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  1. The 200tdi I got was the run out model which had rear disc brakes fingers crossed the fuse box is the same
  2. Are the 200tdi and 300tdi the same fuses
  3. If you need advice foundry 4x4 are open to help you
  4. I ran a double core allisport intrcooler at 18 psi with the pump turned up and it gave no problems, that was on the defender 200tdi set up
  5. Thanks for the reply’s, my old 200tdi just run with a rear box and that was ok. The 300tdi has only the front box fitted so I’ve decided to replace the box as she is a daily driver
  6. The 300tdi is due for a new exhaust, the system on it is a single centre box and no tail box. I was thinking on going for a straight through system but was thinking how much louder it will be and if it would produce a drone, is anyone running a straight though system and have you notice a increase in noise.
  7. Good to know as i still have to go work
  8. Just found out that foundry 4x4 are online only, as well as bearmach. I think paddocks are closed
  9. Anyone know of part suppliers that are still open
  10. I had a similair problem with a 200tdi, it turned out to be the earth from the battery which goes to the gearbox and then the chassis. The lug on the gearbox looked ok but on closer inspection i found the lug was loose on the cable causing a bad earth to the engine / gearbox
  11. I know i just live in hope, every defender ive had has had good money spent on it only to find the basics have been neglected big time
  12. A few more cheap fixes i need
  13. Problem solved, there was a big vac leak on the grommet whick holds the non return valve into the servo
  14. It's getting to be a bit of a long list, but thats what i expect from being a land rover owner. I can feel a bit of movement in the slider so i think I'll go for a new prop
  15. I manage to stick my head under the 90 yesterday between showers and someone has fitted the front prop with the spline / slider at the diff end, i'm sure it should be at thetransfer box end can someone confirm this. The list of jobs is getting bigger.
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