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  1. Article in the Times apparently talked about a £35k start price. I haven't seen it but a friend mentioned it. Don't forget, there will be the 20% discount for those who can fiddle a commercial vehicle through the books and then convert it to a normal car for normal uses.... (is the 26k for the pickup plus VAT?).
  2. Haha. It's ironic really. The Defender is clearly part of JLR's past... but those shaping it's future don't seem to care what the past looked like.... I wonder how much of the design that was revealed today was revealed as part of the original court case...
  3. The front looks better at different angles in that ineos video that Anderzander posted above. I do keep looking at those bits that hang down beneath the chassis rails though for the suspension arms - wonder if they are going to work at re-engineering them any more to move them upwards!?
  4. Especially with a nice BMW engine. I have had three BMW's and the engines have been excellent in all of them whether petrol or diesel.
  5. I would think that from today there will be aftermarket companies starting to think about a 'defender style' replacement bonnet and grill. Ineos get what they really want then with a little help from the customisers.... the Defender...
  6. Very first thoughts: 110 from the side G Wagen from the back Lada Niva from the front I agree with Fridge - overall I like it, but lose the bump at the front. If I wanted a Niva I would look out for one as they become classics!
  7. I have the same Trucklites as Mike and Jon. Jon's comments are spot on - they take a bit of getting used to initially as its black directly in front of the vehicle because, like Jon says, the beam doesnt seem to start until 10ft away. Its absolutely fine as you aren't looking in the space ten feet in front of the vehicle, but takes some getting used to! The light is different to halogen and initially I really didnt like it. Its a cold blue light, not the warmer yellow of halogen and on some road surfaces and particularly at dusk it can feel like you dont have headlights on, but you can see, so they are clearly on! Its hard to explain, but its a colour/wavelength thing I think (mixed with my OCD!) I thought they had stopped making the old model of lights that I have now and that the current ones all have filaments to heat the lens. Mine do ice up in the snow - given I was driving through the middle of the red zone in the south west when the beast from the east hit and then the snow later that season and the following year, it was a bit of a pain, but I just had to stop every so often and clear the headlamps. It gave me a chance to clear the snow from the wiper blades etc at the same time, so not the end of the world given the frequency we have those conditions in the south of the UK! Edit - forgot to add - I got mine from Nakatanenga and their prices were pretty good at the time even though they were imported so worth looking there.
  8. Pretty much exactly the same as me.
  9. BBC news just now showing pictures of liverpool fans celebrating in the streets. No social distancing whatsoever.... what is up with these people?!
  10. Haha. That Miserable old git chap hasnt been on here for some time!
  11. What sort of price can you pick them up for? One of these would do all I want on my land....
  12. Same with the tribute to the three chaps who were stabbed outside the pub they drank in - couple of masks, no distancing at all. Its adly the same with the riots that have been all over the news for the last two weeks. It will be telling if we see a higher infection rate as a result. People are moving on but the virus is still there.
  13. No one was being cocky - all I read here was a greater level of caution from those posting. I think Fridge has summed it up really.... 1m distancing hasnt suddenly become safe overnight and that wasnt the message given, but it is the message that most people will have heard... People will gradually slip back to 'normal' as thats how they will interpet what the government have said today... that is, until an inevitable second wave hits. Look at Germany...
  14. I think I paid about £158 a tyre for BFG AT's earlier this year (fitted)
  15. They could do a series of cards for as the relationship evolves.... The last one - ‘Our love is like a Land Rover..... broken’
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