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  1. dailysleaze

    Decent Aerial

    I researched for ages, having had the same dilemma as you and finding the same results. In the end I went for a genuine aerial for £30 and the reception is now perfect, having only worked 20% of the time on the old aerial. I don't use car washes so I think I'll be safe 😁 I think a punt on an eBay one is the only non-eye watering option. They looked too cheap for me and I didn't need DAB so the standard aerial has worked out well.
  2. dailysleaze

    Defender 110 electrics

    Yes the first one (the 6way) is for the rear door https://www.landroverworkshop.com/connectors/defender-2002my/C0704 The second one I can't see that well but doesn't look original
  3. dailysleaze

    Bonnet release Question

    I had this exactly. Get a second hand one from eBay.
  4. dailysleaze

    Second row double seat fixing pin

    The pin is part of the plate with the screws in, so may have sheared off, therefore you'll have to buy the whole plate. See link below at item 2. Rubber washer is item 3. https://www.landroverworkshop.com/diagrams/seats/seating/lock-rear-forward-facing-split_53662#2
  5. dailysleaze

    Front doors - waterproof sheets/shredders?

    It's the same part for both, with a scored area to push through the manual winders
  6. dailysleaze

    Front doors - waterproof sheets/shredders?

    Later puma shedders are foam for the steel doors. They may not be an exact fit on earlier doors but they probably work. Here's what they look like They may have a sound deadening property but other than that, if you ever go back inside the door then you have to cut it whatever it is
  7. dailysleaze

    New product from xcess4x4

    This was on an overlander 110
  8. dailysleaze

    Correct Swivel Pin housing

    Mine are 4 years old. Not leaking but the coating has worn off where the seal sits in the straight ahead position
  9. dailysleaze

    TD5 overheating

    Another option is the expansion cap isn't holding pressure and is venting steam
  10. dailysleaze

    Fuel starvation...?

    Td5 or 300Tdi?
  11. dailysleaze

    Viscous Fan wobble

    This still feels a bit ambiguous about what is being talked about. Either the fan pulley bearing or the viscous unit bearing itself. Take the fan off and check for play in this nut in the photo below. I have seen one where the fan viscous bearing has disintegrated and this nut is rattling around. Then check for play on the fan pulley. Details on changing the fan pulley bearing: http://www.discovery2.co.uk/Fan_bearing.html
  12. dailysleaze


    this ^, but mine last year was £245 flux direct
  13. dailysleaze

    Defender Air Intake, Power & Fuel Efficiency

    I will caveat this by saying it's on a 1.2 T-box, commute is 50 miles B-roads/lanes & 30 miles motorway, EGR & cat removed, 235/85 BFG AT tyres, serviced every 6-9 months, mostly empty vehicle. I only measure it by filling one click on the pump (mostly the same garage) and using the speedo mileometer, which is whatever% out from true. https://fuel.io/ is what i use to track it. The biggest things i've seen that drop my mpg, driving the same roads, have been fuel leaks (leak off pipes, injector union, injection pump spindle seal, fuel tank breather), heavy loads or constantly driving into a head wind. Mpg only matters to people who like efficiency (like me). If you like the being pushed into the back of your seat and hearing the roar of the engine then economy is not your thing and mpg values don't matter.
  14. dailysleaze

    Torque Wrench Calibration

    What scale of magnitude reduction in accuracy do you all see over time? 1%, 10%?
  15. dailysleaze

    Defender Air Intake, Power & Fuel Efficiency

    I got 36mpg in Morocco driving 60mph. Best in the UK has been 33, averaging 31-32 (it's a 110, 180k miles). When I first got it it was doing 26mpg. The biggest change happened when I fitted a turbo gauge. I too drive like neil110. I only use the brakes to slow down as a last resort. It's like a game

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