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  1. these might come in handy for some Range Rover/Sport L320/L322/L494 Workshop Manual: http://bit.ly/2iH7jgG
  2. Groaning noise on Ashcroft ATB

    Yeah, it is likely, as this was the first ATB they had ever worked with... if this was their fault, that's the first time in 10 years/4 vehicles that they might have messed up...
  3. Groaning noise on Ashcroft ATB

    Just got an update from the workshop: they fitted a new crownwheel + pinion and the problem is gone, plus one of the bearings was not sitting properly (not too sure about the exact terms). the original diff was replaced by LR after about a year of ownership, so not sure if that was not done properly, and after 9 years it finally went over when the ATB was installed? my indie says now that the droning noise from the diff is gone, there's a 'squeaky' noise that's appeared, and he thinks there's a bearing in the gearbox that needs inspecting
  4. Groaning noise on Ashcroft ATB

    Just spoke to my indie and he says all the adjustments were done during the fitment... so he's going to take it out and inspect it. I kept the original diff, so we have the parts if the diff carrier needs to be replaced.
  5. Groaning noise on Ashcroft ATB

    Thanks Dave, will get him to check that asap! Sorry, my mechanical knowledge is zilch, so I thought the runout & backlash were the same thing.
  6. Groaning noise on Ashcroft ATB

    Thanks, Car was serviced on Monday, diff oil was changed after 1000km on the ATB - no noticeable particles. I removed the rear prop and had it tested, no issues. All tyres were balanced today as well, to rule out tyre wear. Ashcroft say it's probably the backlash on the crownwheel & pinion.
  7. Groaning noise on Ashcroft ATB

    Thanks Bowie, bearings were replaced when the ATB was installed. My indie used Timkem ones, IIRC.
  8. Hi chaps, I'm hoping someone here can help me with an issue I'm having on my Puma I fitted an ATB in the rear of my Puma in October 2017, and recently started noticing a groaning noise that's becoming quite bad. My indie and I eventually traced it to the rear diff: at specific rpm/speed, there is a loud, low-frequency groaning noise + vibration emanating from the rear of the car. It almost feels as if the seats have built-in massage function, especially when I hit 80-100kmh. Has anyone else experienced this after fitting an Ashcroft, and if so, how did you fix this? thanks
  9. Puma with cold start issues

    Gents, thanks for the suggestions. not sure how I missed this symptom: if I open the throttle and keep it constant, the revs drop to idle and then slowly try to climb back. the revs drop faster when the engine is cold than when warm, but it happens in either situation. does this make the diagnosis any clearer? thanks
  10. Puma with cold start issues

    Thanks, others are also saying it's most likely the glow plugs, will check these out!
  11. Hi chaps, I'm hoping someone can give me some insight with an issue I have been having on the Puma since winter started. On cold starts, the vehicle is spouting massive clouds of white smoke (looks like the exhaust is vaping), and the idle shakes the entire vehicle - almost like the engine mounts are gone. As soon as the engine is a bit warm, then the symptoms disappear. There is also no loss of power or anything weird with the power delivery. The common cure is to change the VCV valve, which I did, and I also did the pump re-learn + pilot correction. But the problem persists, and I'm leaning towards a fuel rail temperature issue. Can anyone tell me whether the fuel rail temperature shown in this screenshot is normal at 10C ambient? I'm running a tank with Wurth diesel purifier in case the injectors are clogged, but that is not the case so far. Or if anyone else has any suggestions? Appreciate any help, thanks
  12. Short trip to Lesotho

    Landy did not come away unscathed though Hit a large pothole doing around 110kmh and impact was big enough to trigger the accident switch. Started drifting left after that, I think something is bent. I suspect the thermostat is stuck in open, coolant temps were very low even when driving in 34C heat with aircon on. And as soon as I tapped off, the coolant temps dropped very quickly. Even when going steep uphills in 2nd, coolant never went above 87C, normally it gets to 89C on my 6km daily commute. Clutch is definitely on its way out - rattle was very noisy while going downhill on compression. I also suspect the gearbox output/intermediary shaft(?) is fubar - getting in/out of 3rd in low range was hit and miss, and going from 5th to 6th is also grinding a bit.
  13. Short trip to Lesotho

    Steve, that photo is looking at the overflow dam. The actual dam was only 4m below full:
  14. Short trip to Lesotho

    full album here: https://plus.google.com/photos/113955869079171179014/albums/6145092714829963793