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    Land Rovers (come on, what did you expect?)<br />Horses, Dogs, Shooting, Hunting - foxhounds/beagles<br />Railways, Blowing Things Up, Tinkering<br />Theatre, stage lighting, literature, playwriting, <br />Military history especially the Cold War.
  1. I thought you might be interested to follow my latest project which is to install auxiliary lighting onto my 110CSW. My truck is a general workhorse, nothing fancy: - it is at any time a: -Van for sound and lighting equipment, ladders and scaffolding -Kennel for several dogs -Minibus for work -Event safety vehicle at Easter and in the summer -Surrey 4x4 Response member's vehicle -Tow truck -Occasional off-roader -Camper van It's just had a new Brownchurch roof rack, strong enough to take scaffolding, decking and ladders - or a roof tent. Lighting: It is going to get: Roof spots Front A-bar spots Front LED flashers Rear LED flashers Roof beacons (removable) Rear work light Here is some of the kit: Raptor Switch Pod: Carling switches: LED heads from EVS: Modular fuse/relay box from VWP: And here is a rough wiring diagram of how it is all going to fit together: I hope this is interesting to someone and I will keep posting as I get on. Cheers, Mark
  2. Link to my post in Members' Vehicles: http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=68619 MJ.
  3. waiting for the Series 2 to come back on a shiny new galvanised chassis....

  4. Thanks Ralph but it's not the main roads that are the problem it's the back end of Merthyr/Penydarren I am concerned with....
  5. I'd appreciate some help here if you can: I need a set of snow chains, (preferably 2 pairs) for 7.50/R16 All Terrains - from a supplier in the Retford/Lincoln/Doncaster area ASAP. Can anyone here on the forum recommend a supplier near to me who I could contact? I need to get to Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales on Tuesday to collect my 90yr old grandmother for Christmas and would like the extra help of chains. Ironically I bought a set of chains last year but may have got the wrong size as I never got them to fit properly. cheers Mark (currently in Leverton, Retford, Notts.)
  6. didn't know you could set your status on LR4x4!

  7. Apologies to hijack this thread Bish, but if you were putting it somewhere in the ignition circuit, what wire would you want to intercept?
  8. I've always said it's going to be great when the crane blocks Les's street and lifts Catflap II over the house! M.
  9. Ah yes I can see that 1kg fire extinguishers would be much less bulky, I was in "2 kilo" thinking mode as that is the size of powder ext I have here. Maybe I will try that, thanks. I appreciate the point (that has been made many a time) it is there to buy time not to enact heroics... Something our Brigade instructors remind our students on a regular basis during crew training. M.
  10. I like the idea of vinyl or film to hide contents - I am in favour of "non-invasive procedures" that still keep the vehicle quite standard. Cooler in the middle seat has been mooted as an idea - but we may need the seat for guests (those nymphomaniac hitchhikers we pick up in the naturist colony).... Remember it is a road and camping trip rather than an off-road trip, hence not fitting some of the more "hench" equipment (eg. Brendan travelling 60K and on corrugated roads, that thread is an amazing read!) Mark
  11. Not sure how you make the gear less visible without the aid of Harry Potter. I travel with a piece of black serge drape and throw it over the contents and that's my magic trick for the day (and I cross my fingers). Cargo barrier/Dog guard - Yes, am looking at one now. Window grills - still not convinced, easy enough to get past the locks as it is, surely just making more of a "break into me statement"? Fire extinguishers on seat boxes - I don't fancy 7000 miles with them in that position, it's annoying but I'd want another location and it is tight for legroom anywhere in the passenger compartment. Cheap plastic boxes - fit well and are considered disposable but Really Useful Box Co. is great admittedly. These were free, scrounged... Ally boxes are lovely but there is a budget to consider, much of what you see was free, begged, borrowed. cheers Mark
  12. Not high and mighty sounding at all, I've posted on here for suggestions and comment, all gratefully received. Good idea re Quick Fists (what a name) I did look at X-eng's 9" X-Eng (God that sounds even worse!) Back door mount is a good idea (and was mooted, it is just sitting in the box at the moment) - think I will move it there if there is still room after fitting the false floor. Still not sure of a good place up front for a second extinguisher although I used to have one strapped to the dash in front of the front seat passenger. I will be avoiding cooking in the vehicle, as it's not a good idea in general and there should be no need - we're not rough camping on our trip. I'm sure you're right, the best way of protecting the occupants from load shift has to be some form of guard net or grill. However as regards external security, I am not going to fit window guards on the grounds that I would have to comprehensively improve all the locks to make even a slight difference (unless, like you say, you create a sealed load area with solid sheeting). I am going to resign myself to the risk of vehicle theft, try and park sensibly and not leave anything in the vehicle I cannot afford to lose. Mind you, the bunch of pikeys I'm travelling with are probably a greater risk... On a slightly random note, a few European countries and Turkey require a SECOND warning triangle.... More plop to carry... cheers Mark
  13. The boxes aren't attached to anything but I'm happy don't need to be - 2 a side (total of 4) means can't move forward or back once loaded and the door closed. Only an small amount of lateral movement which I can live with. They're good dimensions for the load bed - 400mmx600mm if you are interested, available from Wilkos for a few quid. The box is a snug fit for the water so no worries on that count. The photo does not indicate how tight the bungees are - they are secure, but fuel and gas are always the scary items - but they've been driven around enthusiastically as they are and remained firm. I'm not applying "off-roading" load security to a road going camping truck - it has to cope with sudden acceleration (unlikely!) and sharp braking, swerving. I am sure it wouldn't hold in the event of a rollover though which is the scenario I should perhaps consider as 'worst case'? Ratchet straps can always replace bungees if need be. We are reluctant to build in more solid structures in the back, trying to keep weight and costs down as well as maximise available internal volume. Fire extinguisher can be reached by the person in the 2nd row. It is frustrating finding a good easily grabbable place to put it without obstructing legroom or entrance/exit to the vehicle (total of 4 people in vehicle). Also, it is there to satisfy a legal requirements of many European countries and not as a means of extinguishing a major engine fire, I drive for our Cadet Force fire service (which is ex-Brigade trained) and would want something more than 2litres of foam in a major event - I'll be bailing from the vehicle and retreating to a safe distance and ringing my insurers. As regards window protection, did you mean for security from burglary or from the load shifting against the glass? Hard to secure the load area without a solid divider between front and rear I would think ? Keep all thoughts coming, we're not off yet and are still modifying. cheers, Mark
  14. This summer I'm off round Europe for 6 weeks in my 110 CSW with three mates to France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany & the Netherlands. Uncle Les has done a mega service and replaced suspension bushes, brake pads, TRE's and rear drive shafts/members. I've removed the rear bench seats to make room for our gear Jamie fitted a false floor in the rear out of 18mm ply and a small box to store a jerry can of water, plus motor oil and fire extinguisher. Tents, roll mats, personal bags and other soft stuff gets slung on top. Breakables go underneath. Fuel, water, gas, the chiller sit on the benches either boxed in or strapped to the bracing. The bungees hold the containers tight against the frame. New High Back seats give back support for the rear passengers.... In the battery box is a second battery charged via an X-charge. This powers a voltage inverter, the chiller (a powered cool box rather than a fridge), 12v aux power and the amplifier. All these extra items are switched by the ignition energising an old winch solenoid so are totally off when the ignition is cut (the chiller does not run at night). The old Sony stereo has been adapted to take an iPod - you need to "spoof" the head unit that it has a CD changer attached in order for the AUX connections to work - to do this there are "dongles" available on eBay for about a tenner that plug into the control socket and pretend to be a CD changer. My old "boy racer" amplifier sits under the second row seats powering some Goodman 3-way speakers for a bit more volume oomff at motorway speeds. I've wired in a pair of Maplin 12v buzzers to the indicator warning lights on the dash to avoid "oops I am still signalling" errors. The roof rack is for sale as we don't need the space and could do with losing the extra weight/height/drag, offers please... We've got insurance and continental breakdown cover - Thanks to NFU, they have been great and I have been dealing with my local office in Godalming, who have added two extra drivers, continental breakdown and travel insurance at a good price. Watch this space... -Mark
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