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  1. Here's the Trailer for the Sixth and Final Round. Rounds 1-5 are available for purchase from Challenger 4x4 and Round 6 will be ready soon. Thanks for a great event guys! All the best, Ollie and Nick
  2. Thanks for another good event over the weekend, particularly as once again, we ended up lucky with the weather, here's our promo for the Round 5 DVD, which will be available soon. Enjoy, Nick & Ollie
  3. We've now got the promo for the final round of the Mud Monsters/ Gigglepin Championship, DVD's will be available to purchase soon from Mud Monsters. Enjoy, Nick & Ollie.
  4. We hope you enjoyed his two articles on Challenger 4x4 and the Outback Challenge as much as we did!! We were also really pleased that Dan's photos made the front cover! LRM July issue Nick and Dan from the Lone Wolf Transglobal Expedition team
  5. Hello everyone, As some may know, Dan was at the Outback Challenge in Morocco this year covering the event for LRM, which should be out next month, along with features on several of the cars. He has compiled a short video from clips he took between photos, which I thought I'd share here. Thanks, Nick
  6. Thanks to 'reads90' and julian for pointing out where we could wash the wolf on the saturday morning, it was great fun being able to see all the different Land Rovers, and meeting some new faces with familiar names. We even met and chatted with Tim Slessor, who wrote 'First Overland' and I suspect that is the same for many people at the show. Thanks to everyone who came over and said hello. Nick
  7. I believe I have more information on the rolled vehicle mentioned on the Challenger 4x4 website. Daniel is there covering the event for LRM magazine. Daniel had changed from one press vehicle to another, and a few minutes later, the one he was no longer in, broke a ball joint at 50mph, and rolled over twice at speed. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, but he was pulling people out of the wreckage at 4am. Other than that, he says the event is going very well, and has plenty of material for a couple of articles on the event. (paraphrased from a text message from Dan)
  8. It has been mentioned a couple of times, but not really followed up. Been following them with interest. Seems like they have run out of spare shock absorbers though! The are approaching the Bering Strait, where they will convert the truck into amphibious mode to cross the sea! I'm waiting with eager anticipation to see the tracks in action after all the testing, should be good! From the Cape to Cape Expedition website- Looks VERY cold!: Nick
  9. Think I have found the perfect example of "Wolf" part mickey taking!! Snow Cowls £125!!!!! Does anyone think they can knock these out for £10 a set? Fancy setting up a business??!! Just imagine on Dragons Den... Profit margins, 1000% Nick
  10. Thank you for coming down, we look forward to seeing some pictures of your 130 pulse. Discussing it after the lecture, Dan and I thought this could be made into the most impressive and capable camper ever!! We hope you enjoyed the talk, and hope to hear more about your endeavours in the near future, Thanks, Nick and Dan
  11. Just a reminder to anyone who is interested, the expedition talk by Daniel Moylan is tomorrow in Bristol (23/ 01/08) in the University of Bristol Chemistry department main lecture theatre as part of the Wilderness Lecture Series.
  12. Oops, I wish I could put that down to a typo, but it clearly is my mistake.. Yes, it is the 23rd, Thanks, Nick and the Lone Wolf team
  13. Not sure where this should go, "Out and about" just didn't seem to fit. Anyway, Daniel is giving a talk about his expedition with the Wilderness Lectures in Bristol on the 23rd January. He will be talking about the Lone Wolf Transglobal Expedition, and there will be a chance to talk to him and have a quick look round the Wolf for anyone interested. Unfortunately, I can't arrange free tickets for anyone, but I can recommend it as a good evening talking about travel to far flung places in a Land Rover. Thanks for your interest, Nick Moylan Also, thought you all might enjoy this...
  14. We have one in our Wolf, it has performed excellently so far, and has yet to do anything other than what we want it to do. Ours is not plumbed into the brakes, as we believe the risk of being taken to court is not worth the extra security. As one of our major concerns is carjacking, the clutch mechlock deals with the problem almost completely, though a better system would allow the system to be engaged remotely as we currently have to remove the key without the thief noticing (well practiced though) I would recommend it if you feel your vehicle is likely to be pinched from your driveway or while you are still in it! Nick and the Lone Wolf team
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