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  1. I did buy some really nasty paint stripper off eBay that claims to strip *some* powder-coat... didn't touch the bull bars on the ambulance but holy hell was it evil stuff to handle/smell! I can look out the name if you are getting desperate
  2. My TD4 arrived from the scrap man at ~120k and I got bored of it at ~265k and passed it along, still running fine. Never had an electrical problem. Off-roaded the bejeebus out of it too. The BMW car PCV breather sorts out the filter issue. There's a couple of TD4's in the club and they do really well, mate has a TD4 auto as an off-road toy and is absolutely made up with it.
  3. Me too, go for the easy/cheap explanation first!
  4. 1st one I'm not sure it's coolant. 2nd one is the steam vent / bleed for the stat and the highest point in the engine, it wants to go to the top of the rad or tee into the rad bleed line to the header tank. I think blocking it would be a bad idea.
  5. My only real issue with all this malarky is that you're basically making the truck heavier and adding loads of things that absorb moisture and hold it near bodywork... We've got a bit in the ambulance (reflective foam under the tunnel / seatbox and Wright mats in the cab) and it does make a difference - as does not having a rattly old diesel up front For the 109 I have avoided anything soft at all as it's supposed to be functional and hose-outable.
  6. Well, my idea would be to fit Megasquirt EFi with a 2nd MAP sensor for altitude compensation and have it running right everywhere automatically, but that's just me talking crazy
  7. Ain't that the truth Mind you, if you're in court I doubt a valid MOT certificate is going to make a lot of difference if you've got bodges / badly done mods.
  8. Ikea do some nice little stainless bowl things with a magnetic base and a screw-on see-thru lid, honestly they make regular magnetic parts trays look badly thought-out
  9. Anything is possible but I would be surprised if it was an easy swap - you'd want the whole engine & gearbox & IRD & front driveshafts at least, plus all the electrics, ECU, etc.
  10. Pretty damn quick - basically the delay is the time taken for the exhaust to get from the cylinder, along the pipe to hit the sensor. The caveat is that the sensors are relatively easily damaged or "blinded" by knocks or contamination - if you run rich enough, the sensor ends up coated in unburnt fuel and registers nothing (low volts) which looks "lean". Likewise burning oil or coolant. Physical impact can crack the element, and splashing through puddles / wading can cool it down below the operating temperature. Once you've got the thing running, reduce the lambda sensor's authority to +/-5% or so, just enough for it to achieve fine-tuning on cruise without letting it tweak the whole lot off into the weeds if the sensor fails.
  11. You'd think so but the exemption stuff makes zero mention of axles - and as mine include 350mm vented discs and 4-pot callipers I'm classing them as a safety improvement over Series axles with drums all round Also they're made by Dana/Spicer same as LR axles and they are bolt-on (by design) - I could un-bolt them and drop Series axles back in in an afternoon with zero mods, and then it'd be 100% genuine Land Rover parts flying in formation. @Cynic-al you don't need to remind me, I'm well aware of the consequences of half-assed mods / repairs - and a truck like my 109 doesn't fly under the radar like a standard-looking truck does, if I pass a police car I know I'm liable to be pulled over every time. @lo-fi indeed we do all know the type
  12. Al - I think some of the fast chargers will have banks of batteries / supercaps in them to smooth out the load on the grid, but you're right that the grid really isn't prepared for millions of EV's arriving any time soon. I think pollution from tyres is a relatively small thing compared to internal combustion, hardly worth holding up as a case against EV's - if we worried about the amount of unnecessary weight in any given car almost everything on the market would be in the firing line, compare a modern VW golf with a Mk1... but which one would you rather have a crash in?
  13. Well I gave in and visited the post office, so the 109 is now officially an historic vehicle
  14. See, my abiding image of bonnet sound deadening is the stock TDi stuff falling down and laying itself across the top of the red-hot turbo . I'd suggest that anything you stick in your engine bay should be fire-retardant as car fires are no fun. That said, I'm not entirely convinced that insulating under the bonnet makes a huge difference to people inside the vehicle as much as just making it sound less rattly to passing pedestrians.
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