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Watching that rubbish TV News magazine today (08/12 bit late writting this) BBC1 Morning News.

They had a peice about 4x4 sales being down.

1st up was a Sales woman at a car supermarket.

BBC asks about 4x4 sales down due to higher Eco taxes.

Woman answers: Well actually some large 4x4 sales are down due to the high fuel costs, but people are still buying smaller 4x4s.

Next BBC asks AA woman.

So 4x4/Chelsea Tractor sales are down is this because of the Eco taxes.

AA Woman answers. Well you know it's not about 4x4 use as some large cars are in Band F not just large 4x4s, also alot of the modern 4x4s are more economical and are in Bands D & E.

Finaly the Beeb ask a Liberal MP.

So is this the end of 4x4 sales due to Eco pressure.

MP answers. This not about 4x4 use we cannot single out a group of people, this is about reducing the number of high polouting vehicles.

Hooray BBC 0 Common Sense 3

I don't know if the Beeb was trying to redress the ballance (doubt it) or just finally got caught talking cr*p

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