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  1. I keep looking at my 110 and thinking of the National Luna Fridge and a few other low powered accessories that we run off of it whilst camping (Phone chargers, lights etc - nothing critical). The main battery will run the fridge for a few days without any worries, but it would be nice to have a second power source for this so we dont have to worry about flattening the starter battery. Due to the current configuration of the truck, finding the space to squeeze in another lead acid leisure or gel leisure battery is tricky. So, given the advances in battery technology in recent years, are there other viable alternatives that would fit my need, but can be had in different/smaller sizes to the more traditional batteries? Would still like to be able to charge off of the vehicle when the engine is running.
  2. Be interested to know your thoughts on the core and whether there are any gains? I think you said it was a hybrid earlier?
  3. There's good movement before you get to the bite point. I.e. It's not on the floor.
  4. As some of you will know, I have had various problems with my gearbox lately. One of the remaining issues is that, on occasions, first gear can be very hard to select from standing still. If it is selected whilst very slowly rolling, it will go in more easily. Second gear selects fine whether stood still or moving. What could be the reasons? The company that reconditioned it told me this would 'wear in'. I am doubtful as it has done about 10,000 miles now since fitting last autumn. So far i have: 1. replaced all clutch hydraulics and bled 2. adjusted the shims on the 1st/2nd guide on the gearbox 3. clutch itself was all replaced when the gearbox was last out. I wasn't able to change the spigot bearing as the one i had was the wrong size, but the old one had only had about 40k miles of wear and felt fine and received a small smear of copper grease before refitting the box.
  5. Can i just check, with this mod, do you remove the old return spring completely? I have the old spring and the new spring fitted at the moment.
  6. Put drums on the rear. The shoes don't wear as fast....
  7. I leave them fitted. On the front, I had recently noticed a leaky swivel seal and that would have easily got on the brake disc without the mudguards fitted.
  8. Sounds like me!
  9. Thanks Mo. It made it home as well, so fingers crossed it's sorted!
  10. Oh well. I thought in for a penny in for a pound. It's just done 80 miles to my parents. It's kind of local compared to most of my current journeys!
  11. Thanks chaps. I managed to take it for a drive last night and did 20 miles without a problem. The gearchange felt a little notchy at times, but i think thats pretty normal. Tried it again this morning and ok for now. I will restrict it to local trips for a couple of weeks and see how we go. Fingers crossed there was a little air left in the master cylinder and its worked its way out with use?!
  12. You are very welcome to them. I can't bear throwing things that may be useful to someone away! I forget how many posts you need to send and receive PMs, but I'll try sending you one later with my email address on.
  13. All hydraulics changed and it's still playing up. Sometimes it engages gear perfectly, others, there are no gears to be had. Anymore ideas? I really don't want to drop these gearboxes again!
  14. I'll just post this up here again. If anyone wants my two old self leverllers, even if its just for the ends or something, they are still at the back of the garage and you are welcome to them FOC. One was semi working and the other has had new seals, but spat all of its oil out so may just need refilling.
  15. Thats so square it almost looks machined!