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  1. Many thanks for your help,all ifo much appreciated.On that note im off to the garage Pete
  2. Hi, Having picked up my Portal Tek brakes at the weekend,(thanks Jen ),i need some wheel studs,anyone got any ideas where to source some? Land Rover ones wont fit as the hubs are threaded.Also any info on wheel back spacing would be most appreciated as would some pics of the kit installed.Im sure i read somwhere that some rims get quite close to the calipers.I would prefer to keep the track width as close to standard as possible.Tyres are at present 35x10.50x16 simex.It doesnt look like rocket science but every bit of info helps. Thanks Pete
  3. Thanks,ill get the earth back and go from there. Cheers Pete
  4. Hello there I have a 1986 110 with a 200 tdi engine fitted.I have changed the fuel tank and re fitted the fuel pick up pipe and sender unit back into the tank,and reconnected the two wires. There is a threaded rod on the sender,is this an earth? There was nothing attatched at time of removal.I have three wires,two are colour coded to the tank sender,is the third wire an earth? With the ignition turned on,the live wire is showing six volts only.Is this correct? Any help most appreciated Pete
  5. Hi, Exactly the problem i was having. Fitted a b***part master cylinder last week.Didnt last long enough to bleed the brakes.Fitted a genuine one,problem solved.....
  6. Thanks,will do.Been on the "to do" list for a while. Cheers
  7. Hi there, Im after a disc brake conversion kit for my C303 axles currently attached to a series 2a.The problem is portal tek used to do them, but are no longer listed on there website..... Any advice,ideas, or other makes of kit would be helpfull as i really need to get those drums off!!!!!!! Thanks pete
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