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  1. Hi, while doing the rear axle conversion (disco rear axle ) on my 90 I needed to put a new pinion drive flange to convert to four bolts for the propshaft, my problem is the mud shield ring fouls the diff housing when tightened, it then moves on the flange, surely this can't be right? I am considering not fitting the mud shield, has anyone else had this problem?
  2. Was the shaft the seal runs on free rom pits and burrs? I have done them in the past and to my surprise it worked, I probably used genuine seals.
  3. Thanks Western, I did the front callipers a few years ago but couldn't remember where i got the O rings.
  4. Hi, I am about to overhaul the brake callipers for my axle swap on my 90, the callipers are off a Discovery 1 and I am needing help with the O ring size for the callipers or a part number, also what do People do about the back plate / mudshield is it worth bothering with, I don't do much off road so blocking with mud not an issue. TIA
  5. Thanks Western, I was afraid that would be the case, maybe I will try some new ones and see if they work better, the ones I have used were new but fitted to galvanized doors so maybe I should have drilled the holes as fitting them might have distorted the snapsacks.
  6. Hi, I am putting my door card onto my doors and one card uses the later type pins, part number MWC1474, and was I wondering if the female part in the door is the same as the earlier pins? TIA Ronnie.
  7. It's also worth remembering that the early axles have narrower radius arms.
  8. Hi , I would be very interested in this, do you just splice the wire with the diodes in and use the original bulb and holder? The Bolt on bits conversion works but it's very dim and in daylight it's hard to see, or at least mine is.
  9. Bowie 69 said Cap not collet, these are fitted to the top of the valve stem, and on the 200TDI anyway failed by punching the centre out.
  10. Thanks Reb 78, my timing has moved somehow I think its jumped a tooth but I will also make sure the pump is correct by using the locking pins.
  11. Is there a keyway on the injector pump drive shaft where the adaptor for the cambelt sprocket fits? Thanks,
  12. Is the boost pipe a vacuum or pressure?
  13. What's the best way to check the lift pump ?
  14. I have changed the fuel filter and when doing this checked the lift pump out, boost diaphragm and pipework are all ok, so I am thinking that the timing belt may have jumped a tooth, are they prone to that?
  15. I have a Land Rover 90 fitted with a Disco 200TDI, until the other day this went well and pulled great , but the other day I was towing my trailer and went to overtake a car as I was passing the car I heard a noise and seemed to loose power, the noise was maybe the trailer. Now it's not pulling when climbing hills or even on the flat, ten acceleration is poor although there's not much smoke, anyone got an idea what's wrong. I have taken the pipe from the inter cooler to manifold off and there's a Good blow from it so I think the turbo is ok. Could it be the injector pump diaphragm?
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