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Interior lights


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My name is Nils, and I live in Norway :D I own 2 landrovers, one is a 1966 mod. serie IIa, 88" Truck cab with a 2.25 ltr petrol engine, the other one is a 1998 mod. Discovery, with a 300tdi engine.

I`m having a small problem with the interior lights in the disco, wich I hope mayby you can help me with: when I open the drivers door, the lights go on, but, when I then open another door, the lights go off..... :blink: This does not happen with a combination with the other doors, only with the drivers door. I have tried to cleen the swith, but this did not help.

Anybody that has experienced something similiary???

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I can only explain the last bit which will be because the drivers door is on one circuit and all the others are on a single circuit together, but I can't help with the problem sorry, maybe some sort of earth fault would be my guess (the door switches work by earthing the wire to the body as you probably know)

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