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  1. FFIL remembers visiting the factory in the 70's and seeing hammocks on the production line, and the canteen serving pints on lunch break it's a miracle they ever made any cars at all
  2. Stupid question but photo #1 doesn't look anywhere near "seated" to me, I'd expect the white section to be buried up to the shoulder in the socket. Is it just a case of pushing it in harder than you'd expect?
  3. £360 is a lot of cash, ISTR a set of ARP's for the Rover is about £80 so a no-brainer. As others say, I'd look at the BMW tweakers see if they're recommending it, some engines can have weak spots and others will take big power with minimal trouble.
  4. And they're still arguing about it 40 years later...
  5. Similar with the exhaust manifold studs - if they're too long you can find you can't get the manifolds in over the studs near the bulkhead, also if the un-threaded section is too long you can't tighten them down properly, but it's easy enough to spot once you know and not hard to work around. The ARP head studs have hex key holes in the top to wind them in/out and once the nut's undone there's no tension on them so they should wind out fairly easily.
  6. All that cackshifter said - it would cost more in production as it's two/three fasteners (stud, bolt, and a washer) not one bolt, but it is kinder to the aluminium block and AFAIK the studs don't stretch so are re-usable (ARP's info would confirm/deny this) I've got the same setup on my exhaust manifolds too, they're aftermarket Mini parts, 3/8"UNC into the block and UNF with a brass nut the other end, much loveliness and cheap enough.
  7. Got a picture of the problem? Does the RAVE manual say anything about locking it together or owt?
  8. Well for starters you can't put MS2 settings files into an MS1 so I'd advise stopping trying to do that - you can export the individual maps from one and import into the other but you can't load the whole MSQ as they have very different types and amounts of settings. I suspect your glowing headers are timing related rather than fuel but I have no further guesses / knowledge on this so will defer to the grown ups here who know about actual engine tuning. I can't remember where you got to with the setting up etc. before having the engine apart, and if your VR sensor bracket has been of
  9. I can certainly see modern emissions, especially diesels, being a source of problems - you can't pass an MOT without them and they are somewhat complicated and finicky, stuff like EGR is just destined to clog up over the years. Wonder how modern petrol vehicles fare as they mostly only need a working cat as far as I'm aware.
  10. Oooh that's neat... I wonder if the punch part needs 2 sections, so the 1st bit clamps down on the outer to prevent crinkling before the centre forms the shape? Lots of videos on YouTube from industrial processes like this that might give you some pointers as to how they manage it in production but it certainly feels like you're getting ever-closer to the right answer.
  11. Remember the map value is multiplied by REQ_FUEL so you can just bump that up by a liberal amount (EG 20%) if you're sure it's too lean across the board - for running at moderate RPM with zero actual load to run the cam in you're not in too much danger of damaging anything. If +20% is eye-wateringly rich then bump it back down 5-10% - believe your nose over the O2 sensor readings especially if there's a bit of doubt on the signal, O2 sensors can get thrown off by oil/fuel/heat/impact.
  12. And people like to say modern cars are rubbish... how quickly we forget what it was like in the good old days.
  13. As LR17H says, sometimes people will pour huge amounts of time into patching something up to "save" a chunk of cash when actually, unless you're really skint, it would be far better to just buy the right thing and fit it and have a load of free time to do something more useful / fun - assuming the bank balance agrees of course.
  14. Except that graphite dust from a pencil in a spacecraft can get into electrics and cause short circuits and fires, and the Russians ended up moving to pens too... http://www.hoaxorfact.com/technology/nasa-spent-12-billion-for-space-pen-while-russians-used-pencil-facts.html
  15. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-49319450 After an accident & investigation the US Navy are ditching touch-screens for controls on ships... who'd have thunk they're not as good as actual physical controls?
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