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  1. Looks like steel wheel nuts could have been fitted to it (which are tapered)
  2. This is a good place to start: https://www.lrworkshop.com/connectors/defender-1996-300tdi/colour Most likely they are for the interior light or door switches
  3. Here it is https://magal.co.uk/2016/01/22/last-ever-delivery-of-defender-steering-gears-leave-for-land-rover/ I imagine the stock is running out as all Britpart, Bearmach and Allmakes supplies are priced £700-800
  4. Why aren't they comparing it to the old Defender? It shows they've abandoned the market that it was built for. Marketing is all smoke and mirrors. The second iPad was marketed as "lighter" than the first, the third was marketed as "faster" than the second, but was heavier than the second and almost as heavy as the first. Similar to when whichever RR model "lost" 400kg by moving to an aluminium chassis, no doubt it was weight gained in a previously bloated edition.
  5. Here you go https://www.lrworkshop.com/diagrams/land-rover-defender-special-vehicles/heritage-adventure-autobiography-limited-edition/svo-led-headlights#1 Sit down for the price...
  6. Try this. There's some photos of screws also. https://www.lrworkshop.com/diagrams/land-rover-defender-interior-trim/trim/facia-moulding-from-(v)-2a000001_53594
  7. They're getting worse I think. Genuine items arriving loose or in random bags has happened frequently to me in recent years. They may have run out of stock of their genuine parts, but have chosen not to update their website and are trying to supply alternatives in place of this.
  8. A similar thing happened to me and it was a wheel bearing that collapsed. You couldn't tell just by looking, I had to jack the vehicle up to check the play.
  9. Excessive CV joint end float? Should be shimmed up behind the circlip to give 0.08 to 0.25mm IIRC
  10. Here are some dimensions: https://www.lrworkshop.com/parts/BX110095M
  11. Depends if that one is your perfect Defender. Spend the money if it is, OR sell for £3500 and use the £7000 you would have spent doing it up to buy a better Defender for £10,500. An 18 year old vehicle in that condition will only be a money pit from now on.
  12. I see they also guessed the starting price correctly, just below the logo
  13. There's tons appeared on ebay recently at around £14-1500, so I imagine they're all from the same source
  14. The early Leafs had carp batteries with a massive degradation in capacity over time, which are now coming into the second hand market. The pace of innovation and increases in energy density of batteries is astounding. We're probably only 2 years away from a 400 mile range electric vehicle on a single charge. Tesla batteries are pretty good. They heat their batteries when it's cold and cool them when they're hot, so they're always at the optimum temperature to prolong their life. The batteries in the Model S are replaceable, but in the latest Model 3 they're integrated into the car, so Tesla have decided they aren't worried about having to replace them. A lot of people's preconceptions with electric vehicles are being thrown out because of the pace of innovation. 5 years ago is like the stone age. Permanently installed batteries are probably here to stay. I'll be interested to know if they launch the new Defender with a full electric version or it'll be a hybrid and we'll have to wait.
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