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Remote Fob 2 button advice.

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Just joined & looking for some advice if I may ask please. 

I’ve just purchased a Freelander 2002 but there is only 1 remote fob but works 50% of the time. 

Does this fob also immobilise the vehicle as well as operate the central locking ?

The fob is Lucas 17TN on the case & I see 3TXD on the circuit board. I’ve see. 2 of these for sale on a well known auction site & like new working condition. 

A friend has a T300 programmer which does show the remote under the Freelander section. Has anybody successfully programmed a another 2 button remote fob with the T300 ?

Many thanks for your time. 

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I thought you could program a new fob using only the fob as long as you have the key in the ignition... been a while though. User manual or failing that that RAVE workshop manual will tell you.

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