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  1. BogMonster

    Part ID

    It looks like some kind of an old-fashioned (1990s vintage) immobiliser key thing - the sort you have to touch on contacts to mobilise the vehicle - but nothing that I've ever seen on any Land Rover I've owned including the D2.
  2. BogMonster

    Alloy Wheel Style Name

    Wouldn't put 18s on a D2, the ride is dreadful and they follow ruts in the road.
  3. BogMonster

    300 Tdi air filtration

    Snorkel takes in cleaner air to start with. We have problems here with filters on lots of vehicles and lots of people run snorkels not for the wading capability as much as making filters last longer. The Tdi Discoverys had a particular issue which was that the filter would fill up with dust and then a splash of water getting into it turned that solid and blocked it completely, then the filter collapsed with engine suction and you had no filtration at all. From memory the intake comes from inside the wing which is hardly a dust-free location on unsurfaced roads or off-road. I imagine your rural roads are probably a bit like ours.
  4. BogMonster

    General Grabber AT

    Different requirements I guess. Fast handling on sealed roads doesn't really feature in my list of needs now. A fair bit of my driving is on gravel roads and we don't have any roundabouts! I think the Grabbers lasted less than 10,000 miles and I had 2 or 3 punctures where I'm used to not having any.
  5. BogMonster

    General Grabber AT

    The Grabber AT2s were good but after a couple of sets of ATs on my pickup I ditched them, too soft. Back to BFGs! Currently running BFG ATs on the Shogun and Ranger, and MTs on both Defenders. If you can get them in the UK the Maxxis 980 is a good budget BFG substitute with a chunky AT tread pattern. Most of the so-called AT tyres these days are too bland, I suppose driven by the quest for lower noise.
  6. BogMonster

    Defender Air Intake, Power & Fuel Efficiency

    You chaps must have a light right foot, on successive 300Tdi vehicles I have owned (some new), I have struggled to get much more than 20mpg!
  7. BogMonster


    You can fit 33x12.50R15 without a lift, my wife's 110 has that size on as does my new Puma and neither are lifted. Depending on the make of tyre and the offset of the rims it will rub a bit on articulation but in my experience doesn't cause damage. Small positive offset (narrower track) is better in this regard but our two non-lifted vehicles are on 15x8 ET00 rims and really all you get is a "brrt" on serious articulation. I haven't tried 35s but I doubt they'd fit on standard suspension without a lot of contact. I suspect with a bit of a lift you would find the same as ours are on 33" - some tyre contact but probably non-damaging. I doubt standard suspension would do well. As Red says - if you want to do it properly you need to deal with bump stops etc as well, but it partly depends on how you use it.
  8. BogMonster

    Cheap Chinese stereo heads

    The difference between anything cheap and Chinese and a bucket of shyte is usually just the bucket.
  9. BogMonster

    R380 oil

    Interesting and would also explain why, around the time of the ATF/MTF changeover which was about late 90s, some of our customers at the time changed to MTF, reckoned that the gearshift was not as good, and changed it back again.
  10. BogMonster

    AT Tyres for 18" alloys

    Yes they are, the white lettering should be facing out When I used to sell tyres (among other things) we used to keep a lot of them in 20ft shipping containers. A whole container-load of tyres is gloriously rubbery when you open the door
  11. BogMonster

    AT Tyres for 18" alloys

    Tsk, you put them on the wrong way around I used to reckon on 28/34 for my 255/70R16 but not sure if 18s might need a bit more wind in them.
  12. BogMonster

    Ashcroft ATB on road

    What I should also have mentioned is that the ATB also seems like an excellent way to get rid of a standard 2-pin diff centre in the front axle, which is something I also want to do as it's the only axle part that has ever given me trouble over the years. So the alternative is not to do nothing, but to fit a 4 pin centre which is nearly the same cost anyway (£260 vs £335).
  13. BogMonster

    Ashcroft ATB on road

    Ta Mr Hell What sort of noise? Just on cornering, or all the time? What do you mean when you say it will feel like low tyre pressures - heavier steering, or something else? One option might be to just do the rear. Are they 'handed' or should I say 'ended' - i.e. with bias for either front or rear axle?
  14. BogMonster

    Ashcroft ATB on road

    Interesting video, hadn't seen that before. Quite a difference between the types. My Tdi is a 2006 (very last of the export Tdi engines) so I presume it'll have the 32-spline CV. I guess the issue is that the cost goes from £700 odd to a nasty hole in a couple of grand by the time a new set of CVs and shafts is added, which is probably more than I'm prepared to spend at the present time. I do know of folks here with full ARB lockers and there isn't (based on 15 years managing a workshop) a long history of people breaking the newer CV joints as far as I remember, even on ARB-equipped vehicles. So I take the point about the weakness, but might accept it and try it anyway. I'll ponder a little longer. Thanks
  15. BogMonster

    Ashcroft ATB on road

    Ta. I drive it sympathetically off-road and have never broken a halfshaft or CV, though a couple of 2-pin diffs have been ... modified. I don't want to upgrade all the front end, which is part of the reason for going for ATB rather than full locker. Most of the situations that get you stuck in off-road conditions here are simply overall lack of traction rather than trying to winch up a cliff, the challenge is usually getting up wet slimy peat-covered hillsides etc so the absolute component load is not too threatening, it's just the lack of grip that makes the most lightly-laden wheels start to spin. As for "proper off roading", trust me you can do plenty of that without endangering standard parts

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