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  1. reb78

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    One thing i have noticed is the values rising for the older models, so perhaps now is the time to buy/restore a D2 so you catch them as they start to appreciate - i think they will. Get much more modern (like the D3) and catastrophic failures will see the car scrapped (I suspect our D2 will be with us long after the D3 has gone) - I think the D2 is as fixable as some of the older vehicles on your drive. Having said that, i met someone who has fitted a D4 engine into his D3 the other day - not phased at all by the D3/D4!
  2. reb78

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    Its got all the same bits - drain plugs, filters, etc etc as my 200tdi, so simple servicing isn't that bad. The plastic engine covers on modern engines seem to scare people off.... Bearings seem similar to the D2 setup, brakes are simple enough - arguably easier than than my old 110 to change a caliper. Air suspension - the D2 on air can be just as troublesome, but its a compressor, height sensors and air bags. No ACE is probably a bonus! The electrics are probably more of a nightmare but I wouldn't class them as servicing.
  3. reb78

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    I've got both (and a 110! - a glutton for punishment) The D3 is a bit scary to start with, but once underneath it, its all just usual car parts, just a little more complicated in some areas than its predecessor. We paid just over £7k for a 2007 D3 with 68,000 miles on the clock and an extensive service history. So, with your budget, you could buy a D3 to enjoy whilst you are rebuilding the D2...! I find the D3 a good ride, not wallowy and i like the air on all four corners vs back end on the D2. It handles well so it seems like i differ to Dave above in my opinion there. The TDV6 is a nice engine, plenty of power, but so is a TD5 with a remap. Silly thing is, out of all three land rovers, I always find myself picking up the keys to the 110! There's something more satisfying about driving it compared to the other two!
  4. reb78

    leaky 110 rear diff seal

    Mine was fine. Chocked the wheels well front and back. Key then is to take the slack out of the drive train with the wrench, push the chocks tighter against the back of the wheels and then tighten properly. Mines been fine for at least 18 months, could be 2.5 years now actually and a LOT of miles.
  5. reb78

    Discovery 3 Limp on acceleration

    It did on mine. I had a very similar problem - every time i hit the kick down, the suspension would lower, the acceleration was limited, speed was limited etc etc. New brake switch cured it - for £15 or so it is worth a try.
  6. reb78

    leaky 110 rear diff seal

    The info came from Snagger, but I cant find the posts now. During his rebuild of his diff, I am sure that he said that it took waaaay more than 120lbft to compress the spacer, so 120 is tight enough to be tight but not so tight as to affect pre-load further. I did mine on the ground on the drive. I just chocked the wheels well to hold everything still, no special tools needed other than the torque wrench.
  7. reb78

    leaky 110 rear diff seal

    Pretty sure I used this Phil: http://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/246023/0/flange_assy_sailsbury_diff_def__wa General consensus seemed to be that if you re-tighten the nut to 120lb ft it will be tight enough but you wont alter the pre-load. I did mine about 18 months ago and it has been fine.
  8. reb78

    Alternative driver seat in a 110

    Range Rover Classic seats in mine. They’re brilliant. Best £30 I ever spent - although I doubt any are that cheap now!
  9. reb78

    Discovery 3 Limp on acceleration

    Brake switch. Change that and i reckon all will be solved.
  10. I was going to suggest welding it. I’m no expert though. I havent done anything like a manifold and the temperatures it experiences but have done some reasonable welds on cast stuff with the right rods. I’m sure a pro welder could help.
  11. reb78

    Front middle seat hump?

    I cut the matting on mine. It does weaken it though. I cut a square out and left a thin strip in in front of the hump to try and give it a little strength.
  12. reb78

    Disco 3 electric seats

    I have some D3 electric seats that I want to fit in place of my manual ones. Apparently the passenger side is plug and play, but the driver side is not due to the memory module. Initially I looked at the wiring diagram and thought i could just remove the memory module and use some relays activated by the seat switches, but I am not so sure having studied the diagrams a little more. The switches look different for the driver seat compared to the passenger. It almost appears that the earth passes through the switch for the passenger seat, but not for the driver side where i presume the earth passes within the memory module. Wiring diagram here. https://www.disco3.co.uk/gallery/albums/userpics/17007/501-10.pdf Any ideas?
  13. reb78

    Larger transfer box sump

    Its a shame they dont do it with a more attractive dial face in the guage. (Mainly removing the Roamerdrice text at the bottom)
  14. reb78

    FIP Question

    I keep doing it with the flywheel pin. Done it twice now! I’m going to write myself a note next time!
  15. reb78

    FIP Question

    Theoretically, what damage might be caused to a 200tdi injection pump if one were to start the engine with the FIP locking screw tightened (the screw on the side of the pump not the timing pin)?

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