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  1. Rear axle mounting pivot is very C303 and the way the chassis pokes out the back / front steering arrangement suggests it's more C303 than LR - the Finns did have a shortened 6x6 C303 that was not much longer than a stock 110 so I'd wonder if this is along similar lines.
  2. @Chicken Drumstick that's a 6x6 Volvo C303 with a 110 on top, so yeah all sorts of better - ground clearance, gearing, lockers, diffs not made of cheese...
  3. You mean like this? Also you know making it 6x6 is only for load carrying or showing off, not actually making it any better off-road, right?
  4. eBay is awful for cars, last time I tried to sell one I got repeatedly mucked around. It's good for finding stuff, especially unfinished projects, and I found my current daily via eBay, but to actually sell a car Autotrader seems to work far better.
  5. Indeed - I wouldn't think twice about driving the 109 half way round the world or hopping in the 127 for a 3000 mile holiday jaunt - but I still say a sensible or just different daily is a wonderful thing. The TD4 Freelander was an excellent daily, the only downfall of it was that I ended up off-roading it whenever the 109 was being worked on whereas there's no temptation with the Mini.
  6. At that price you've only got to get the interest of one wealthy idiot... and it made you post it here for everyone to look at so maybe that was the idea?
  7. In the interests of balance I'll say that SLK Custom dashboard looks horrible and overpriced
  8. Do we ever see MP's cruising around in old Daimlers or Astons? I don't think it's conspiracy, it's just that it's so few vehicles it's not worth the hassle trying to make rules about them.
  9. ^ what Bowie said. Also - has it been stood for a long time, has it been fiddled with, was it running when parked / running recently, has anything changed since it last ran right?
  10. Ah but that's instalments - they don't count! Clearly there's something wrong with you - have you been at the metal polish again? The day that 90 comes up for sale you're liable to lose an arm in the rush
  11. I would avoid all of the tarter-uppers like the plague. Get something that's not been dicked about with by anyone. Also 2nd Ross's comment - borrow or hire one for a week to see if you can live with it, it's not like anything else you've driven. If I had 40k to throw at a Defender I'd be tempted to get a ratty old one and rennovate it as I wanted - likely end up better, more solid and longer lived than a tarted up late-model.
  12. @miketomcat hey I found a more practical camper idea for you
  13. I've found that owning a "normal" car for commuting makes LR ownership far more tolerable, especially on the wallet. No matter what silliness befalls me over a weekend I can walk out on Monday morning and get into something with comfy seats and a working heater that starts on the button and cruises along with no effort. Doesn't have to be a sensible car either - I've followed Ross's lead and picked up a Mini Cooper which is hilarious fun. I think if I had to commute in London I'd be driving a cheap Smart car in rattle-can matt black. TBH it's easy to get all doom and gloom about all
  14. My mate bought a pair of genuine ethnic flip-flops made from old tyres at one Glastonbury Festival - he made it about 20 yards in the mud with each step sucking the bottom down before twanging back and flicking half a bucket of mud up his back with every step before he turned around and demanded his money back Back on topic is it going to be bright green or blue?
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