to put down (that’s me and the other half doing it). I biught a side awning as well late last year but haven’t used it yet.
  5. Best night heater?

    Absolutely. Russian stuff is built to last.
  6. Best night heater?

    Use the proper heater fuel pick up and it will never draw below the level of the engine fuel pick up. That’s probably more simple than a separate tank.
  7. A night in the Glens

    Looks lovely.
  8. Morris Minor Forums?

    Thanks. Will give this a look. Very much in the planning stages at the moment!
  9. Morris Minor Forums?

    I did start with google but knew a couple of folks like Bowie have MMs on here so was after a recommendation. Unfortunately it seems there isn’t an ideal forum.
  10. Can anyone recommend a Morris Minor forum of a similar quality to this one? We have a Traveller we are looking to restore and I'm keen to get good info like we have on here for it.
  11. Best night heater?

    I don’t think he’s listed them. I can pass an email to him if you want to get in contact and discuss details. Just PM me
  12. Best night heater?

    My D1LC gets the 110 to 30C internally when it’s minus figures outside. Does that help?
  13. Best night heater?

    There’s a fella on the mig welding forum who has a couple of eberspacher stock sell http://www.mig-welding.co.uk/forum/threads/diesel-night-heaters.78688/page-4 i thought I’d just point it out in case of any use to anyone here.
  14. Best night heater?

    D1LC in the 110 and I love it!
  15. Goblin Works Garage

    Yeah, that was rubbish. Why do that to a perfectly good truck! Clicked the link and the dog had a fit - thats how bad it was!