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  1. @miketomcat I've got a pot of Devcon titanium putty that was left over from a job, we could always have a go with that if you've got a dead head as a donor?
  2. I'm watching with interest although so far this is more my budget: https://en.openscan.eu/ Which does at least look like it's a decent enough idea for small parts.
  3. I've seen some folks get good results using a whatever-generation iPhone that had the 3D facial recognition scanner in it, on the grounds that Apple has way more money to spend on this stuff than anyone else on the planet - although it's been pointed out the front scanner (screen side) has way better accuracy/resolution than the rear one. Results also seem to vary wildly depending on what the size of thing is you're scanning Vs what the scanner was optimised for, Superfast Matt has some very good videos on 3D scanners:
  4. Best I could find: There's probably a lot more if you are just looking for general camper conversions/builds... And my own campbulance build:
  5. No, it went with the Jag, wasn't worth saving. I've not looked at these for a long time so no idea what's available now.
  6. TBH I think very few clubs do either - there's plenty out there that appear to be run as a glorified facebook group, not sure I'd want to have my name above the door the day something goes badly wrong.
  7. Having had what appeared to be a fairly stock light blue 90 on the "steely dan" wheels pull up next to me at the pumps on Sunday I have to say I agree with a lot of what he said too.
  8. There's also the hydroboost units that use PAS pressure, as fitted to some jags I think... in fact I think I've got one in the garage that Jez bought to mess around with and never used, yours for a donation to forum funds.
  9. Maybe this one hit a bit close to some of the comments on this thread:
  10. Given the quality of punters you get at the free-for-all P&P events I'm not surprised, I wouldn't want to insure them! I think a lot of sites it's fear of problems - land owners don't want the potential hassle from locals / the council or to get sued over an event that realistically doesn't make them a lot of money.
  11. Reckon a Rancho would want something smaller and peppier, a 2.0 4-pot or something.
  12. If it's not already been said, can I vote this thread be added to the technical archive?
  13. I had the toy car of one, always thought it was kinda cool. More than a little Discovery about the stepped roof too. Glad you've worked out what the problem was - you are by no means the first to be caught out by a perfectly sensible assumption during an MS install! The Ford coil packs have cylinder numbers on them but of course (again) Ford's idea of cylinder numbers & firing orders may not be the same as whatever engine someone's bolting them to... The VR polarity thing is a tricky one because as you've found out, it WILL run, just not very well... EDIS has the good grace to be pretty black & white, it will either run perfectly or not at all while the MS code will give it its best effort even when things aren't right.
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