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  1. Erm well it might involve curtailing "countryman" into a shorter word
  2. I'd just stick a new battery in, start it and give it a few minutes before you go anywhere, then give it a run to get it properly hot, stop and change the oil immediately. As mentioned above, old oil can get a bit gloopy and there is also 2 years worth of condensation inside there somewhere. If you're worried about that, drop the oil and replace it before you start it, and then run it and change it again.
  3. winch winch winch winch winch winch winch winch winch winch winch winch winch winch winch winch winch winch winch winch winch winch winch winch 7 years later
  4. Diff or wheel bearing would be my guess, more likely the latter. Jack up the wheels and spin them
  5. If it's enough to unlock then I think it should deactivate the immobiliser. I'd say you have a separate problem.
  6. Moved as suggested - there aren't that many V8 Discoverys in the UK membership so it's more likely to get an answer in International
  7. Check for water ingress. They have a habit of breathing in water giving a wet air filter which makes the dust in it turn to mud, blocking the intake. Some snorkels (Safari for example) can still let water in during a big splash. Other than that, the items suggested & if the filter has been wet, a compression test to see if the water got that far....
  8. I've got a Southdown too, but they aren't made any more as far as I can tell. I ended up getting a Terrafirma receiver hitch for the Puma, which is effectively a similar arrangement except one pin rather than two (and a lot easier to fit and take off the attached tow point, mine is a tow ball on a drop plate so it only goes on when I am using it).
  9. Weird - the time has changed on the original post so they are now in the wrong order!
  10. If it is a 1993 model then it will be a 200Tdi engine and the dash is completely different. I don't know if the Discovery 2 and the late D1 (1995-98 model year) dashes are interchangeable, they were visually very similar or maybe even the same, but I'd be surprised if they were identical in how they fitted into the body. Post up some photos if you can and we can have a look, but I think it may be very difficult.
  11. So what is the effect of these spring washers going flat? Does it lose the ATB effect? Lose the preload that gives some drive when one wheel is airborne? Or something else? Mine are fitted in the 300Tdi 110 which does low mileage anyway, so it may not be an issue. I have not done a lot with them but the difference in normal off road use is very noticeable to standard open diffs. In places where you'd scrabble and spin a bit, it just goes up with no fuss. Good long trip coming up on the weekend which will be interesting.
  12. I think the BCU and something else have to be synchronised, sounds like they may not be after you removed it. Can't recall the process now but it is probably in the RAVE manuals. It may require a diagnostic computer.
  13. Sticky locks are certainly very common on older vehicles. I'm not sure if there is a cure apart from a new one, but I am sure somebody will be along presently if there is.
  14. I wouldn't be without a recip saw but don't use it that often. When I do it's used for anything from cutting down beef and lamb carcasses, cutting holes in walls or through flooring in the house renovations, or trimming trees, but rarely in the garage! It just does loads of things that are useful. I bought a cheapish corded Erbauer for < £50 which has lasted me about six or seven years I think, and has been full of beef fat, sawdust, tree sap and probably a bit of water and WD40 during the cleaning up but works fine. An air hacksaw might be an alternative.
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