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  1. Fuel pressure gauge

    Nope, that hole is blank.
  2. The Isuzu 3.1's were supposed to be less reliable than the 2.8, I can't remember what goes wrong with them though. Size / power-to-weight is entirely down to what you want, the Isuzu 2.8 will be better than anything Land Rover fitted as standard in a 110 and should be reliable & economical.
  3. This Sunday, 27th Aug @ 10:00 - 16:00 Entry £25 to Shire LRC members, non-members can join for the day for £5 or the year for £15 on site. There will be teas & coffees on site. A great site for all vehicles & abilities - some wide open areas & tracks suitable for "shiny" ones plus woods with some serious mud & water (especially after the rain we've had!). Full info, directions, etc. on the Shire Land Rover Club Website: Hope to see a few of you there!
  4. 110 shocks

    The site owner is a member here isn't he?
  5. I don't think I do. Have a look through the "Members vehicles" section as there's some interesting creations in there. Also the search button might turn some results up
  6. ibex 300 build

    I'm disappointed it's not yellow fur like Deano's old Rangie.
  7. Big lumpy diesels kill LR gearboxes, so 6 cylinders is better (smoother) than 4, smaller may be better than the biggest/most powerful and don't labour it in high gears at low RPM. Or just fit the entire Nissan drivetrain and enjoy driving your abomination against the Gods of unreliability...
  8. How strong is a P38 PAS box?

    Obviously I'm not trying hard enough then
  9. Trickle charger while being stored

    Being used every 6 weeks it should be fine unless the battery's dodgy. Our ambulance stays parked for months in between uses and starts fine every time so far. I'd be more worried about an unattended charger catching fire than the battery going flat but I'm a bit paranoid about unattended electricals.
  10. Charging ancillaries

    When I had the FL my lazy solution for charging stuff and running the fridge was to buy a jump-start pack - they've got a 12v SLA battery that's more than up to charging cellphones etc., often have USB ports built-in, can be charged in-car or from the mains, are portable (you can bring it into a tent if needed), bonus points they can be gotten with built-in lights and compressors for tyres and of course can be used for their intended purpose of jump-starting things. Sure you won't run a big fridge from one for very long but for the original purpose of this post it could be a very convenient solution. The less lazy solution on the ambulance was a 2nd battery and a 12v/140A smart relay, easy.
  11. How strong is a P38 PAS box?

    Not sure about P38 but D2 is what I run on the 109. I was told the D2 ones have a beefier sector shaft than the rest (and a different an unique mounting, unfortunately), although the 6-bolt is supposedly heavy duty anyway. A mate of mine did have a sector shaft fatigue and fail - drove to his workshop having dropped the kids off, parked in the yard and 5 minutes later there's a CLANG as the drop arm just fell out onto the floor with half the sector shaft attached
  12. V8 exhaust clacking

    If the car needs cats it is almost impossible to pass the stricter MOT emissions test without them. Exhaust paste and other sealants can give off gasses as they cure (acids) which kills the lambda sensor elements, doesn't take much. Some are listed as sensor safe, I'd be surprised if there isn't something available these days.
  13. PTO Winch help

    This might help:
  14. Adventure Overland anyone?

    As usual it clashes with Seven Sisters so I'll be actually doing some adventuring instead
  15. R380 oil Cooler ????

    Arjan - nerr!