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  1. Similar probably but if it's anything like the off-road course at Merecedes you could drive it in a Smart car.
  2. I think ERR722 (hotwire, green band) were used on everything except flapper EFI and the later Thor P38's.
  3. I don't think you can blame the factory for this - LR have a full off-road testing course and they've shown more than enough "proper" off-road testing of this and all their other models over the years... I suspect that the journalists just want spectacular footage they think will appeal to the average idiot, and faster = more spectacularer innit? Also, I have never seen any of the competition outside of J**p doing anywhere near the testing and mud-plugging that LR do with their stuff, certainly not in terms of PR photos/videos. I mean, this may be small beer to the hairy-chested off-road warriors on here but I don't see any press shots of the BMW X3 or whatever fugly POS Mercedes make in the same slot doing this - and I reckon their management would soil themselves if they thought a customer might actually try it;
  4. Sounds a lot like a bad earth if more than one thing is affected. Is your battery secure & connections solid? Also, little hint for you - posting with the title "Freelander td4" in the Freelander forum doesn't help people see what your problem is and means you're less likely to get answers - we can already guess it's a Freelander!
  5. Is that just because fitting the wrong flow rate hoofs more fuel in for the same opening pulsewidth and it's a cheap mod bodge if you don't have a tuneable ECU? Like winding the fuel pressure up or tweaking the fuel screw on a TDi The stock Rover ones flow more than enough for the 4.6.
  6. I'll second the headlamp washer pump mod, it's about twice the size of a normal one and hoofs out a lot more water. It does pop into the standard hole on a few screenwash tanks, or you can drill the hole out with a step drill.
  7. I'd second the cranking pulsewidth as your 1st port of call, assuming the regular map is good once it's fired up.
  8. Only Land Rover owners could consider regular lubrication of sunroof seals a perfectly normal maintenance operation
  9. Yeah it was the first piccy that came up at the right angle, shame it was of a chavved up chelsea tractor version
  10. Don't mind at all, I can get them from Basingstoke to Andover or Newbury (Chieveley Services is a good spot for swapsies).
  11. I've never paid more than about £50 for an entire V8 inlet manifold & 8 injectors Unless the Vectra ones are identical flow and spray characteristics I'd say you're risking trouble, especially if you're not fitting a matched set of 8.
  12. There's quite a few advantages with electric bits (PAS pumps, water pumps, etc.), the main one these days being packaging - you can put the thing anywhere it'll fit rather than having to bolt it where a belt can drive it, or in the case of a turbo fit it into the exhaust path. You can do a lot of cunning control to fill in flat spots, boost economy, prevent user abuse (my last company van had vicious torque and rpm limiting built in), etc. etc. As others said, there's hybrid turbos where they use electricity to fill in the gaps where there'd be no boost. ISTR Volvo were using a small tank of compressed air but that seems a bit limited to me.
  13. Isn't an electric turbo kinda like having a supercharger by very roundabout means? (Alternator generates electricity, electricity spins turbo, turbo creates boost)
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