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  1. FridgeFreezer

    14CUX Main and Fuel pump relay operation

    Would it not be battery-voltage based like the old voltage-sensitive switch in RRC's and D1's?
  2. FridgeFreezer

    Will Rover 3.5 V8 engine from SD1 fit to LT95?

    Rover V8's are all the same bellhousing. Mind you, given the plentiful nature of 3.9 and bigger / newer lumps I'd wonder about fitting a crusty old SD1 lump unless it happens to be a good one.
  3. FridgeFreezer

    The Curse of Blondie

    ^ This, why bother ruining a RRC with D2 axles, seems a lot of work Vs a different set of wheels?
  4. FridgeFreezer

    The new Defender is now pointless

    They were also banging on about banning woodburners in London too as they're supposedly worse than driving 8 HGV's up & down the street all day all those trendy folks will have to throw their £1000 log-burners out. Anyway, this has gone miles off topic and is starting to get a bit Daily Mail
  5. FridgeFreezer

    LT230 transfer case upside down

    I've never used them but several people have told me Rakeway can be very variable for custom work in terms of timescales (both promised and actually delivered)
  6. FridgeFreezer

    Will Rover 3.5 V8 engine from SD1 fit to LT95?

    You'd want to swap the flywheel over as the SD1 flywheel is too thin, but other than that it should drop in - ancillaries / belts etc. may differ.
  7. FridgeFreezer

    LT230 transfer case upside down

    There's already remote LT230 kits from various places - I'm sure I saw one recently from somewhere like Rakeway or Milners, same place was doing stubby front output housings.
  8. FridgeFreezer

    The Curse of Blondie

    Suggestions, hmm, well I spotted this over the holidays which looked very smart in white with the Mach5's: @Shackleton - you're bang on about the comments from some, there's some serious cognitive bias around this place sometimes!
  9. FridgeFreezer

    Wolf HD rims - confused

    Sounds like a similar problem to what I have with the disc conversion on the 109 - stock Defender rims won't work at all but Wolfs, Disco steels, RR alloys will, and modulars juuuust about. Do you really need tubes? At £70 a wheel genuine I wouldn't feel like it was worth going cheaper for non-gen of unknown quality.
  10. This has popped up a few places and thought it might interest a few on here:
  11. Nylon yes - but brittle / low-temp stuff like the default PLA is probably not going to enjoy an engine bay. Not sure about fuel/oil resistance either.
  12. FridgeFreezer

    Learning CNC milling, first steps

    You know what must be done!
  13. FridgeFreezer

    Dies when I use indicators??

    There's numerous earths - stuff usually earths through the body and then the battery -ve cable is also bolted to the body. Things like the engine have an earth strap to join it to the body. On the freelander there are little 8-way blocks of terminals bolted to the body with all black wires leading into them, those are earth points for various things. It's all in the RAVE manuals - electrical diagrams will show everything to do with the immobiliser and the electrical library will have a photo and location of every single connector in the car, each with its own code.
  14. FridgeFreezer

    The new Defender is now pointless

    The hype has advanced well beyond the reality unfortunately. If you can park it on your driveway to charge every night and don't do many long journeys then they're becoming viable - perhaps as city cars or for the school run. As it is, they need a breakthrough on batteries which either increases the capacity 10x or reduces the charging time 10x to make them viable. All they're doing these days is getting gradually better at stuffing thousands of laptop batteries into the floor without the whole lot catching fire.

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