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  1. I guess charge what the market will stand, somebody doing a concours job on a Series 1 is probably happy to pay whatever to get the right tyres on it. Coming soon, 9.00-16 bar grips for extra fun on a wet roundabout!
  2. Nope, still made albeit in limited form! https://www.avontyres.com/en-gb/classic-tyres/traction-mileage/ Though why anybody would want to pay nearly £200 for a 6.00x16 crossply that was awful 30 years ago is one to ponder....
  3. **** I only paid half that for my ROW 2006 300Tdi when it was brand new!
  4. When I ordered my D2 new (2002 model) I could have any combination of coils or air (rear only for the air of course) and conventional anti roll bars or ACE. I had a 5 seater with coils and no ACE as I wanted something that would be robust. I sold it in 2015 having had very few problems with anything, but replaced it with a Shogun because the D3 is a complete frigging nightmare. I think the only stipulation on the D2 was that all 7 seaters had to have the SLS air suspension for the self levelling if you sat a couple of fatties in the boot, but I'm not 100% sure about that with the passage
  5. ACE and air suspension are two separate things. I think they were available in any combination of ACE/non-ACE and coils/air suspension. So if the ACE system packs up you could just dump it and fit the old fashioned anti-roll bars - not sure whether warning lights are easy to sort out or not. Coil springs to replace air is a well known mod and easy to do - and you can change the suspension type in the appropriate ECU (SLABS ECU) to get rid of warning lights.
  6. Common problem, leaks around the windscreen and elsewhere, the BECM will be wrecked and green and furry inside. I think it'll be replace rather than repair...
  7. A 2 speed hand winch off a boat trailer if it is a one-off or occasional requirement. If you might want to do it a lot I would look into a 12 volt ATV winch. The main thing I would be aware of is the possibility of it departing with haste if anything broke, so somebody on standby with something to wedge under the wheels would be sensible!
  8. It was a crisp -3.9 here in the early hours, and now a refreshing 1.1
  9. At this point in a vehicle's life you find out why metal is better for things that are hot and vibrating all the time (ooer)
  10. You may be right - fortunately the law here is rather more flexible - though I'm surprised that messing with a safety system like brakes doesn't void type approvals, you are after all putting a smaller set of brakes on a faster car which if it met the standards would surely have been done in the first place if only to save money...
  11. Well I disagree on the first bit and still think parts commonality is a thing to aspire to, but it obviously makes any mod that involves butchering the brakes - or swapping them for ones off a different model - enough to massively void any type approval in any 1st world country! However fly by wire indirect brakes scare me a lot more, if that's also really a thing
  12. I have one that I think came from Machine Mart, I have mounted it on the ceiling of the garage so it will go in any direction and reach all of the garage but also go outside and reach anything there. The ceiling of my garage is 3.45m high so I've got the stopper set so it retracts to just high enough that it doesn't hit either me or a vehicle when rewound, but I can reach up and grab it easily enough. The most important thing is that it's not restrictive which will completely throttle the airflow for air tools - so you want a 3/8" or 10mm one, the cheap 1/4" ones are not worth having exce
  13. My point was that if the 18s fit on, surely they fit on? Surely Land Rover haven't been stupid enough to use different brakes even between different models of the same vehicle thereby making getting the correct parts a complete nightmare for the rest of time ... have they?
  14. What's so clever about that? There are factory 18" rims aren't there? I thought the steels were 18s.
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