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  1. Frankly, I doubt you'll get a bad job from any galvanizers - it isn't a business any tin pot cowboy can set up - takes huge investment and needs a big client base to survive. So I'd just find your nearest one (check out the galvanizer's association's website) and go for it.
  2. FWIW I have the 18V angle grinder and it is the only Bosch 18V tool I am less than impressed with (and I have a few!)- the power switch is irritatingly difficult to use and it lacks real power - it spins far slower than a mains grinder and so is no good with a flap wheel or grinding disk if you are working it hard. It has its uses (i.e. where an extension lead cannot reach) but I wouldn't rush out and buy one. By contrast, my 20 year old mains Bosch grinder (a green one! ) is still going strong... although I did kill its sister a while back....
  3. The 28 day figure is arbitrary and is usually associated with strength gain and standard tests that are done - i.e. "28 day strength" The screed may have recommended overcoating durations and the paint will certainly say how young the substrate can be. All will be weather sensitive in terms of impact on durations. The best bits of advice from above are 1. Damp meter, 2 the plastic covering and 3 longer is better!
  4. WTF has representing insurance companies got to do with it? Anyhow, back to the "discussion".... You can tell an insurance company about a mod and they will say "OK". What they might not follow up with is "and you have notified DVLA of this change haven't you and they're OK with it?" because insurance companies will use any avenue they can to avoid a payout. I am assuming(and hoping!) that in those 21 years you have never been the cause of a KSI accident and so your insurer's position hasn't been tested? To stop this degenerating into a keyboard war why don't you pen an email to
  5. In the UK, all 7 seaters had rear air suspension, 5 seaters had the option of air or coils. The 7 seater was never type approved in the UK with coils at the back. If you replace your 7 seater air bags with coil springs you might be falling foul of the type approval for the vehicle. I know plenty of people do it (in their thousands!) but that doesn't make it right in the eyes of the law. God only know where you stand if you take the rear seats out the boot and then convert to coils! Probably very low risk but better off going into these decisions with your eyes open....
  6. or run the winch rope under the car, to a snatch block at the back of the garage which will give a centralised pull.
  7. That's because welded joints are somewhat less prone to movement than timber joints. If it was a timber gate I'd agree and have the diagonal in compression to minimise any movement as the joint takes up load.
  8. Yep, as Fridge says, cut out the rot (angle grinder or plasma cutter) then weld in repair pieces. Not a job for the feint hearted but definitely doable by a competent DIYer
  9. Suggest also that both diagonals run from top left to bottom right, assuming hinge is on left hand side and that you are welding the joints. Reason being that your highest loaded, and longest member (inner diagonal) is in tension. You could in theory use round bar for the diagonals to save weight but that would make fixing the wood a tad challenging! Angles would be good for the diagonals, sized to suit your preferred fixing method/ the rectangular frame can be box, angle or channel section, again to suit your chosen fixing method. Having said all that though, realistically, strength i
  10. My money is on the tyres too. Best fix for large angry rubber is to put about 200g of ceramic airsoft beads into the tyre and remove all lead balancing weights from the wheel rim. Trust me it works!
  11. Connect them in series for the winch. 😈😈
  12. Any benefits to being centred? I suppose you get equal clearance and interchangeable 1/2 shafts but the downside is it doesn't line up with the front diff so will plough its own furrow?
  13. If you use a second hand chassis then get the vehicle tested. You have no idea as to the history of a second hand chassis (not casting aspersions on Simons chassis!) and it could have been damaged before being sold on to you. What have you got to lose other than a bit of time and some cash? Better off knowing the vehicle is roadworthy than it all going tits up and you end up before the beak for manslaughter. We all think we know how to modify our vehicles safely and, consciously or otherwise, take a calculated risk as to their roadworthiness. But none of us have changed suspension compone
  14. Steve Gittins as in Hay on Wye? Lion Garage?https://www.facebook.com/Lion.Garage
  15. You can get door stays that go to 135 degrees (or thereabouts) off ebay for little money. They make the doorway much more usable. (if that makes sense!)
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