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poor running when hot after engine change td4.


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Hi guys any advice welcomed.


I recently had a engine change after the turbo blew and burnt all the oil.

The day after I got it back it started missing and wouldn't rev up after it had got up to temperature. It idled really badly and soon just cut out and wouldn't restart.

It's fine again when it's cooled down and starts straight up with  no smoke.

It was diagnosed as fuel rail pressure sensor and was replaced but is still exaxtly the same.

I'm tempted to just get my money back for the repair as it's been 4 weeks now without a functioning car as the original repair took weeks I then struggled for a week and the sensor repair has taken 4 days.

Any help would be great.

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Freelander 1 TD4 I guess ?

So many things it could be on these, and so hard to diagnose.

You say the engine was changed. What does that mean exactly ? Was it a complete used engine from a scrapper and did they use any bits from your old  one ?

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