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  1. BogMonster

    3.9v8 not starting

    Have a look at this thread:
  2. BogMonster

    V8i random starting problem.

    If you have the two button alarm fob, check out the Definitive Alarm Spider post in the technical archive forum on here. If it has the older one button alarm I don't think it will be that.
  3. BogMonster


    I don't think it is a problem - i.e. as long as you want. I don't think there is anything in the ECU, with the possible exception of fault codes, that requires power.
  4. BogMonster

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    "Go" pedal lights up and changes to "No Go" when the electronics fail... I can't decide if I hate the inside already, or it might be bearable. It doesn't look to have nearly enough controls to be real/final so could be a concept model. Initial thoughts reminded me of 200Tdi Discovery and old Daihatsu/L200 - as in a bit square and cheap looking, and the probably fake rivets/metalwork on the steering wheel are irritating.
  5. BogMonster

    Total Parts out of business?

    Seems active on Companies House https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/07273210
  6. BogMonster

    Wide arches

    Ah, all clear now. Thanks! Makes you wonder why they didn't make the wider arches with that bit in
  7. BogMonster

    Wide arches

    Thanks. Any chance of a photo of the inside of the arch where the fixings are, I am still not sure what the issue is.
  8. BogMonster

    Seat belt extensions

    May well be. Where would one find such a thing?
  9. BogMonster

    Wide arches

    Just seen a link to these on Defender2: https://www.flatdoguk.com/defender-wide-arches-+30mm~2762 Has anybody on here got a set? Any chance of a photo of how they fix on if so? Ta
  10. BogMonster

    Seat belt extensions

  11. BogMonster

    Discovery 2 TD5 clutch adjusment

    I have a dim recollection that something odd can happen with the master cylinder seals, they somehow turn inside out or something weird, very unusual, so a master cylinder problem is not to be ruled out. We had one years and years ago at the garage with a problem something like that, nobody had touched the master cylinder so it was largely ignored, and it turned out that something had happened to the seal inside the cylinder.
  12. BogMonster

    Discovery 2 TD5 clutch adjusment

    I think you want to find a new garage that knows what they are doing. When you say "dropped the box" what actually happened - do you know / did they admit it? Do you mean they didn't pull it out of the clutch when they took the box out of the vehicle, or they literally dropped it? It sounds like the possibilities are either some damage to something that hasn't been identified (input shaft bent) or there are still defects in the system (the Td5 flywheel is a known weak point and they were all replaced under a recall at some point in their life). It could be just hydraulics/air in the system but it could be something else. Really hard to say without seeing it when you know 'something' has happened but are not sure what.
  13. BogMonster

    heavy duty springs

    Fit some genuine ones. The aftermarket ones are nearly always the same size (genuine are handed L/R to make the vehicle sit level) and last no time. My 110 is still on original springs with no sag, 12 years old now and 2400kg on the weighbridge when empty.
  14. BogMonster

    Seat belt extensions

    After posting the above I decided it was ridiculous so attacked the problem with calipers. Turns out the Puma tongues are about 3mm thick, whereas the Tdi ones are about 2.5mm. So the extension tongues need to be max 2.5mm thick to fit into the buckles.
  15. BogMonster

    Seat belt extensions

    Can anybody point me to a UK supplier of seat belt extensions that are guaranteed to fit a late Td5 age (2005/2006) Defender vehicle? We bought some a while back which are supposed to fit, basically it's a buckle, about 8 inches of belt and the socket to plug the end of the original belt into, and although it fits the front seat belts fine, it won't fit the second row and the tongue of the extension jams up in the mechanism, doesn't lock properly and then won't come out. I can't see why they don't work, but they don't! Looks more or less like this: I am not sure who the original supplier was for these but after somebody who can supply some guaranteed to work on Defender seatbelts. Any ideas please?

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