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  1. Dan, can you get on with this please? I periodically come back to this forum, chiefly to see what has happened to this build. Nicest vehicle on here for a while, I think. Come on! zzzZZZ
  2. Thats about the size of it! Sorry Callum I had an e-sense-of-humour-failure... Maybe I've just reached that age when jokes need to be pointed out to me! Cheers, Al.
  3. Thanks Gaza. B) Wolfetc - no its for a Unimog, and I already have the boxes. (NV4500 and Atlas). The LT230 has outputs in the wrong places for my application. Callum - I think you have your weights confused. Sure its a heavy box, but not masses more than a landrover lump, and certainly nothing like the engine weight. I can make an adapter, I just wanted to see other people's attempts. Al.
  4. You don't happen to have any links to people running one with an NV4500 do you??? Cheers, Al.
  5. Man I wish I'd thought of that. Even 5kgs of stainless filler hurts. But as you say, its nice to have a 'library'. Mind you, I'd have to keep stopping with the wire cos the diameter is lower, so the volume per unit length will be, and so I'll run out of length quicker and keep needing to adjust my grip. Its bad enough with some proper tig filler which is thicker, of course, than the mig wire, and I dunno how to feed it through my hand as I go, so I have to stop... Its expensive buying parts, and its expensive making them! Hmmm... Al.
  6. Yes, and don't I bloomin know it... Flipping expensive too (esp stainless...) Al.
  7. Here's some info on the killeraxles kit (Tibus): Firstly I would say it is very well made, I can't see that the exaxt stuff would be appreciably better, quality-wise. I understand they are splined in the factory which does the original Mog bits. If your axles are staying under a Mog, I'd personally stay with something like this or the exaxt stuff to cope with the potential vehicle weight. Its really well made and the beefy brakes will be rated much higher than other options. Here is some data on the other parts required to match the new hubs: Caliper: Corvette from 69 - 82 front left B
  8. Al was reconstructed from Starwars leftovers, if he stops working please insert a fresh battery

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