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  1. They are supposed to be different between 99-01 and 02-04 model years, but to be honest I don't know what the differences are and whether an early ECU will run with late injectors (or vice versa) I really don't know. The injector grading is fine-tuning, so it probably depends on whether you're a perfectionist or whether you're happy with something that just runs.
  2. Whoops, forgot about this question Thanks all, plenty to think about, obviously plenty of options to ponder. I must admit having recently got a Dewalt XR 18V drill, the idea of a bare Dewalt for occasional use is quite sensible now. Given that I rarely take a wheel off outside the workshop and I have a 3hp 150L compressor and a CP air gun, I suppose I also ought to consider whether I really need one
  3. That was always my assumption. Even if the engines have changed completely there is no reason why a current model pickup or van could not be adapted fairly easily. The Ranger is in any case still being sold with a "2.2 TDCI" engine which appears to be the same unit, though I believe the UK versions use adgoo now.
  4. A few months ago I took one of the vehicles in to a workshop to get the tyres changed. Rather than stand around like a spare part and because I know the folks working there, I helped taking the wheels off - after being handed a battery impact wrench, which I've always regarded as a bit of a toy. Wrong - this was a Milwaukee and was astounding - if anything better than my CP air wrench. I looked it up when I got home to find that the model they had was about £500 or so - as befits a garage using it every day. What are views on the more budget end of the market - something like this https://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/tools/cordless-power-tools/ryobi-18v-one--impact-wrench-starter-kit-1x2-0ah Worth having or not? Any others to look at? Recommendations from personal use? It needs to be able to free sticky wheel nuts comfortably, if it can't then it isn't worth anything.
  5. Largely mirrors my experience over the years - and on a dry (if steep) trail. The D2 has the basic ingredients but the ETC system is sluggish (you do need that CDL - mine didn't have it and was hopeless) and suspension travel is limited a bit by anti roll bars, but ultimately it's still proper LR underneath. I don't think the HDC was working but to be honest it's usually miles too fast anyway - they never did develop the system it should have been, which would have been a dial to choose the descent speed. D3 - demonstrating just one real-world situation in which the 'compensatory gizmos' manage to get the same task done but still don't really equate to the same ability, which is hard to explain but easy to see. It will get there most of the time but generally makes a whole lot of fuss doing it. I hadn't previously considered the complete lack of articulation in extended mode, but I suppose that's inevitable. A good video.
  6. Yes I agree with all that. The other reason I wouldn't have one is that in mechanical terms it's just a bloody bodge up. "We welded the axle up but then remember that occasionally it needs to go around corners, so added a freewheel bit as an afterthought".
  7. It's hearsay, but once upon a time there was a chap here with a Detroit in the back of a Discovery Tdi, and I was told that he took it out because it had a very nasty habit of making the vehicle go straight on when you got to a corner on a gravel road. Most of the roads here are gravel outside the town.
  8. ...or you can order a pegged P38 diff from @Hybrid_From_Hell which solves that problem
  9. Correct, my Tdi is a 2006 model year, I bought it just before the Puma came out in case I didn't like the Puma. So it has the late axle fitted to all post 2002 vehicles. Coincidentally I also bought a late Puma in case I didn't like the next version ... which proved to be a much better judgement
  10. Thanks, that's what I thought. I think it'll get put in the wife's 110 with std shafts, as I now have a pair of spare original shafts anyway. Might stop some of the grumbling that I've got the toys while she is the one that drives off road the most
  11. Did you go for the shafts as well or are you running standard? I have a spare ATB centre and now a spare rear diff, but I don't really want to fork out for another full set of bits for the other vehicle.
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