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  1. Upgrade to Disco 3 TDV 6

    Britpart parts don't have a good reputation round here.. ...Or to be less diplomatic, they're often shockingly rubbish and certainly a risky prospect on something like an expensive D3 engine. I wouldn't trust them to make mudflaps, let alone supply something critical like a crank shaft.
  2. Major IVA change

    TBH the UK rules are and have always been a lot more lax than the rest of Europe, engine swaps & kit cars are nigh on impossible in a lot of places. I suspect it's either badly worded or just not very carefully thought-out.
  3. Major IVA change

    Pretty much NOTHING that's not designed as Euro 6 would ever pass Euro 6 even with added cats/DPF etc. Reckon these days you've got more chance of getting modern petrol lumps working via MSEFI than you've got getting a computerised diesel running.
  4. Major IVA change

    I note the document says responses can be on behalf of a club or other organisation - so presumably if the mods or someone came up with a sensible & eloquently worded response they could submit it on behalf of the membership of LR4x4. People on committees of clubs could do the same - I'll look into it with miketomcat as we're both on a committee.
  5. Mig reccomendations h

    On the left - (if memory serves) a decent modern MTA welder. On the right - my 40-year-old NBC / Butters.
  6. series 3 brake pipes??

    A used Sykes Pickavant or other quality brand flaring tool will be nicer than a brand new cheapy one. Do a few practice runs on offcuts of pipe before doing the real thing. Allow yourself a little extra length, it's easy enough to tuck an ever-so-slightly-too-long pipe in but you can't stretch one that's too short (and it will fail!), plus if you muck an end up you've got a 2nd chance.
  7. Tablet Power

    As Zardos says, USB charging (and whatever iThings use) involves negotiation between the device & the charger before (usually) upping the voltage as high as 12v to get more power down the wire. Sometimes just using a better quality cable can help, but often you need one of the more expensive chargers to make sure it's got the correct software in it - doubly so with iThings as they really like to lock their stuff down to genuine-only. Unfortunately, different manufacturers invented different standards / negotiation schemes over the years so it's a bit of pot luck. There's a lot of cheap chinese chargers out there claiming any amperage you want but that doesn't mean they'll actually play well with your device and supply what's needed.
  8. TVR Road trip on the BBC

    According to the Jalopnik article he reckoned the TVR/RV8 was more reliable than the Porsche he used for a previous trip what is the world coming to?
  9. PWM Option when populating MS ECU board

    Yes, Lambda sensor is reading the exhaust gas O2 (oxygen) content, also known as EGO / EGO2... there's too many acronyms!
  10. Show me your Camping setups

    Aha so you've stopped denying it then
  11. Upgrade to Disco 3 TDV 6

    Put the TDi into the D3 - it will be "different" might be slightly under-powered though
  12. Show me your Camping setups

    Not sure about the splintered chunk of wood holding it up, looks like a recipe for a Nige-style A+E visit story Soren - I think that's Flåm.
  13. V8 defender 3 inch snorkel

    Well yeah if you're being picky - but who drives a Rover V8 round at 4-5krpm for any length of time? There's not enough petrol left for that sort of thing!
  14. V8 defender 3 inch snorkel

    If 2.5" is OK for a 2.5TDi with 1 bar boost then it's OK for an N/A up to about 5L in terms of volume of air... also, diesels use full airflow all the time (no throttle plate) whereas the V8 is only flowing maximum air at full throttle + max revs... or in other words, it's not a frickin' F1 car, don't make life hard/expensive if it doesn't have to be! 2.5" would be absolutely fine unless you're intending to go racing.
  15. RRC 3.5 efi v8 won't run

    There's a full step-by-step fault finding guide in the technical archive section, the flapper EFI isn't complicated and there's not really a lot to go wrong with it. Just run through the guide step by step WITHOUT skipping anything because you "know" it's OK and come back and post up results if you get stuck.