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  1. The police refused to police anything to do with lockdown... i suspect they will just refuse to do this too!
  2. It left the factory with it fitted.........
  3. That's encouraging, especially as new boxes become more and more expensive/harder to find. Luckily I replaced mine on the 110 when Magal were still selling new boxes to the public for reasonable prices.
  4. I know everyone always points to UJs (and they are easy to check first) but every time I have had a noise from down there its been a gearbox issue.
  5. BUT it would allow you to recreate the scene from Apollo 13 where you don't come back to earth if you go over a certain current draw?! (On a serious note, it would be interesting to see what things are actually drawing).
  6. Thats not so bad in parts though^^^. Is it DIYable?
  7. Oh, I agree! Wonder if it would fit in the 110!
  8. I bet that seat will just swallow you up!
  9. Thats really good. Better than the td5 conversion on earlier models too i think!
  10. I hate mine Mo ^^^. I spend more time turning the props to get the socket on than it takes to undo it with a spanner!
  11. Are they? They look almost identical to me, or very similar.
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