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  1. 2003 discovery se7 4.6 need help

    I didn't realise they fitted 4.6's to Disco 2's ho hum the 4.0 is basically identical anyway. The Rover V8 is a simple beastie and pretty robust. If you've really got a stuck lifter, running engine oil flush through might clear it but otherwise I'll be inlet manifold off, which isn't particularly difficult. Just make sure you get a composite valley gasket (not a shiny tin one) & new rubber ends when re-fitting.
  2. Breakdown cover for a series with trailer

    I lost interest in the RAC when I my company van was with them - most of the engineers had stories... a colleague had a piston exit the block on the motorway, explained carefully what had happened and asked for a flatbed - RAC sent a motorbike to "see if they can fix it" (in other words, to meet their time promise because they don't have enough flatbeds). I got the Transit stuck down an unpaved track, told them it would require a 4x4 to be of any use, they sent... another transit! For most LR owners an AA or RAC van full of diagnostics gear & with a towing dolly for 2WD-only cars is useless. Britannia contract out to whoever's nearby with a flatbed, so they don't muck about trying to fix it they just load you up & take you where you want to go. I usually have the tools & spares with me to fix the easy stuff so the AA man would at best be offering a spare pair of hands to hold the torch & pass tools. Only drawback is the operators are sometimes a bit rougher round the edges than the AA/RAC bods but if you're already covered in EP90 and mud it's unlikely to bother most people on here!
  3. Need a Product name for my newest product !

    Shame no cats were inconvenienced in the invention process or it could've been the Tabby-Lock
  4. Need a Product name for my newest product !

    As it's teardrop shaped, what about The Teardrop Doesn't Explode? (pop-culture reference)
  5. Bearings (RTC3416/RTC3426) no longer from Timken?

    Most LR bearings are nothing too special, local bearing shop/trade counter should be able to get them although proper industrial bearings attract proper industrial prices compared to the stuff turned out by the lowest bidder for Britpart... Biggest problem in Europe will be the daft imperial sizes.
  6. Buying advice from across the pond

    TBH you're almost better off getting something scruffy for less money and just buying a galvanised chassis + bulkhead with the savings, unless you can find a used one that's got both already and hasn't been messed about with in other ways (good luck!).
  7. LINLEY and Holland & Holland help

    Nice - if I had to have a P38 I'd have a H&H. Have been off-road in one as a passenger, very civilised!
  8. Breakdown cover for a series with trailer

    Britannia rescue every time - they don't bat an eyelid at the 109 or the ambulance with or without trailer (or all three together, as was the last call out!), plus for not much extra you and your other half are covered in ANY car you happen to be in - even as a passenger!
  9. Handy Negative Electrical Connection

    An M6 bolt through the bulkhead at a safe & convenient point - you can get a lot of 6mm ring terminals on it. Give it a smear of vaseline or waxoyl /dinitrol etc. (AFTER connection) to prevent corrosion.
  10. Need a Product name for my newest product !

    Come on, be sensible!
  11. We used to use truck/bus chassis paint from the local commercial paint suppliers, thins down nicely, cheap by the gallon, designed to be tough & idiot proof. Buzzweld seem to do some good stuff, got a tin of their matt stuff not sure about gloss but I believe it's mostly made by Corroless and contains glass to make it hard as nails. TSD put me on to it after a thread on here discussed it.
  12. Need a Product name for my newest product !

    So what do I win, Nige?
  13. Engine swap for 300tdi Disco

    Where in the world are you? You might find that doing an engine swap does not help you get into the city due to the way the paperwork works.
  14. Need a Product name for my newest product !

    Bolty McBoltface? Sorry, someone had to....