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cooling fans


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hello, i've just accidently put this post on the defender forum, oops, hope i'm not run out of town for breach of etiquet :blush:

i've been looking for posts on this subject but most seem to be about defenders. is it a worthwhile/easy mod on a disco and could two fans be squeezed in or would it just be one 12" or maybe room for a 15" fan. i've seen some cheap rover fans on eblag and new spall fans which look good and not too pricey and a link to xengs switch. famous four do a kenlowe kit, all you need for the job for around 120 quid +vat, but there seems to be a bit of a debate about which is best. any help please. :D

cheers DD

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depends on your engine id say. V8 people seem to get too hot & need bigger fans a lot. i put leccy fans on my Tdi & in the end threw them away again & replaced the viscous unit. i noticed no difference in warmup time/mpg with leccy fans, it was just more electrical stuff to go wrong when playing in water.

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I have had 3 TDI discos and i fitted elec fans to all of them, they do warm up quicker dont ask me to explain this as it should make no difference what with the stat etc but it does, they also pick up quicker and rev more freely.

The 200 only ever came on a few times in a couple of years of ownership, the 300s run hotter so come on more often, all worked okay even with the last two having air con.

Perhaps i should add i have tuned all of them and used to attempt to notice any difference in performance at all.

Now have TD5 and keep toying with the idea of elec fan but never seem to have any time.


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