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  1. No, I mean what engine tempreture should the fan be set to switch on.
  2. I just changed the cooling fan on my Disco 1 300 TDI, easyist mod Ive ever dune. wish I had documented it but did not. just one question what is the opening tempture of the thermistate when fitted to the raditor oil cooler side half way up.
  3. got this from RAVE cd sorry forget that i just read the post right, DOHH
  4. £500.00 is far too much, toad and vipers cost around £150.00, as for fitting its all just maths. Im more intrested in any ill effects if any, from fitting a off the shelf system.
  5. I have a Disco 1, M Reg. No key fob for the alarm, and the central locking is playing up. Question: should I repair the alarm system or replace it with a new alarm system. If I strip out the components of the original system, to allow me to use the existing wiring with a new system. Will this create any known problems. If I do this I want to replace the immobilizer, alarm system, door actuators. I know my Freebie was a real pig to deal with, can I look forward to another day of despair. Doc.
  6. next time your passing a motorcycle shop have a look at the rad fans.
  7. A.....The engine will idle with RPM unstable. But any load to the engine (like moving in 1st gear) will stall it. Forget about carrying a spare plug and trying for a decent spark. if it starts and ticks over it will have a decent spark. The next time you feel the problem starting, pull into a garage and top up the car with petrol and start driving again. I know this sounds dumb but please try this.
  8. It's a basic coil pack, no heat sink required. there is only 2 ways for the home mech to test the coil for impedance breakdown under heat stress, replace the coil with another, or place the coil in a place that's cooler than where it is now. I would tie it back away from the head. that said I dont think it is the coil now, but i would still test it just to get it off the list.
  9. Firstly; the cable ties have been used to replace the small plastic clip that was used, dont worry about it, cable ties do a better job. but as your down there check the bracket, they tend to rust badly. Secondly; I see from the picture, you have the thermostate mod fitted to the car. check to ensure the rear thermostate was removed (some people leave then in, big mistake). When you get the gasket off, if its the MLF type, get the head gas tested it may be a case that the headgasket was renewed, but the head is cracked.
  10. If you have a Freelander 1.8, do not modify the kit. just fit it on. The kit was made to fit the Freelander 1.8. I have fitted it to my Freelander, it works OK.
  11. I agree with you, people just dont want to think further than the head gasket. "Oh Ive got a flat tyre, that will be the head gasket then". Its carp, and very annoying. Q does the enging compleatly stall, or will it tick over if allowed to after 3 hours. Q can you start the enging after it has stalled, before it coolse down. check the plugs, HT leads, dist cap, unbolt the coil from the head and tie it back away from the head, carry a spare plug with you, next time it stalls, pop one of the leads off shove the plug in it and see if it has a good spark. Id go with a heating problum, coils or a sensor of some sort.
  12. I have an OBD II reader and the softwear, but it wont connect, the fault im getting is the car is not OBD II compliant, which is why i need to know which scanner i should purchase.
  13. You need to check the starter motor works first; if you look at the starter motor from the near side ( passenger side) of the engine compartment, you get a good view of the starter motor and the solenoid attached to it. You will see a thick (8mm) red cable, which runs from the battery to the solenoid. And a thin (1mm) red cable which comes from the ignition switch (via the ecu). Firstly give the thin wire a little wiggle (don't break it), then try to start the car again, sometimes you get water into that connection which breaks the connection. If that does not work continue. Remove the small red cable, it just pulls off, but is designed not to be easy to pull off. Once you have removed the thin cable, ensure the ignition is turned off and the car is not in gear and run a cable from the battery live terminal + to the connector on the solenoid, (not the thin wire) where you pulled off the cable. If the starter motor turns both the solenoid and the starter motor is working, and your problem lies elsewhere. If not continue. The thick red wire is connected to the starter motor by a bolted connection into the solenoid , next to this connection is a second bolted connection which carries the current into the starter motor windings. Get a piece of metal, or a pair of pliers and connect both the bolts together (which is what the solenoid does) you will get a big spark but don't be alarmed this is normal. If the starter motor turns, your problem is the solenoid . If the starter motor does not turn its the starter motor itself. EDIT: by the time i wrote this the problem had been sorted, typical.
  14. does anyone know which fault code reader, I should buy for a freelander 1 1999. Or where the type of dieanostic device I have on the car would be found.
  15. Keyfob Battery needs replacing, explosive device under car needs removing, or radio tuned into Sputnik. word count 15.
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