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  1. Good to see a solid conviction and the fact they were hung by their own CCTV is hilarious, but the real question is why, when it first appeared on this forum in 2010, has it taken nine years to finally put this bunch of reprobates behind bars when they've apparently been nicking and breaking stuff for nearly a decade? Is "the system" really that inefficient?
  2. BogMonster

    The new Defender is now pointless

    Well put... Somewhere like here where for miles there are not even any houses, never mind places to plug one in, and electricity is 22p a unit, current EV technology is completely useless for most users. Same for rural Australia, most of Africa and no doubt much of the rest of the world. It'll probably catch up one day if fuel cells become a reality, but unless the EV is divorced from the daily requirement to plug it in for half the day by the invention of a new mass produced clean power source, it's going to be a while.
  3. BogMonster

    The new Defender is now pointless

    Amend thread title
  4. BogMonster

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Selling it to a country full of pirates that copy anything that isn't nailed down was only going to end in tears.
  5. BogMonster

    Truetrac Selection

    Yep, that is the plan. The only thing that I have consistently broken in the standard drivetrain is the 2 pin LR diff centre, so I figure it is fine. I've never broken a CV or halfshaft in anything in about 25 years of driving off road. Red mist is saved for the garage! But the decider for me was that I know of several vehicles here fitted with full ARB lockers, and I can't recall any instance of them popping a CV or driveshaft because of the extra strain. The ATB should put less strain on everything than locked ARBs, so I'm not that worried. Most of the time the circumstances where it comes into play will be where grip between the two wheels on an axle is not massively different but on open diffs enough to make a wheel spin out - the ATB will keep things going but probably with much less than the 3:1 torque bias. We'll see - I just don't want to waste money as if they are good, I've potentially got 3 vehicles to fit them to, and 3 full sets of Ashcroft gear is more than I'm really prepared to spend. If I blow stuff up on the first vehicle I'll reassess the situation then.
  6. BogMonster

    Truetrac Selection

    All correct. Post 2002MY 110s have the P38 short-nosed 4 pin rear diff. I've currently got ATBs sitting in the garage waiting to go into my 110, and all I needed to order for the rear was the extra P38 spacer ring. Have to say the first impression of the ATB on unpacking one is that it's a solid lump!
  7. My 300Tdi Defender is getting a pair of Ashcroft ATB diff centres in the near future. Many moons ago, when the front diff was nearly new, it broke the pin in the centre, and at that point I fitted an ex Camel Trophy 4 pin HD diff which is still there today. The old front diff, which at the time had probably done less than 10k miles, was sprayed up with WD40 and put under a rag in the back of the garage for storage. My plan for some time has been to dig it out and fit the ATB centre to the original diff, then refit it to the vehicle, as it is nearly new in mileage terms. I was a bit surprised when I located it the other day to find that there was light surface rust in quite a few places, including on some bits of the crownwheel. However, it seems to have cleaned off OK with more WD40 and some light wire brushing, and though there is some very light pitting on the outer face of the crownwheel, the gear teeth appear to have cleaned up perfectly. The question is this: am I setting myself up here for a diff that will whine like crazy, or should it be OK? The ATB came with new side bearings already pressed onto it (less to buy them than to get a garage to change over the old ones), so that should be no problem, and the pinion and the pinion bearings appear to be fine with no rust. I can only assume the rag covering it absorbed some moisture over the years and where it was touching the diff surfaces there was some corrosion, as it's only on one part of the crownwheel. I'd be interested in any thoughts. I think it will probably be fine?
  8. BogMonster

    Random musings on the D4

    It's the cheap bit of plastic **** that emits an audible warning (distinctive crunch sound unlike other alarms) to warn you that in another two inches there is going to be a ucking expensive crunch as the hideously expensive and utterly misnamed 'bumper' fails to bump anything and disintegrates into 17 pieces, some of which will be jammed into the steering, others underneath somewhere, and a few lost for all time in the bottom of the relatively shallow ditch you just dropped the nose into
  9. BogMonster

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I actually agree. I tend not to skimp on servicing, and my 300Tdi Defender is now 12 years old and has given me no major bother apart from bits that I would expect to wear out with significant off road and rough road use. The wear and tear factor is high (just passed 34,000 miles and on the second clutch and having worn out two full sets of tyres in that time). The curse of Land Rover is anything with electronics, and they still haven't really figured out this electricity stuff.
  10. BogMonster

    Milemarker hydraulic pump

    Thanks, I will have a play but if it looks too difficult to get spares then I'll probably just get an electric winch instead. I got the impression that neither the valve block nor the pump supplied by AML were Milemarker parts.
  11. BogMonster

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Got it in one. The plastic tat performs well for a short period or occasional use, but it won't stand up to continuous everyday off road use. Nothing has, the last models that did were the Defender, Discovery series 1 and the original Range Rover Classic.
  12. Non genuine tensioner? I thought they were a 6203
  13. BogMonster

    Milemarker hydraulic pump

    Yeah, ZF74 rings a bell. It runs all the time, no clutch. Old photo of it in the vehicle before last when it was all shiny and new: Fluid, er gulp about 2007 when it was fitted to the current vehicle? still nice and clean and red in the tank, and doesn't get used that often so mostly it's just circulating through the pump.
  14. BogMonster

    Milemarker hydraulic pump

    The pump supplied is a PAS pump off something or other I think, so probably internal relief? The Alfred Murray solenoids are a very compact solenoid block, I don't really think it is inside that but I'll have a look. No OCV, cooler or anything like that - the AM kit was pretty basic to keep the cost reasonable, a small PAS reservoir supplies Dexron PAS fluid to the pump. through the valve block to return to the reservoir or divert to the pump when the in or out solenoids are triggered. The thing doesn't sound any different to before, just seems to open earlier than I think it used to.
  15. BogMonster

    Any point soaking a spigot bush?

    Yup, thin engine oil overnight.

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