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  1. Window reulator

    Door card may be different but I highly doubt the door itself is different underneath, should be all the same or very similar underneath.
  2. Breakdown cover

    I can only go on my experience of Britannia which is that they have never batted an eyelid about recovering the 109 (built 1979) or the ambulance (built 1988) or either plus a fully-laden car trailer. Also, they have never shown even the slightest interest in taking me anywhere other than wherever I tell them I want to go - Glyn Neath to Basingstoke is the longest so far, with a truck-swap half way. Off-road recovery I can't comment as I've never needed it with them, I don't off-road alone and our club (Shire LRC) try to never leave anyone stranded. Off-road recovery with the RAC I do have experience of - totally useless! Got my company transit stuck down a green lane / access track (went down, couldn't get back up!), called them, explained it in detail, told them they would have to send a 4x4. Very long wait later an RAC man turns up... in a transit! No way he's getting it down a lane & back up with another transit attached. Much head scratching, eventually they said they'd have to call a "local contractor" which turned out to mean getting a recovery company about 50 miles away to fire up their 6x6 Scammel and trundle it 50 miles so probably a 2-3 hour wait. I told them to shove it and (against company policy) got a mate with a 90 to nip round (as it was now knocking-of time) and drag it out (with inevitable mickey taking). Mind you, the RAC also sent a man on a motorbike to "see if he could fix it" when a colleague's transit threw a piston through the side of the block on the motorway. Love 'em!
  3. Removing bitumen headlining glue stuff?

    joe - what paint???
  4. Breakdown cover

    I'd beg to differ, Britannia has always covered trailers for me no questions asked. Had 2 trailer breakdowns with them (both wheel bearings!). The AA and RAC are more about trying to fix things, they have very few actual flatbeds hence long waiting times as they can't tow a 4x4 on the standard dolly behind their transit vans. Also, they send a bloke in a van (or on a motorbike!) to have a poke about 1st so they can say they were with you within the hour, even when it's obvious they should send a flatbed.
  5. Breakdown cover

    If all you want is a guaranteed flatbed taxi with no hassle, Britannia are who I've always used. No age/weight faffing about or grumbling about trailers, they won't try to fix anything, you just get a flatbed every time. My cover (deluxe?) covers a specific vehicle (currently the ambulance) anywhere in Europe, as well as ANY vehicle I or my partner happen to be sat in if it breaks down.
  6. Removing bitumen headlining glue stuff?

    I'm not sure it could get much louder in the 109 Also, it's definitely painted-on glue not sound deadening panels, this is 1978 British Leyland, the heater was optional!
  7. I'm intending to paint the ceiling in the 109 but it's got some sort of horrible bitumen-style stuff that originally held the headlining up, and it's got all fluff and whatnot embedded in it for good measure. Has anyone ever removed this stuff, and if so, how?
  8. New Work bench advice

    Mine is an old (very sturdy) wooden workbench that was going in the skip at work, I skinned the top with 4mm steel with a front edge that hooks under the front of the wooden top and an upstand along the back. Vice bolts to two studs welded directly to it, and as others have said, you can earth the welder to it. From scratch I'd probably just order a load of 50x50 box for legs etc. and another sheet of 4mm plate for the top, although I might get the lip & return folded by the supplier rather than cut + weld myself as it didn't half knacker the Rage saw blade!
  9. Heated windscreen

    Ed - I bought a heated screen in a frame from some chap on a forum, bargain it was
  10. V8 Steering Pump only mount and radiator

    If it's got ACE does that mean it's Disco2 / p38 era and therefore no dizzy + serpentine belts? Both my 4.6's I just cut the end off the PAS+Aircon bracket casting:
  11. Freelander TD4. Money pit, or ???

    Fairly sure mine passed most of its MOT's, 165k of use and abuse documented for your reading pleasure: It did cost me a lot to run but it was being driven 30k a year AND off-roaded AND towing stuff, and it was bought for scrap in the 1st place! I reckon the TD4 FL1 is one of the most practical things LR have made.
  12. Major IVA change

    I wouldn't be surprised if nothing happens at all until after the dust has settled from Brexit.