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  1. Rear chassis cross member replacement - from where?

    Mine came from GDI products via Craddocks, but they have an ebay shop http://stores.ebay.co.uk/gdiproducts Very good quality and looks factory. They do heavier duty versions too. The courier wasn't great though, it came a bit bent and scratched. Be prepared.
  2. Heated door mirrors

    Do they work? Fair enough for ice but the time you need something to clear your mirrors is on the motorway during spray. Do they make a difference?
  3. 1948 Amsterdam display vehicle restoration

    And here it is: http://www.classicandsportscar.com/news/missing-first-ever-land-rover-be-restored
  4. New utility 4x4?

    They just need to make it so we can replace the body panels with Defender ones; then we get what we want
  5. Found a new game - MOT history checking...

    I've seen that too. Also, cars with KM speedos sometimes in km, sometimes miles as km, sometimes km converted to miles
  6. When did they start fitting tubeless wheels?

    The user manual from 1996 mentions tubeless tyres, if that means anything
  7. Bump and vibrate 300 tdi 90

    Check the triangular lower link bushes and the axle top link ball joint for play RE: the clanking. The vibration sounds like something else, as above.
  8. PAS pump, too many options!

    ZF worked for me, priced somewhere in the middle. I wouldn't buy the cheapest.
  9. Searching for a 110

    Shows records since 2005. Hasn't had an MOT since then. It may be rotting in a field or illegally exported
  10. Land Rover Heritage

    I'm sure they will be intending to supply the genuine parts only to the people that book in their vehicle for a rebuild with them. Then they'll swamp you in their warm cuddly brand and try to upsell you a new Range Rover.
  11. Defender 90 TD5 heavy clutch

    They changed away from it after 300Tdi and went back for the Puma. No idea why, but retrofitting the spring makes a big difference.
  12. Rev Counter - Back light too bright

    I imagine it just looks bright compared to the dim 300Tdi originals. Upgrade the lot and it'll seem normal
  13. Spare engines!

    Just follow the old rule: Ideal number of engines = current number of engines + 1 < number of engines causing divorce
  14. Spare engines!

    You need at least 6 more engines
  15. Goblin Works Garage

    I imagine having a good condition vehicle to work on removes a lot of the surprises you can get with poor ones, so they can keep filming on schedule. For them it's worth paying more for non rusty bolts, plus will look better at the end for less effort