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  1. FridgeFreezer

    Voltage regulator with alternator

    I'd say you can just wire the alternator as it would've been on a Holden - assuming it's a standard one that has the main battery connection plus warning light it's pretty simple.
  2. FridgeFreezer

    Larger transfer box sump

    My stickers are from RS components (part number 555-409 etc.), as mentioned by someone else you need brake cleaner / IPA to get the surface properly de-greased before sticking. They are all non-reversible but as it's about £2 for a pack of 10 it's hardly breaking the bank to stick one each time you do a service etc. Edit: The bolts are what came with the transfer box, no idea if they're original, RM "upgrades" or whatever the PO had laying around.
  3. FridgeFreezer

    Larger transfer box sump

    Just for clarity - it DOES fit a (factory) V8 127 as that's what mine's on. It came with the LT230 + Roamerdrive I bought so I left it on. The OD puts extra heat into the oil so it's recommended. Oh yeah, temp labels and DIY exhaust heat-shield picture: The V8 pipes do get a bit close, hence the shield to prevent heat from going into the box rather than coming out Oh yeah - I've off-roaded it and not knocked it off yet, you'd have to be trying quite hard to damage it.
  4. FridgeFreezer

    200mpi s

    @honitonhobbit had one of these until recently and was raving about it, can't remember what he sold it for though.
  5. FridgeFreezer

    Freelander 1 rear end noise

    It's not the exhaust back-box rattling about is it? They are quite mobile and known to pop off the support rubbers with minimal provocation - especially if off-roaded.
  6. FridgeFreezer

    Any auto sparkies?

    It's not that I don't trust them to charge my battery, they appear quite well made, it's that I don't trust they're doing anything particularly clever for 10x the price of something else that will also charge my battery. They don't give much technical info, they don't display much beyond a couple of LED's, so you have to take their word that magic is happening.
  7. FridgeFreezer

    LS1 V8 on a Rover manual box?

    You don' need a whole one though - just enough to get the chassis & bits you need plus an ID. I'd wager it's cheaper than time & effort butchering a 109 into all the things a 110 is.
  8. FridgeFreezer

    LS1 V8 on a Rover manual box?

    Easier to use a 110 and put a 109 front, then it's just some body panels and all the hard stuff is standard - PAS, discs, coils...
  9. Seven Sisters, Wales Miles and miles of off-roading of all forms, from gentle freelander-friendly tracks & trails to horrible mud bugs, rocks, deep water, etc. A fun punch-hunt to keep you entertained, with punches ranging from easy to eviiiiiil Camping at the excellent Dan Yr Ogof Showcaves campsite Saturday night is NIGHT DRIVING night! Just about the biggest & bestest off-road site in the UK for all vehicles & abilities Families & dogs welcome The usual friendly Shire LRC marshals & team on hand Teas & coffees on-site for a donation in the charity box Portaloos on-site For each Seven Sisters ticket sold, £5 will go to the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance. Full details & online booking at www.7Sisters.co.uk Camp site has great facilities, HOT showers, there's an excellent pub over the road (Gwyn Arms), hot & cold running spanners on site, full electric & water hookups available for caravanists. PLEASE READ: If you are camping, please book through ShireLRC, don't just turn up at the campsite (they reserve a separate area for the event and booking separately confuses everyone) We cannot accept people turning up "on the day" without a booking, either for the arena or for the campsite. We always get enquiries about non-road-legal trucks, quads/bikes etc. so here's the rules. Any questions please contact us! Closing date for bookings is the Wednesday before the event Some flavour from previous events: Some of Mr Lang's excellent photos from previous events:
  10. FridgeFreezer

    Bulkhead electrical insulation

    The non-sticky non-fluffy Tesa tape is nice, sticks to itself but doesn't make your wiring all gunky. But the main thing is to add a big fuse on the main feed (2-3 brown wires) through from the engine bay as it's un-fused, if that rubs on the bulkhead you've got a direct short to the battery: The bullet connectors were corroded so I cut them off and added a 20A fuse on each brown wire into the main loom - the two on the right are new ones for the cooling fans. A single midi-fuse would also be a neat solution but I didn't have one of those at the time.
  11. FridgeFreezer

    Any auto sparkies?

    Miggit - two alternators is not a simple fit on most vehicles, and then you've got non-standard belts/brackets and more load/weight for no real gain. A relay costs a fiver (or £40 for an intelligent VSR version) and does a good enough job for almost everyone - most "leisure" and "starter" batteries, even AGM ones, have very little difference between them unless you go for something very specialised, certainly not enough to get excited about. Their charging profiles/specs are close enough as makes no difference as they know they're going to be hooked to an alternator in a car by 99% of customers. My issue with CTek is for £300 they don't tell you what it's really doing at any given time - if it's being a bit smart and boosting the volts to try and get the full 20A into the battery or if it's just a solid-state version of a split-charge relay in a fancy box? Because, even with the added AGM function, I'm pretty sure that £500 CTEK setup could be reproduced with about £30 worth of electronics. Oh and in an emergency just swap/join the wires, why add extra switches and wiring "just in case", it's more things to go wrong... for a jump-start you can just short a spanner across the split relay terminals. If jump-starts are a regular occurrence, spend your money on sorting the problem out!
  12. FridgeFreezer

    Any auto sparkies?

    Miggit - sorry but you've totally misunderstood the problem. When the engine is running the alternator is more than capable of charging two batteries. When the engine is off you separate them to avoid discharging the starter one by running fridges etc. The discussion is over the gear used to manage the two batteries, plus things like solar panels.
  13. FridgeFreezer

    Any auto sparkies?

    The alternator hits 14.4 happily, the solar chargers hit whatever they're set to.
  14. FridgeFreezer

    Any auto sparkies?

    My issue with CTek, other than the price, is you have very little feedback that it's doing all the marvellous stuff they claim it's doing - you get a green LED or somesuch and just have to trust it's actually doing anything better than a £5 relay would've done. Reading the D250SA / SmartPass manual it looks like it actually still just charges at 14.4v (or 14.7v for AGM) at a max of 20A, so I'm sticking with my relay.
  15. FridgeFreezer

    LS1 V8 on a Rover manual box?

    You pay a massive premium in the UK, if you can find a reputable place in the US willing to palletise engine & box & any other parts required and then ship internationally you will save a shedload. Or just find a Vauxhall Monaro going cheap

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