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  1. I bet a good old fashioned Motor Factor would be able to match it up.
  2. True, but its good to see the plunger actually move and inspect the seals.
  3. And you can test the solenoid easily off the vehicle by putting 12v across the terminals from a battery. You should see the plunger move.
  4. Its the old... ‘NASA developed a biro that would work in space, the Russians used a pencil’ thing to me.
  5. Its a shame this thread was ever started on here. Its not the place for it.
  6. I don't have a lot of experience but it seems to me that once setup they will be trouble free for a long time. Mine is on 270,000 miles and the oil comes out looking like it did when it went in whenever i change it.
  7. Well. I never knew that! I prefer the SD1 though!!
  8. My old 6 bolt came out with the drop arm attached and the new four bolt went in with it attached.... so yes, you can do this fine.
  9. We aren't the enthusiasts that the marque wants anymore though....
  10. Afraid I agree with Snagger. They brought the Velar out and I thought it looked so much like the F Pace at the time that it was hard to tell them apart - direct competition within the same company. The new Defender and the D5 do the same thing by competing with the same market as each other. So do the Evoque and the Freelander Discovery Sport (they nearly fooled me with that one... not!). It seems really foolish... so many models competing within the same company and not with the rivals!
  11. Or freelander. I wonder if they filled the clutch pack with custard powder like the F1?
  12. They led us on about where it would be built, I suspect the same will be true about the price... I reckon it will end up being priced as a cheap G Wagen...
  13. I know. It was a bit of a tongue in cheek comment. Unless the Ineos suits my needs massively more than something else, I will look around. Personally I was more likely to cut it some slack if it was built in the UK because rightly or wrongly that appeals to me. That's just me... others don't mind and that's their prerogative. I am less much less interested in it now it doesn't tick that box and all the more likely to look at getting an F150 instead... if I am being really honest!
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