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  1. Here's some options on ebay https://ebay.us/7eVWoz
  2. I would get one with legs. They'll rot through in a few years if not already.
  3. Yes if it goes all the way it could affect the CV operation. Pumas did away with it and redesigned the halfshaft.
  4. As above. It was a bad diff pinion when that noise happened to me.
  5. Just to confirm, the head seal is the large O ring; as Snagger explained it "the seal between the main case and the square block on the back". I realise the video thumbnail shows the top cover seal, but if you watch the video you'll see where the head (square block on the back) is removed (@ 7:09 timestamp), and it has to be done with the pump pointing down as the springs are likely to fall out
  6. Looks like the head seal. Unfortunately one of the most annoying seals to replace. The pump will have to come off in any case to tackle it
  7. There's a technique where you can put the flange back on then tap it forwards with a long bar from under the transfer box.
  8. Mines apart at the moment. I measured from the bulkhead face below the fuse box to the front face of the square ridge in front of the cubby box = 427mm 1997 300tdi
  9. Thanks all. 5 years old so out of warranty. Tried to fix myself by replacing the thermal fuse for £2, but still doesn't work after that. So I bought a draper one. The lock nut is a loose fit so doesn't clamp the bits, but the one from the end of the Flexi adapter is better so I use that. Thought I'd have to return it but it's working out okay so far
  10. I've used duralac, and margarine tubs cut into gasket shapes
  11. 3. Instagram 4x4 outfitters who want to be the first to get their mods out
  12. Ok good to know. It was my first impression on googling the problem - it basically stopped.
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