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  1. hi guys, I'm trying to work out the height of my driver's side springs wrt the OEM ones, but I'm seeing some weird numbers. I jacked up the car and measured the front springs, which are supposed to be 395mm (Old Man Emu 760). But I measured them to be 340mm +-5mm. When I look at http://red90.ca/rovers/springinfo.html, the standard spring for a 90 Puma (REB500200 / 9446) is supposed to be 15.19in/385mm. Other than the extra Frontrunner bullbar, there's no other weight on the car. Surely my OME spring can't have sagged by a whopping 55mm in 9 years!???
  2. Finally got the videos of me being stuck & getting recovered from my friend who was filming:
  3. AutoCar gets a ride in the new Defender: https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/first-ride-2020-land-rover-defender-prototype
  4. Ok, went to see a new indie today whom a lot of our club members have recommended. Car was on the lift, and we did a full inspection - a number of things he wasn't happy with, including the rear propshaft not being bolted on tightly enough, some bushes not the correct spec, etc. He also bled the brakes and we went for a drive - problem sorted! He's keeping the car for a few days to systematically work through the ongoing drivetrain vibration issue.
  5. Yes, no leaks anywhere, and the brake fluid level hasn't changed. Yes, the braking force is on each axle, i.e., the front wheels get the same, and the back wheels get the same. The springs were meant to be changed anyway, since we fitted Terrafirma Heavy in the rear, they just didnt have stock of the fronts 2 weeks a go.
  6. Just got the landy back: they fitted Terrafirma Medium coils in front to match the rear, and wheel alignment was done (it was way out). They checked the braking system on rollers - all wheels are getting the same amount of braking +-5%. I'm told this is not enough to notice, and the spec goes +-30%. It drives better, but there's still a hint of pulling under hard braking - I doubt anyone else will notice it though. I think it's time to find another indie...
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