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  1. BogMonster

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I bet that stung...
  2. BogMonster

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    On this occasion I was just out testing the new toy, but it's on a track a few miles from town and a piece of ground I knew fairly well. It's only about quarter of a mile from the nearest road so positively urban
  3. BogMonster

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Yes, 'cos the wheels would still have been on the ground Everything I have seen in recent years appears to be engineered to work on a test track to sell a car, not in the real world when you start using it and want to use it every day. But that's sort of been the problem with all the recent models, they are very nice when they work. The last bit is the sticky area. Bong bong bong.............
  4. BogMonster

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    This was our demonstrator which I took for a spin off road the first weekend we had it at the dealership. Crossaxled and completely unable to move forwards...
  5. BogMonster

    Snorkel / RAI

    Most Defender vehicles here have them and a lot are fitted for form, but the function bit is preserving air filter life far more than wading. The external air intake does suck in mud and water especially driving in muddy or wet conditions with wide tyres on, but particularly on the Puma the air filter life is pretty poor. The Puma seems to suck much harder than the Tdi drawing in a lot more carp, and the flat air filter is inherently more prone to blockage - the engine then shuts down into some sort of limp home mode and you can only do about 20mph. In a dry summer the roads here (mostly gravel, can be very dusty when dry) can be hard on air filters and off road there can be lots of dust and grass seed flying around. While few if any do the water-up-the-windscreen wading, it's nice to have the peace of mind that if you do have to plough through a stream that happens to be in flood, you don't have to worry about it, as it only takes about two seconds to ruin your day. Series didn't have them and there have been quite a few left parked nose-down in streams over the years too, in the days before there were any roads at all, but I think the old oil bath filter was just fundamentally better at filtering stuff out.
  6. BogMonster

    OT: Ifor tipper oil

    Not expensive but ... currently ... unavailable ... from anywhere. Oh well, I didn't need to tip anything at the moment anyway....
  7. BogMonster

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    ^ Yup, agree with all that Snagger. Making a modern plastic LR good offroad is like making a cat hover. It can certainly be done, but it's a bit pointless when you consider the additional functionality is still fatally flawed, the functionality is not really much use at all for its main intended role, and the whole premise relies heavily on expensive, complicated and inherently unreliable and overstressed technology that will probably break just when you don't want it to. Only a man who wears collars like Dumbo's ears would seriously think it was a good idea. Meet Gerry.
  8. BogMonster

    OT: Ifor tipper oil

    Electric TT3621 - now been told that a 32 hydraulic oil is the thing to use. Manual may be the same - mine has the manual lever but tried it today and by heck it's slow!
  9. BogMonster

    OT: Ifor tipper oil

    Google has failed to educate me, I need to top up (and probably change) the oil on my Ifor tipper as some of it has mysteriously disappeared. So far I see a suggestion that 10w40 engine oil is OK, and another that a 32 weight hydraulic oil is fine. I can't see anything that actually specifies what is in it from the factory. Anybody know? Ta
  10. BogMonster

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    ^ That. Same issues here, for different environmental reasons. Winter roads are just a sea of abrasive mud that is like valve grinding paste. Brake pads can wear out in a couple of weeks if it is really bad, carp gets into the sensors and everything else, and crater-sized potholes hammer the suspension to bits. The live axle system on the D2 was about the best compromise, better suspension control than the old Defender layout and the big radius arm bushes were very robust, but none of the complexity and alignment issues of independent.
  11. BogMonster

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    The theory of air suspension is great, it's the practice that sucks, some (or a lot) of which could be down to the way it's implemented. The pro-air folk have obviously never had to drive a vehicle on flat suspension for 30 or 40 miles along rough potholes gravel roads on the bump stops after the bong bong bong shhhhhhh. It just isn't dependable if you're going anywhere remote, the limp home mode is massively crippled, and nor is it easy to fix (haunted by memories of 2mm differences in the floor level when trying to calibrate Discovery 3 suspension at the dealership). Air has proven to be consistently fairly unreliable in harsh environments and unsealed roads, the springs fail and so does the control gear. Nearly every Discovery 2 in this country has long since been modded back to steel springs. Some of that may be Land Rover specific, but do we think they've worked out how to make air suspension when the P38, newer RR, Discovery 2, 3 and 4 all have questionable air suspension systems? I don't have much faith in that, though I accept that choosing it as an option might be essential to maintain decent off road clearance, as it is on the Discovery 3/4.
  12. BogMonster

    NO drive to rear wheels

    Was there a decent sized bang or anything like that? That vehicle will have a 2 pin rear diff which probably looks like the next stage of this one which is about 1 decent welly boot full of throttle away from a fkin big bang and much the same symptoms...
  13. BogMonster

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Beautifully put! It's all made up carp and it'll never happen anyway...
  14. BogMonster

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I've never been under a D5. Anybody got access to one to check it out? The problem with those independent suspension arms is that the sort of clout on a rock which is easily done, and shrugged off by an axle, will result in either a 4 figure suspension realignment job or a new set of tyres every 5000 miles. I've seen it on the D3s. I too am starting to wonder if it is all just a stunt to keep people guessing. I said for years that I didn't believe that it existed at all. Maybe it's actually something else? I look at this one and the way the wheels sit in the arches is either a complete cock up of styling or it's still a complete mule body - perhaps meaning that the real body still hasn't been fitted. Hanging onto the Shogun for the moment till I see it, but sort of preparing to be disappointed...
  15. Eight year old post so you'll be lucky to get a reply from the OP as they only ever posted 3 times!

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