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Cape Land Rover Club outing to Atlantis Dunes

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Finally got the chance to really see what the RRS is capable of in the dunes!  

I wasn't driving my Puma due to it *still* being worked on for that drivetrain vibration, but plenty of Defenders on this outing. 

Most of the Defenders had already arrived and were deflating tyres when I rocked up, and let's just say there were a lot of incredulous faces when I arrived.  😅

We had a great day: hooned around a bit, got stuck numerous times, tried out the ATPC a few times (some successful, others not), and only really needed one tow at a particularly soft spot where I beached the car and even extended height would not help. 

It was a very hot day (34C), so the sand was extremely soft from 9am when we got going. Tyres were at 1.0 bar. 

All in all, the supercharged is a great dune surfer Thumbs Up 







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And a video of the day's outing:



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