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Discovery 1 side panel


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As part of a refurbishment of a First Series Discovery, I wish to remove the rear off side side panel. The Discovery is an Ex Manchester Police 5 door made in October 1995.

The instructions tell me to expect the following fixings.

6 self tapping screws in a vertical row in the rear door (tailgate) opening, by the hinges. They came out without any problems

A nut and bolt holding the bottom of the [panel to the mud flap frame. I changed this to a stainless steel nut and bolt with plastic washers some years ago and it came out without a problem.

A bolt at the front bottom of the panel at the front bottom of the wheel arch, by the rear side door. This bolt seems to be missing, and nothing holds the panel here.

A vertical row of four self tapping screws at the front of the panel behind the black plastic trim. These are in fact rivets, but again no problem.

A rivet holding the rear speaker frame.

And 10 6mm bolts acessed from inside. But I can only find 8 bolts. 3 in a horizontal row under the side window, 3 in a vertical row in the rear corner, by the tail light cluster, and 2 in a horizontal row above the side window. I have found what may be two more holes in the two horizontal rows, filled with sealant, but without bolts. Is it possible 2 have been left out, or are the missing 2 bolts hidden and I have not found them?

Any advice will be gratefully received.



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...Probably all off by now but I remember that the manual for a 300tdi did not match the reality of what was there (maybe it had been carried forward from 200tdi models and never updated, I dont know). What seems to be missing from your list above:

- there are 2 self tappers along the underside top edge of the frame (above the window)

- there are 2 self tappers (or nuts and bolts) accessible from underneath the wheelarch  holding the bottom of the quarter panel near the striker plate for the rear side door.

- the instructions as I  remember also do not state that the bonding adhesive is almighty tough on the 300s - it needs a combination of extending blades, and hacksaw blades to cut through it - and a thin chisel to start an opening between the panels is also useful.




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