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  1. You can prove the problem by running jumpleads direct from battery to earth point to cut out any dodgy earths.
  2. 2nd that, there's a military spec for toilet paper but that doesn't mean you'd want to use it It's like "aircraft grade" aluminium... there's an aircraft grade aluminium that they make the coat hooks from, doesn't mean building a car with it is a good idea!
  3. Transfer box wise I doubt it'll be an issue unless you're running huge tyres. The ambulance has a 1.4 transfer box + overdrive and TBH you could run round in overdrive all the time quite happily - and that weighs 3 tons with the aerodynamics of a tower block. I believe the overdrive brings the gearing up to 1.2 transfer box sort of range, and it's on 235/85R16's. The GEMS plenum and Thor put stuff in very different places but the Thor plenum is what gains you the torque with its longer intake runners, there's no other changes to the engine.
  4. Sounds wrong to me, I'd put standard (genuine) Pulse Ambulance shocks on as a starter - I'm very suspicious of aftermarket stuff especially anything "extreme", most of it is nowhere near the quality of genuine parts designed for 100,000 miles / 10+ years.
  5. Depends really - if you know how it's done it's nothing special, if you don't it's probably not a home project
  6. Worth noting the Camels had VERY full roll cages too, so the roof is taking zero load and the roof rack can be used for recovery (I've seen it demonstrated!) One thing I found is the amount of flex in the body on rough roads is astounding if you look - of course the LR body is not a very strong or rigid structure and I suspect driving around with a RTT on could easily lead to fatigue cracks after a while.
  7. In my experience adapting a loom is nearly as much work as re-doing it from scratch. If there's a V8 loom that plugs into the TD5-era "body" loom (perhaps D2 V8?) then you'd be better off but I wouldn't fancy trying to make a TD5 engine loom into a V8 loom. Oh and Nige sells engine looms ready-made I believe, which could save a LOT of time.
  8. I'm not sure they'd increase the limit off-road/overland, more likely to reduce it I'd have thought. Oddly the Defender Owner's manual 1996 says max load is 75kg, 1998 one says max load is 150kg (first two I came across in my RAVE collection)
  9. Perhaps their social meeja engagement plan doesn't extend to actually coming back after plugging their channel all over the forums
  10. There's some sick people out there
  11. In short, stop using stainless fasteners on your land rover!
  12. Isn't the official rated roof load something like 75kgs unless you brace it to the chassis / a roll cage?
  13. Aye, but not really sure what the gain is?
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