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  1. Great thanks this looking more and more suitable. I'll have to re read the thread as I only gave it a cursory view before as I had discounted this type of door for large workshops only. It pays to keep your mind open!
  2. I agree about the autonomous driving cars, hacking them would not be good. Not that we are ready for them yet, they will be viable only when they account for 100% of vehicles as the manual drivers will be an unknown IMHO.
  3. So underneath the motor is a cross tube between both runners, if I have roof joists crossing the garage to tie into do I still need that as my ceiling is not very high.
  4. Thanks this shot shows how far into the room the frame goes. My garage is part of the existing house with wiring for the lights in the ceiling so I don't want to disrupt it.
  5. OK thanks I will look in to them, I had discounted them. I will look at the industrial site photo again as it is easier to see.
  6. Sharp bits are covered by an MOT fail (at least for bodywork). And I believe reason for the Police to stop and check.
  7. So reviewing the vid and pic I see a stencil mark on the wall which is at the height of panel 3 in the pic and only at panel 2 in the video. I guess it is the different distances the camera is from the doors that makes it look like the door is closed in the video when it actually has 2 panels to go. Does this mean that there is minimal height loss compared to a roller and no more room needed than an up and over?
  8. Nice, I don't have room for that type as the ceiling light is in the way. I would have to open up the panel above the current door and fit a roller door where your diagonal panel sits, if there is height for it. Actually I am confused by you picture and video. The picture shows the door just big enough for the height with 4 panels but the video shows more panels at 45 deg and horizontal as only 2 panels close. Does the video end before the door is fully closed? I ask as obviously I have room on my ceiling to match the height of the current up an over but not if there needs to be extra panels than just the door height for a sectional door. Is it possible to see a video of the last panels closing at the top?
  9. True over here you cannot remove a road registered car from DVLA existence to use for racing as you can no longer put it as scrapped. Just that our gov does not have jurisdiction to enforce traffic regulations if it is SORN. Not ideal but some exemption.
  10. The comment re not being retrospective to me is that they cannot stop you using an old one if you already have it but hope to phase them out by stopping the sale of them.
  11. Didn't read it all but not surprising, they have considered it before on the basis of safety. Following the Diesilgate anti test programs they will be considering the effects of post purchase changes on eco settings and how to combat them is my guess.
  12. I know the US has major restrictions on exmilitary vehicle exports but did not think the UK did?
  13. Used a Tapley tester some years ago, the MOT tester was set up by his pals to do it and was terrified at the prospect of sitting in a 1955 V8 LR with no seat belts knowing that we only had room in the car park for me to floor it then stamp on the brakes! Escape, I did wonder as per your comment as without power from the propshaft the diff does not drive the prop with both wheels lifted as per an open diff. I have some testing and investigation to do as I have seen differing views on how effective these diffs are from they are a semi open diff to they are the fastest locking diff type? I have not used mine in anger yet as it has only been down a private road to test the brakes.
  14. OK thanks it seemed that you were saying opposite things with the same statement so I was confused.
  15. I particularly like the tight lipped face on the rear.
  16. Glad to see you haven't given up. So now you have a block you can be confident in and new cam and lifters coming. Did Turners give any comment or advice on the lifter housing where it stuck? If they gave the block a bill of good health was it just grit or dirt that caused it? Possibly a bad lifter? Anyway onwards and upwards looking forward to hearing good news.
  17. Ow, I just picture all the worm gears being driven against each other from the wrong direction. But then again that is what happens when it goes around corners and how Torsens work. Time to look at the videos again.
  18. Do you have the tab washer fitted? Do you still have the one that did not fit? If so could you do me a favour? I am looking at fitting an Adwest arm to my Rover P5 power steering box on my S1 and the RRC arm is too large a diameter. From your comments it seems like the Adwest one maybe the correct size. If possible can you measure the top and bottom inside diameters from the bottom of one spline to the bottom of the opposite spline? The easiest way is to use the two splines either side of the registration spline with a vernier if you have one? Thanks.
  19. Good fit is important, my hood bought some years ago (not from either of the two mentioned) was a little short and started to rip when the ropes were tightened.
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