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  1. BogMonster

    300tdi timing screw up

    Not just fighting the compression? 300Tdi belt breakages usually only bend pushrods (always), break rotator caps (frequently) and break the actual rocker itself (occasionally). Not sure I have ever seen one with more than that so if it is locking solid due to some mechanical issue then something odd is going on. I guess you may have to take the head off to make sure there isn't a bit of valve that has come off or something.
  2. BogMonster

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    I was meaning on road for the D4. I haven't done any meaningful off-road work with D3/D4 here, I don't have one, and they suffer from being far too heavy, having small tyres and too many fragile bits underneath that tend to get left behind plus plastic bumpers which suffer the same fate. Most terrain is soft peat so you need a ... robust ... attitude to conservation of momentum at times. The preferred vehicle of choice for off road use here looks more like this, my two: I had a good chuckle at your previous post about off road experience, very different to here but sounds like fun
  3. BogMonster

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    Interesting digression of views, and an interesting read I like the manual D3 to drive, decent gearbox and feels potent. Great when it works, which is usually the problem. Dad has a D4 with the 8 speed auto, less decisive than the Brexit strategy in terms of what it wants to do. I do not like it at all. Goes well, but I think it's less refined in its low speed gearchanges than my old D2 V8 with its ZF box. Off road - well I drove an early 2005 D3 off road and with very little trying got it stuck here, would not move forwards with any amount of right foot so fancy electronic traction controls are not all they are cracked up to be at least on the early ones!
  4. BogMonster

    Lead Lamp

    I just use a Princeton Tec headtorch. Haven't used a worklight for years. It points where you look, and provides a lovely even spread of light, vastly superior to the cheap ones. Bit hard on batteries if you were using it every day but I don't, so that isn't a problem.
  5. BogMonster

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    If you can find a mint D2 that would win out. The thing is they are getting old now. My D2 V8 was the best car I ever owned, had it for 13 years and loved it to bits. Never really liked the Td5, put a lopsided number of cylinders in an engine and what would you expect really. I wouldn't take on the liability of a D3, they have lots of hidden extras that will bite future owners if they have not already, like glowplugs that all snap off in the heads and need the heads stripped and sent to a machine shop ££££££££££. Designed to be built, not to be fixed when they get older. D4 is better. If I could buy a new D2 with a decent modern diesel engine in it that would be my choice of anything available. I couldn't, so I bought a Shogun which still has a lot of the simplicity of the old D2, lacks a bit of character in comparison but drives very well.
  6. BogMonster

    Forby "boost ring" anyone?

    Ah ok, misunderstood how it works then. I'll shut up and put my moderator hat on to watch the rest of the argument
  7. BogMonster

    Forby "boost ring" anyone?

    Not sure if it achieves anything that you can't achieve with some twiddling of the pump settings, but maybe it does so with less trial and error. From the shape it sits under the diaphragm cap, and just affects where the pin is sitting at particular boost settings. I guess the usual health warnings apply about tweaking an older engine with a lot of miles on it i.e. if it goes bang, don't be too surprised.
  8. BogMonster

    Wheels and tyres

    What wheels has it got? You may be able to get tyres for those, unless you really want complete wheel/tyre assemblies (which will double the cost as I think only alloys are available)
  9. BogMonster

    High power LED reverse light

    I don't really want to fit a work light type but it might come to that. Thanks - any other info from others?
  10. BogMonster

    High power LED reverse light

    Has anybody got a lead on a super-bright reversing light? The standard 21W LR offering is not great, when I bought the Puma it had LED lights on it and for illumination behind you at night, the LED option (which I think is Wipac) is if anything even worse. Ideally I want something that looks as close to the round original reverse light as possible, but is several times as bright. Not worried about whether it would pass a UK MOT. It must be easy to achieve with LED technology as the 20W LED light on my shed is brighter than a pair of headlights. Does anybody know of a supplier?
  11. BogMonster

    Down on power and using water

    What vehicle and what engine? If a 200/300Tdi then I would say you've probably blown head gasket but if you got to the point it started to tighten up then I would be surprised if there is not damage. Head needs to come off and inspect the head for warping and the bores for damage in my view.
  12. BogMonster

    By Passing TD5 Air flow meter

    ^ What he said. Just unplug it. Runs better if the AFM is broken (they usually fail and under-read the airflow leading to reduced fuelling and a loss in power), so will help diagnose that, but a working AFM is the best option. If you want instant throttle response unplug the clutch sensor to disable the anti shunt control. But it'll be so jerky to drive you will most likely plug it back in again
  13. BogMonster

    Discovery 2, headlight washers failed

    Best thing you can do is leave them broken. They are completely useless at everything except emptying the tank twice as fast! I disconnected mine when the vehicle was new - just took the fuse out.
  14. BogMonster

    Part ID

    It looks like some kind of an old-fashioned (1990s vintage) immobiliser key thing - the sort you have to touch on contacts to mobilise the vehicle - but nothing that I've ever seen on any Land Rover I've owned including the D2.
  15. BogMonster

    Alloy Wheel Style Name

    Wouldn't put 18s on a D2, the ride is dreadful and they follow ruts in the road.

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