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  1. Richly deserved!
  2. 10PR Goodyear G90s. Oh the pain and terror
  3. Looks like a SsangYong to me
  4. Off topic, but does anybody else understand the topic title of this thread
  5. Think he probably fixed it or chucked it by now
  6. The older ones don't have a spider, different alarm system. Sorry, I don't know much about them.
  7. SVO often used to just farm stuff out to other 3rd parties, and then stick an SVO badge on it and a hefty markup. They may do more in house nowadays, I worked with LR a few years ago now.
  8. Got any alternative angles of that? Looks very nice
  9. Probably find they are all up to it once another couple of years has passed. I can't believe they were so ****ing arrogant as to think they were going to get away with it.
  10. You may not get an answer as it is quite an old post. Try a private message to CJ1. If you don't have any luck, the accessory fitting instructions for all genuine accessories are in one of the RAVE manuals, so you could always try and download those from somewhere and get it that way. Or somebody who has them installed may be kind enough to look and extract the pages.
  11. I'd never heard of it, but that looks nice
  12. I doubt it as the original post was 2010
  13. I'm not being difficult, just pointing out that people with electric winches often seem to spend quite a lot of time fixing them, whereas I have grown used to not worrying at all about whether the MM will work regardless of how long it is since I last used it. I used to have an 8274 before that and on several occasions experienced the dreaded "click - nothing" when I needed it to work. Carry a hammer As an aside, if I was buying a new winch now, I'd probably get a Goldfish, as I imported a few for customers in my old job and they seemed pretty good.
  14. Electric winches maybe. I have successfully ignored my Milemarker for about ten years, other than when I need it to pull something with it. Only thing I have done is to take off the mount and clean it up and respray it about half way through, the same needs doing again now.