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  1. First off-road drive in the 2020 LR Defender: https://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de/fahrbericht/erster-check-mitfahrt-land-rover-defender-neu-2020/
  2. Spotted at a petrol station in Swakopmund, Namibia
  3. Sure, but the first time I experienced this was in 2008 on a 110 double-cab, changing tyres - I tried to get into the car to get my wallet was was unable to open the doors, much to the amusement of the techs, and my own surprise. And a few times subsequently, when off-roading. Mind you, when I'm saying cross-axle, this is the kind of thing I'm referring to, not driving around flat muddy fields with maybe one wheel a few cm higher/lower than the others - we have proper off-road tracks here So yes, I can see beyond 'it'.
  4. Yes, the D3/D4 & L320 have a separate chassis, but also a massively rigid monocoque body on top, so unlike the Defender, the body part doesn't actually twist/deform. Admittedly, it is mostly on 2-poster lifts that you see this for Defenders. Just walk into a workshop and ask them about it.
  5. No, nothing wrong with it - seen this on 110s, 130s, etc. Speak to any workshop and they will tell you that unless the vehicle is on the ground, the doors don't really close properly. Modern LRs have extremely stiff unibody - way more than Jap/Yank ones, you will not see a single D3/D4/RR/RRS that suffers from this issue. this is exactly what @FridgeFreezer was saying a few posts back.
  6. Really? My experience is the opposite: sometimes even putting the 90 on a lift to change wheels results in not being able to shut/open doors. But I've had my previous D4 and now RRS in mind-boggling axle twisters with wheels high up in the air and still everything opens and shuts with a solid thunk.
  7. After months of hospitalisation, I took the oldest child to a club outing: a fun obstacle course on a farm in Wellington. Blew a tyre on a well-hidden fence anchor ☚ī¸ Loads of fun, and it was good to get the Defender dirty again 😀
  8. Video of the testing it went through: https://www.vimeopro.com/user98861477/defender-7-en
  9. Yes, this is a new workshop that I only discovered now, and it's around the corner from me. they did a stellar job on the chassis - removed all rust and resprayed, etc. The workshop went above board, and didn't charge me much. Now the Landy looks great and drives great too!
  10. I'm sure they have it for all MYs, check their website: https://lofclutches.com/product-category/powerpedal/
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