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  1. "Now available at www.atraxion.com. Two new wheels for 2020 Defender, mounted on Goodyear Wrangler 255/60R20 . We thank Land Rover Hasselt for making this video possible."
  2. PowerfulUK's video on why they took down the video about the GPF sensor issue: And a new video of them green-laning:
  3. Yes, yes I would. The same way I use my RRS off-road. And the same way I used my previous D4 off-road. In case you don't think it's possible, have a look here: Of course, you can't bang them around a trail as you would a Defender, so you just have to pick your lines carefully and have a spotter handy.
  4. Unfortunately not, they haven't arrived in ZA yet. Dealer is having a launch of sorts next week or the week after, will test drive one then. Not that the Mrs will let me have one 😐
  5. 2020 Land Rover Defender 110 D240 S - Offroad-Test | autofilou
  6. German review, with some mild off-roading
  7. yes, you are correct - the cross-linking is only on each axle, hence why I understood it to mimic the behaviour of a solid axle
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