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  1. https://carbuzz.com/news/land-rover-defender-stars-in-new-overlanding-documentary "The A&E network and Land Rover North America are partnering on a new documentary called "All You Need To Know: Overlanding." The 60-minute doc premieres on Sunday, April 18 at 10 p.m. We're guessing LR loves this project as its cars, particularly the Defender, have been historically known for the practice. Though they haven't been the only ones. ..."
  2. There is a caveat to this: some endangered species are constantly monitored and there is even active conservation/veterinary intervention. A good example are wild dogs, cheetahs, and rhinos: they are all DNA-catalogued, tagged, etc. We got to see a vet darting wild dogs for rabies & distemper at Madikwe, a sad situation due to encroachment by humans and domesticated dogs.
  3. Leopards sniffing around/rubbing themselves on trees is perfectly natural - that is how they mark their territory, and how the females let the males know when it's time for mating. As for the vehicles, well, they are habituated to the vehicles since they see them all the time, and they ignore them as they are neither predator nor prey. To them a vehicle is just something that is not going to eat them/that they cannot eat, so they ignore it. We have also done a number of bushwalks around wild animals, there is really nothing scary about it as long as you listen to your guides and stic
  4. Errr, to what 'abnormal animal behaviour' are you referring exactly? I'm not sure if you're joking or not... If you are not, then you are really ignorant about African wildlife. FYI, Sabi Sabi is part of the greater Kruger area, nothing domesticated about it.
  5. Yeah, the 4" & 6" lift kits are a lot more complex, with new propshafts, etc, whereas the 2" seems a bit more 'restrained' 😅 If this fits the L494, I'd be keen on it. I'd then run the car in -2" height mode for everyday use, and only go to Default height when going off-road, which would give me the extra lift I want.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNF05GYDpbP/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CNGy6gyLMBy/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CNG8E1WsFj1/ "Patented 2inch subframe lifts are now available from New Defender Mods. Pictured here is the 2inch subframe lift/bullbar combo with lift rods still in (in off road mode) Last 2 pics are subframe lift with rods in normal height. Rods will be removed soon to give full 2 Inches of lift with no compromise. Why is this such big news? Well this lift is like no other lift on the market, it keeps suspension 100% stock as @landrover intended and lifts the
  7. This lodge was on our bucket list due to its inclusion in the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World
  8. Having had a Disco4 and now an L494, in retrospect I would have gone for an L320 - easier to mod, easier to off-road IMHO, and cheaper to maintain due to sharing parts with the D3/D4. But the Mrs vetoed the gangster model 😅
  9. thanks for the comments! Here's another video highlighting the rest of the time we spent, this time at Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge:
  10. if you're not doing much mileage, then the supercharged v8 would be nice to have. The AJV8 engine is bulletproof and you will have a permagrin from the performance
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