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  1. What does this plug into?

    What colour wires does it have?
  2. Hopefully be the owner of a 2000 defender td5

    Also, it looks like a double cab converted to a utility wagon. The rear tub has marks where the hood cord hasps were, the rear crossmember has the brackets for a dropdown tailgate and the roof is from a hardtop (no alpine windows). So it may have had a great deal of work doing to it, of unknown competence.
  3. Hopefully be the owner of a 2000 defender td5

    Looks to be this one? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2001-X-LAND-ROVER-DEFENDER-110-2-5TD5-COUNTY-SPEC-UTILITY-LOTS-OF-EXTRAS-/192534174100 All I can say is don't be distracted by its appearance. The real stuff is underneath. Use the guides you've found online to check the problem areas. I would spend at least 2 hours checking over the vehicle for that kind of age and money.
  4. True or false? Defender unveiling?

    I gave them more credit than was due
  5. True or false? Defender unveiling?

    From this tweet it looks like it's going to be some nostalgia gush
  6. True or false? Defender unveiling?

    Tesla model 3 has shown the power of pre-orders if you build up enough hype. I think end of 2019 is the plan for delivering the new Defender. The design has been done for ages as LR celeb ambassadors were tweeting etc. about seeing it last year. The testing might not be complete for sure, but the V8 70th sold out in 5 minutes this year, so its proved there's still demand 2 years after end of production. Feels like a good wave to ride. Unless revealing may undermine those V8 orders, which it will take a while to build 150. I may be wrong
  7. True or false? Defender unveiling?

    I would say it's quite likely. I doubt they'd miss an anniversary such as that if they could help it
  8. TDCi 90 - Rear Drive Flange Wear

    Both flanges and shafts wear together, so you replace as a pair. Although your 90 should have an integral flange/shaft. Do the rear hubs have the rubber cap like the front? If so then this isn't standard. In any case, I would fit the HD drive flanges available in many retailers (not ashcroft) and new aftermarket shafts. Can be replaced in 30 mins without jacking up. £100 max. I've fitted genuine shafts and they have worn at the same rate as aftermarket. It's more of a design thing. I see them as service items.
  9. locking washer on drop arm /steering box

    I had an MOT fail once because the circular lock washer allowed the nut to come loose. Agree it's not easy to get it to "lock"
  10. Squealing fan belt

    I did mine a few months ago and there were no washers
  11. Lock up swivel

    Have you pulled the CV joint through the stub axle as far as it'll go? It is floating until the hub and drive member go on and hold it with a circlip
  12. Universal joints

    They're the same as genuine UJs, so they're normal duty and everything else is weak duty
  13. Crank case breather gone soft

    Photos of some of mine, all genuine parts. 2014 left, 2010 right
  14. Suspension

    I have RKB101111 and the only time they've been comfortable is when there's 500kg+ of gravel in the back. In an empty SW they are quite firm and not that comfortable, but I tolerate it. I'm sure if you tow they'd be up to the job.
  15. Crank case breather gone soft

    I've replaced 3 in 7 years, 2 were genuine and they've all split/leaked the same way. Next i'll try a silicone one from eBay.