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  1. @LandRoverUSA: The New Defenders are on a roll. Today, for the first time, North American consumers have the opportunity to drive this vehicle on an epic off-road course at #4xFAR. #Defender2020 https://t.co/2YipZLT9BC https://twitter.com/LandRoverUSA/status/1218628134620160000
  2. "60 Defenders have officially arrived in the USA for demonstration purposes. These will be at the 4xfar festival presented by @landroverusa in California. It’s been nearly 3 decades since the D110 made its debut in the North American market. It’s good to see the name return officially to US showrooms."
  3. Frontrunner's roof-rack for the new Defender: https://www.frontrunneroutfitters.com/en/us/vehicles/2020-land-rover-defender-roof-rack
  4. I beg to differ - I've seen D3s on ATs go where Defenders with 35" MTs aren't able to go, the one track that stands out is a particularly hectic rocky climb that we did with the club. TR is like any other tool: you need to learn how to use it properly. 👍
  5. First off-road drive in the 2020 LR Defender: https://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de/fahrbericht/erster-check-mitfahrt-land-rover-defender-neu-2020/
  6. Spotted at a petrol station in Swakopmund, Namibia
  7. Sure, but the first time I experienced this was in 2008 on a 110 double-cab, changing tyres - I tried to get into the car to get my wallet was was unable to open the doors, much to the amusement of the techs, and my own surprise. And a few times subsequently, when off-roading. Mind you, when I'm saying cross-axle, this is the kind of thing I'm referring to, not driving around flat muddy fields with maybe one wheel a few cm higher/lower than the others - we have proper off-road tracks here So yes, I can see beyond 'it'.
  8. Yes, the D3/D4 & L320 have a separate chassis, but also a massively rigid monocoque body on top, so unlike the Defender, the body part doesn't actually twist/deform. Admittedly, it is mostly on 2-poster lifts that you see this for Defenders. Just walk into a workshop and ask them about it.
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