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  1. I think the issue is that each TR mode has a specific engine map, so that means different emissions profile. But yeah, this is why my mate struggled the first time off-road - none of us knew about this and just assumed that once he set the TR mode, it would stay there.
  2. with regards to the car always going back to Comfort Mode, one of the guys on the Defender2 forum managed to get an answer from JLR: "Someone from the infotainment and UI development team at JLR replied to my query about the above issue (the TR always defaulting back to Comfort mode after an ignition cycle.) It's an emissions testing requirement (not sure in which country - probably more than one.) The rules mandate that a vehicle always has to start in the same conditions used for such tests. So, there. It's something we'll have to learn to live with." what a major PITA! One th
  3. Just came back from a trail drive, which has a training obstacle course - side slopes, cross-axles, hill climbs, etc., all on very loose sandy/clay soil. We put my mate's Defender through it in various modes, and there was very little to no spin in the correct modes. This is because we figured out that when you switch off the car, it DOESN'T remain in the Terrain Mode, but defaults back to Comfort, which then results in loads of wheelspin. Thanks to PowerfulUK for their detailed video on this: One more thing - this is software-version dependent, because unlike
  4. From ZA, two new Defenders having some fun offroad. Both with rear E-diff and advanced offroad package. White has 19 inch Goodyear Wrangler Adventurers A/Ts, while Brown has 22 inch. Owner's thoughts:
  5. https://media.landrover.com/news/2020/09/land-rover-defender-gains-plug-hybrid-electric-power-six-cylinder-diesel-and-new-x First Defender Plug-In Hybrid: New Defender P400e is the most powerful and fuel-efficient Defender, with 404PS, 0-60mph in 5.4 seconds, 85.3mpg and CO2 emissions of 74g/km All-electric driving: Electric motor delivers instant torque for zero-emission on- and off-road driving, with an electric range of 27 miles and no tailpipe emissions, plus five- or six-seat options New six-cylinder Ingenium diesel: Smooth and refined in-line diesel engine is available
  6. @Reulparts have used @braidwheels to make bespoke beadlock 18 imch versions equipped with @bfgoodrichtires km3 tyres for the New Defender, looks like there is a wheel spacer on herebut the wheel certainly looks good!
  7. "P300 new defender running @evocorsewheels thanks to @noroadclub running what looks to be 34 or 35 inch sand tyres in the middle east."
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