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  1. For me it was mainly caused by higher ratio diffs overcoming the available grip of the drum brake on very steep gradients.
  2. True, and it looks like a classic car than a trials warrior. But, nah I like my arches filled.
  3. Personally IMHO 6.50s are too narrow for a Series unless you like the really odd 50s pram wheel look!😊 I grew up with SATs as the best mud tyre but in truth to run on an off road site then 9.00s or 10.50s are needed to cope with the ruts so I have a set of 8.00 inch wheels waiting for tyres. American sizes are also good but I am not familiar with them.
  4. And yet Govs and spec EU want only new cars on the road, presumably so as to keep updating emissions and economy benefits at the cost of recycling by pretending recycling is better than longevity.
  5. I may be completely wrong but all I can think of is either, 1. That the weight of the CV/halfshaft is making a bearing surface out of true so it won't pull back into place? Or 2. That there aren't any shims on the halfshaft to CV and that you have pushed the CV further on to the shaft such that it is stuck?
  6. I tried leather gaiters on my S1, first they filled with mud and water, then they got caught in the lock stop and cut a hole. Finally you cannot look at the ball to check it's condition so I took them off. Interestingly my S1 has been kept in a condensation dripping container for the last 14 years and whilst newly fitted bolts have rusted in weeks my swivel balls are perfect though a bit sweaty.
  7. Hi Glenn, Welcome, I had to sell my D3 due to the last year. My whole family misses it still including me. They are a great car but need to be loved as they can be expensive to fix if neglected. The engine cooling system has some plastic items that crumble to dust and Ford used Chineese cheese for the bolts everywhere. If you have a front sunroof then check for wet front floors as the rubber in the drains crumble and the body sills fills with water corroding some important electrical connectors in them. Good news, they are a great car and handle incredibly well for a near 3 ton car with good quality tyres. Hope you resolve your problem and enjoy ownership. PS. I have a Nanocom Evo for a D3 for sale on another forum. I can put it for sale on this forum if there is interest.
  8. With modern glues much better than they were back then why not get a slightly deeper seal and bond direct to the Ali door? Or do you need originality?
  9. Thanks Charlie this is helpful and makes sense to me.
  10. Is this OK as I have never heard it before, it would make life much easier. I've only took it as continuous running only? The books I've read (not many) even say not to turn the engine over by hand.
  11. Beautiful work but the design ro me looks better suited to a tail gate hinge than a recovery point? Doesn't the offset hole put the stress in a peeling down direction? As I am NOT an engineer I have no idea what it's physical abilities actually are though.
  12. Why do people think that value is based on the effort needed to build it? As Top Gear once said, it costs the same to make a stretched limo if it is a Merc or a Fiat. The value of each however are not equal. Diamond checker plate body, it must weigh more than the std vehicle. Back in the eighties when I used to Comp a guy turned up in a newly built Cummings diesel racer. It looked great but a little odd. It was twice the size of a normal racer in every dimension including weight!
  13. A lot depends on what market they want to be in. Morgan were famously in the TV show Troubleshooter where they got professional business advice from Sir John Harvey-Jonesr who found their manufacturing process abhorrent and told them, change or die. They told him to get lost.
  14. This is the most interesting part for me.
  15. Business is not just making a profit but year on year incremental growth.
  16. All true and I have a very short memory since my S1 and S2 hybrid have them. Plus my 1st car was a Minivan. I don't actually look at my speedo often as muscle memory means I can judge without looking. I guess I jumped into negative mode to quickly.
  17. Glad the haven't given up on that, it sounds fantastic. Knowing how well my 3 ton D3 V8 handled that must be amazing.
  18. Yuck, truly naff. I hope that's just a preproduction. Also no speedo, you don't want a speedo on the centre console.
  19. Once when working under my LR in a tarmacadam carpark the tiny detent ball and spring flew out of my socket extension bar. Being obstinate I decided to look for it. I found the ball but gave up on the spring. Peed off I put the ball back in the bar. A year later I was back under another LR in the same spot and found the spring but can't put it back as the ball won't come out now!!
  20. Even changing from one price with plastic handles to one piece with gate latch handles was a fiddly job due to thar.
  21. Presumably that is a change to a different striker and anti burst plate?
  22. You'd be surprised how much load goes through the seat. My S1 had car seats directly on the seat box and they have deformed an inch at least over the years. I like the double shear butwould not be surprised if the flat bar doesn't sag a bit but not dramatically. The key part for my frame was to pass the weight to the front and rear of the seat box wich yours does also. Unfortunately in a S1 seat base height is a problem as the original base is just a pad on the lid. Once you add car seats you have to lower the seat base as I just have on some Recaros so there is no room for runners. You end up looking through the top of the screen, I guess this is true for all Series hence to odd roof on Defenders.
  23. With switch panels easily removable I see scope for loads of after market alternatives. Can't quite see the ability of a low level dash giving better views, it only needs to be under the line of sight from your eyes to the front of the bonnet. Does a Defender dash get in the way I know it looks very high and close my 2 remaining LRs have Series dash so I have no experience.
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