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  1. STC1172

    Can anyone tell me what's in the top end gasket set STC1172 for the 200tdi? I can make some of the components out from the pictures online but other bits I'm not sure about and none of the suppliers I've emailed today seem to want to tell me what the kit actually consists of.
  2. I've used a higher voltage battery to resurrect ones that wont charge anymore too, but it only works for a short while. In the end, i had so many good drills (three decent sized, nicely balanced black and decker drills) and so many knackered batteries that i bought new cells with tabs on on ebay and soldered new packs up in front of the TV in the evenings over a week last winter. Its worked a treat and i have five working batteries for my three drills now. Theyve lasted a year so far so I am quite happy with them.
  3. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Same as mine Ralph - I've only seen it go higher when towing up steep hills. I confirmed the VDO reading on mine with an IR thermometer.
  4. Diagnosis confirmation needed

    Just got a place near Callington Ralph. I'm back and forth to Potters Bar as I work up there. The 110 is reliable as clockwork so I never reckon on this type of failure but can't fault it given it's age and the high mileages it covers. Do you pass this way much? yep. The FIP is on loan from Dave whilst I get my pump reconned.
  5. Diagnosis confirmation needed

    Thanks chaps. New head gasket it is. 110 is in Cornwall and I need to be at work (in London) on Monday. The damn trains are gonna cost almost the same as the fuel and I can't take as much back and have to get across London with all my baggage!! Anything else worth doing whe the head is off??
  6. Diagnosis confirmation needed

    Yes, I think so. In that first pic, that was dry but with tell tale signs stuff had been forced out before I took it for a brief run after topping up.
  7. Diagnosis confirmation needed

    Oils bang on the normal mark and looks ok (black but normal)
  8. Neil and I have had a chat this morning and pretty sure on the diagnosis, but just wanted to check I havent missed anything. This is for the 200tdi in the 110. Went out to the 110 this morning to move the trailer. It took a turn or two more to start than normal (put it down to it being colder). Moved the car and noted a wet patch on the chassis bar underneath. Looked like oil initially. Had a peek underneath, bottom corner of the rad was potentially a little wet. Popped the lid, went to check the levels, did the coolant first and none in the tank and the top hose was clearly empty! Removed the rad filler plug and the water was about 3/4 of an inch down in the rad. On Thursday night I towed a laden trailer 250 miles and noticed no issues with cooling on the VDO guage - sat as always between 83-87C at no point did I notice it around or above 90C. The car hadnt moved until I went to it this morning. Filled up with water took it up the hill, to warm it up, got back and popped the lid to this: Coolant looks like this (when i last checked a few weeks ago it was nice blue ethylene glycol colour): Engine running this is what it looks like in the expansion tank: Top hose is quite hard after running but i can squeeze it with a little effort
  9. LED headlights

    I didnt think you could do this with halogen holders and retain the e mark? Its a technicality, perhaps, but i hear it mentioned a lot.
  10. LED headlights

    I'm undecided on my Trucklites. They took me a long time to get used to. The light is a white colour and some tarmacs are not lit well (especially if there are other light sources around - other cars, street lights etc). There is also a black area directly in front of the car that doesnt affect driving at all (as you arent looking there) but also takes some getting used to! In the pitch black though (like country lanes) and on black tarmac they are excellent. Its really hard to explain my love/hate of them (love is a bit strong). They are at the cheaper end of the LED market, but perfectly useable. I wouldnt spend more on LED lights, but perhaps you get what you pay for?
  11. Freshly Bled Brakes

    Have you adjusted the rear drums properly? Often overlooked and makes a big difference.
  12. I think that's a vehicle age thing though isn't it?
  13. Parts rant!!!

    Britcar aren't that bad on postage and Lrdirect are free if you spend more than £50. I only mention it as I've had no trouble with either on the rare occasions I've had a problem with an item.
  14. Parts rant!!!

    I have given up on ebay for parts completely. You only need one screwed up big item and you have lost the savings you made on the last ten vs just paying a little more and getting them from a reputable online company like LRDirect or Britcar. I bought a wheel hub for the D2 - advertised as a genuine part, it turned up and looked good. I put it on the shelf, fitted it 3 months or something later. It failed within a mile. Seller didn't want to know and I was too late to leave feedback, Paypal were useless, ebay said it was outside of the time limit for them to do anything about it. I lost £130, ok, maybe my fault for leaving it so long between buying and fitting, but poor show all round. They can all go take a running jump now and I try not to use any of them where possible.
  15. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Looking very good!