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  1. dailysleaze

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I see they also guessed the starting price correctly, just below the logo
  2. dailysleaze

    Pattern bulkheads...

    There's tons appeared on ebay recently at around £14-1500, so I imagine they're all from the same source
  3. dailysleaze

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    The early Leafs had carp batteries with a massive degradation in capacity over time, which are now coming into the second hand market. The pace of innovation and increases in energy density of batteries is astounding. We're probably only 2 years away from a 400 mile range electric vehicle on a single charge. Tesla batteries are pretty good. They heat their batteries when it's cold and cool them when they're hot, so they're always at the optimum temperature to prolong their life. The batteries in the Model S are replaceable, but in the latest Model 3 they're integrated into the car, so Tesla have decided they aren't worried about having to replace them. A lot of people's preconceptions with electric vehicles are being thrown out because of the pace of innovation. 5 years ago is like the stone age. Permanently installed batteries are probably here to stay. I'll be interested to know if they launch the new Defender with a full electric version or it'll be a hybrid and we'll have to wait.
  4. dailysleaze

    Unknown Connector unplugged (chassis) TD5

    Ah interesting. That was a feature for "Gulf states" in the Td5 era.
  5. dailysleaze

    Quick body query 110 Hard Top

    And a spider probably
  6. dailysleaze

    Stub axle oil seal help needed

    I'd buy FTC5268 as it supercedes, looks very similar and FTC3145 isn't readily supplied by LR as a genuine part. You could just buy both as they're pretty cheap. Wholesalers will still use the old part number to appear in search results on google.
  7. dailysleaze

    300TDI CV Joint spacer

    The halfshaft was redesigned for the Puma era and the spacer was deleted, which is why you're seeing different versions available.
  8. dailysleaze

    New springs ?

    I'd say standard springs. HD springs aren't very comfy unless you've got LOTS of weight on them
  9. dailysleaze

    Rear crossmember repair, best Option?

    I would replace the whole thing. The other sections will only be a couple of years behind. To replace that section is 25% of the whole thing. You could fabricate something to go just in that bit but it'd probably take longer than replacing the whole crossmember. I've not seen any part-crossmember sections premade
  10. dailysleaze

    1997 110 300tdi where is the immobiliser box

    That doesn't sound like a standard immobiliser. It could be hidden anywhere, but probably behind the dash. This is the standard fob:
  11. dailysleaze

    Engine cut out whilst driving

    To bypass the ignition system (or rule it out) so you can start the vehicle
  12. dailysleaze

    Engine cut out whilst driving

    Possibly the immobiliser spider. Take a long piece of wire around with you so that you can connect the battery to the fuel solenoid if required. It will help you diagnose a bit also as it's hard to when it only does it when warm.
  13. dailysleaze

    Any enthusiasts from Ghana ? (Looking for parts there)

    @Wheely lives there
  14. dailysleaze

    Defender 110 TD5 2006

    If you can get us a more close up photo of this area circled then it'll help
  15. dailysleaze

    Defender 110 TD5 2006

    Is it me or in the first picture do the front radius arms look slanted to the right?

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