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  1. FridgeFreezer

    Buying a Range Rover classic

    Yes - an honestly crusty one!
  2. FridgeFreezer

    Buying a Range Rover classic

    TBH I'd sooner buy an honestly crusty one and fix it right than an apparently solid one that may have been done less than brilliantly.
  3. FridgeFreezer

    It's a gas!

    £277+vat could buy you your own welder, helmet, wire and gas bottle! Just an idea...
  4. FridgeFreezer

    300tdi’s heating

    You could splash a couple of quid on a pack of temperature labels, would prove the point without having to swap gauges;
  5. FridgeFreezer

    Buying a Range Rover classic

    Rust, rust, and rust... everything else is nuts & bolts. An auto that's reluctant to shift up can mean a rebuild but that's not the end of the world. 3.9EFi is a nice lump, the extra torque is useful. if you really want to know... watch George's series on welding up this beauty:
  6. To be fair, the wiring could be deemed completely unsafe from the factory... That engine should go nicely in a 110, very smooth and torquey.
  7. FridgeFreezer

    It's a gas!

    These are the guys that do my exhausts, if google maps is to believed they're not too far out of your way (basingstoke): http://www.fastfitservicecentre.com/ They will make all or part in stainless, Matt is the guy to speak to, he did a small repair for me recently on the ambulance for a bargain price.
  8. Interesting project, definitely a bit different to what we usually see here!
  9. FridgeFreezer

    Workshop Manuals for L322/320/494

    @henk is collecting manuals I think
  10. FridgeFreezer

    Which shock absorbers

    ES9000's are gas, 3000's are oil I believe. Or at least that's the claim.
  11. FridgeFreezer

    What to expect

    That was pretty much the point we came to with the 127 vs the original 109 ambulance we saw - the 109 ambulance would've wanted a lot of upgrades to be civilised, whereas the Defender had most of them out of the box as standard; V8, 5 speeds, disc brakes, coils, PAS. I've driven my 109 to Russia and back and I've driven the 127 to the arctic circle and back and I know which one I'd rather do a long distance in.
  12. FridgeFreezer

    custom dash project

    @SHY 7G how many gauges are you planning on fitting???
  13. That's the drawback with big toys - big bills! Are those prices new bits or from a breakers?
  14. FridgeFreezer

    A cautionary tale

    But why? The edge of the head gasket is doing nothing other than keeping the mating faces apart. You can see a typical failure in @tuko's thread here: The places it will fail are from the bores or water/oilways outwards, not from a tiny dimple on the outside edge.
  15. FridgeFreezer

    What to expect

    Only problem with fitting a V8 is the brakes will immediately become the weak link as it will be possible to gain momentum far quicker than you can get rid of it ask me how I know The bigger 6cyl/V8 drums & shoes work well enough in good nick with a servo, and are a fairly nuts & bolts upgrade. A stock 2.25 or updated to 2.5 will at least run like a sewing machine when in good nick and they trundle about very nicely, but not ideal for cruising. In-cab noise is largely transmission related, and adding a Fairey overdrive makes that much worse. The roamerdrives are better but not silent, and for the money you can buy a complete R380+LT230 setup and change. A V8 plus five-speed and LT230 will give you a far better, quieter box and better overall ratios without swapping diffs, and you'll get better MPG. Being 109" you have the length for it easily whilst retaining the Series front end - my 109 (re)build thread shows a lot of the deets. Steering shouldn't suck too badly if it's in good nick & adjusted up but it will meander a bit, especially with the extra weight & surface area, and it'll be heavy when manoeuvring.

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