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  1. I wouldn't be without a recip saw but don't use it that often. When I do it's used for anything from cutting down beef and lamb carcasses, cutting holes in walls or through flooring in the house renovations, or trimming trees, but rarely in the garage! It just does loads of things that are useful. I bought a cheapish corded Erbauer for < £50 which has lasted me about six or seven years I think, and has been full of beef fat, sawdust, tree sap and probably a bit of water and WD40 during the cleaning up but works fine. An air hacksaw might be an alternative.
  2. Hell those are expensive now, I ordered a 200pc limited edition Halfords one in the Black Friday deals and it was £135! They usually have special offers, I guess just not at the moment, so would delay until the next offer if you can... I've got 3 old Draper socket sets in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 drive and have had for about 15 years, not even broken anything, the only problem is that the carry boxes fall to bits (hinges and closing latches break) - hence the Halfords set I've ordered to have a mobile set.
  3. I wouldn't use anything other than a genuine swivel, despite the horrendous price. Loads of cheap ones have failed on the rough roads here, and I know somebody who had both snap off at the same time, fortunately off-road!
  4. I agree. I looked at these a number of years ago and decided I would put up with having slightly odd steering.
  5. Not if it is a NAS vehicle!! The later NAS spec vehicles had a GEMS system that was essentially the same as the Range Rover of the day.
  6. The UK/ROW V8 models have a spider (I discovered it and wrote the post on the tech archive forum - mine was a 3.9 V8) but as far as I know the NAS models do not - the OP doesn't specify what his vehicle is but given his location is Kansas I assume that's US and thus a NAS model. The late NAS vehicles used the 4.0 and 4.6 Range Rover engines I think, so probably the associated engine management system and probably a completely different immob setup. I know nothing about them except for that.
  7. Or buy an L200 and get permanent 4x4 for pickup money
  8. Old ones have torque sensing diffsas well, the alarm sounds like a loud bang and a hole in the axle
  9. BFGs were never cheap and there were few other options in that size IIRC. 245/70R16 or 245/75R16 are both fine. The 245/75 may be the better option, a bit more clearance, and it'll still just fit on a standard rear door spare wheel carrier.
  10. You should be able to find BFG MT or AT in 255/70R16. I used to run ATs in that size on my Discovery 2 and they were perfect. MTs were definitely available in the same size, so I imagine they still are.
  11. Absolutely agree with that and all the earlier comments about how all automatic systems are reactive. The one thing they all lack is a pair of eyes and the ability to make judgements ahead of arrival. The other thing they all (or nearly all) rely heavily on is putting the brakes on a lot, and that's a very finite resource if you are working a vehicle hard off-road, as well as being not what you want in quite a lot of situations.
  12. That's the point of all those off-road courses, make it a bit sideways and tippy for somebody who has never been in a vehicle on anything more than a steep driveway so that they go "ooh that's amazing", then throw in some mud, and then get their chequebook out. Most people in the world have no idea what proper off-road driving is like and it always amuses me here when somebody turns up saying they've driven off-road. A few have, but most go quiet after a bit ... I remember taking some tourists to a popular wildlife destination a few years ago and one of them said after about an hour "is the track this bad all the way or does it get better" ... at which point I had to break the news we were, in fact, still on what we call 'the road', and 'the track' hadn't started yet
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