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  1. reb78

    Steering box adjustment or UJs & bushes

    If you detect what you think is a small bit of steering column UJ play, then change them. Its amazing how much that tiny bit of play is amplified by the time it gets to the wheels.
  2. reb78

    Front axle leak advice

    Or pull the whole hub off, half shaft and all and replace it without cutting it or dismantling the swivel.
  3. Now I’ve poked a big hole in it i think they will spot it! Doh!
  4. Its corrosion within 30cm of a seatbelt mount though (on mine) so wont that fail it?
  5. I think, with a bit of jiggling, it will pull out from the side if wiggled forwards a bit and the small triangular section of body is removed that is rivetted to the c pillar. Thats my hope. Do you remember what it attaches to?
  6. I was being cheap! At some point i am sure I will need to chamge the chassis and bits like this can be upgraded properly then. Gonna need to do mine this week really as it needs its MOT and I dont think it will pass with the current bit on it.
  7. Ordered the ali version for this. Depending on where I look it seems to attach in different places. The current one appears to be bolted to the chassis and rivetted to the floor. The YRM workshop one appears to bolt to the brackets on the C pillar and be rivetted to the floor - thats what I will do as there is less opportunity for disimilar metal corrosion this way. If its obvious it should bolt to the blocks in the chassis rails i have some thick rubber sheeting i can use so the two metals arent aitting on each other.
  8. Our two are the same age so will likely need similar things - although my chassis is ok at the moment. I will take a look for that post.
  9. The weird thing is it looks like rusty steel but we’ve has the 110 since it was about 3 years old and I dont think thats ever been replaced! The one just forward of it has been done previously. I have a length of galvanised box section that might do the job but i was concerned about the galvanic corrosion too.
  10. As above. Mine is rotten and the MOT is due so can i replace this rear tub support crossmember with the tub on? YRM do it in aluminium or galvanised steel - which would you go for?
  11. reb78

    Any point soaking a spigot bush?

    Thanks! Will put it in now ready for fitting tomorrow afternoon.
  12. reb78

    Any point soaking a spigot bush?

    Thanks. It cant so any harm. Just in engine oil? How long for?
  13. Is there any point soaking a spigot bush in oil for 24(?) hours before fitting? I have heard some recommend it but have no idea if it really does anything.
  14. reb78

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I kinda agree Scott. I quite like the look of the range (with thevexcoetion of the arse end of the d5) and like the idea of the luxury. I cant afford any of it. Its more the fact that they are just a bunch of luxury SUV’s now really (like those merc, bmw porsche all make) although they also look a lot like some of the Kia SUVs as well now. They are waaaay to shiny and expensive to take off road unless you have even more money in the bank than you needed to buy one to repair panels and parts! I’ve no idea about the new ‘defender’. I wont be able to afford that either! Iwish theyd change the name and just admit its something new though.
  15. reb78

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    I think this will be a very worthy addition to the GKN. I have no doubt this will help reduce wear and also make maintenance easier with the drain plug!! I plan to fit something similar very soon hopefully. Even so, I would still recommend changing the ATF at every engine service.

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