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  1. joe1


    And I would be a bit careful selling on ebay to a remote buyer when they use paypal. Of course the vast majority of ebayers are honest people, but there are a few who take advantage of the 'ebay guarantee' and claim faults with the goods even when theyre perfectly ok. And you then don''t have a leg to stand on - the very same 'ebay guarantee' ALWAYS means they side with the buyer and whip the funds back out of your account before you can say 'this buyer's a scammer'. If I need to sell large items these days its always cash on collection I'm afraid.
  2. joe1

    200/300tdi into series

    Just to widen your choice a bit - Its mostly the later 300 autos that have EDC - ie post '96ish... Don't know what the proportion of autos to manuals is really but I'd guess at least as many...
  3. joe1

    breakdown cover for older vehicle

    check out peter best insurance - if you buy the classic ltd mileage insurance breakdown cover is included.
  4. joe1


    About 150 with Peter Best for Disco1 on 5000 limited mileage classic insurance - also includes a breakdown/recovery service now (which, ahem, is really good - having had to it once!). They won't deal with anything later that 01/01/2000 and you must have access to another (daily drive) in the household
  5. joe1

    Any Colour gurus here?

    Or indeed take a panel with existing paint on it to a paint shop that has a scanner and they will then produce an identical paint in whatever paint system they have. (I've often been wrong trying to match colour chips by eye with panels).
  6. joe1

    New purchase - Discovery ES 300Tdi Auto

    That looks like a decent find! No oxidation on the door bottoms is always a good sign. I always thought the only chips available had to be direct replacements for the edc chip (and therefore soldered into the ecu). I'm not sure how anything separately fitted near the dash could work. But do post back if you find any more info about it.
  7. joe1

    Oil cooler pipes

    If they are that bad beware of the connections at the cooler end as well - they probably wont undo without ripping the cooler apart. But maybe you've been there already...
  8. joe1

    Roller painting

    If you choose rollering synthetic get something that is slow drying rather than fast - I recently used some quick dry for some old machinery and it dried so quick you could still see the roller marks in the final finish. But I've used Lechler before now and although its more expensive the finish isnt bad - as JonW says, if you give it a few days to harden off. One tip is to use a brush as well as a roller - foam rollers leave small bubbles in the paint which you need to brush out immediately. And have enough spare rollers as well - they tend to disintegrate after a few minutes exposure to the paint solvents. And for a job like that I'd buy 1 ltr first and run practice coats on an old panel to see what you get. Good luck
  9. joe1

    Are TD5 and 300Tdi rear tailgate windows the same?

    old topic - but does anyone have definite evidence of swapability. I see various aftermarket suppliers quote same part no for the two seals but is the glass def the same size between d1 and d2?
  10. Hmmm tricky. I did once have a Lynx (legacy) single vehicle system and it worked fine - but I never tried to do key fobs with it. I got rid of it partly because I heard Omitec were introducing their new evo tool - when I asked them they were ceasing support for the 'legacy' system. But as you've found it does make you wonder about the quality of such support anyway. And of course absolutely no help to all existing Lynx users. But I did see a Landrover Toolbox video on Lynx and key fobs: https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiY2oa-4aLaAhXHUlAKHRoKBIoQtwIIKTAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DDDaXkWpRGrk&usg=AOvVaw00obkEb6SsIp5yd4xFH8a1 I don't know whether that addresses anything or just glosses the problem you have
  11. joe1

    Help..odd problem

    +1 for dave88sw suggestion. 'topside switch' on the diagnostics could indicate a failing ecu - or one about to fail. Get diagnostics done really.
  12. Yes should have said what I was doing in that second pic. I was just checking the alignment before I started ripping the old bulkhead apart. Yes the foot does slide up inside the pillar but by aligning the new foot with the old via the outrigger bolt before any cutting I could see exactly where the new foot would align - and I'm glad I did.
  13. Thought I'd do the bulkhead feet repair - a nice inside job in all this weather we're having. Only problem is that the aftermarket feet don't seem to be like the originals. First pic is one of the feet in question. Second pic shows the foot/bracket aligned with the existing bulkhead via the outrigger bolt that passes through both bulkhead feet. You can see that the side of the foot (where the hinge holes are) is well inside the door pillar skin, the gap is about 6mm. On the original bulkhead the skin of the foot reinforces the door pillar skin by close contact - additional support for the hinge. So that I believe is what the aftermarket part should replicate, except it doesn't seem to. Is the aftermarket part wrong ("sold hundreds like it" the supplier says, so it can't be wrong!). I could spend time taking the new bracket apart and re-welding it but what a faf. Has anyone had any success with a particular aftermarket brand on these, please let me know!
  14. joe1

    Photobucket Fix

    That all seemed to work ok, but a few days later I found that a few standard laptop features had mysteriously stopped working (eg. the ability to reboot or call up task manager!). Having disabled the extension everything was then back to normal. So for this browser I'll only enable the extension when I need to view photobucket links, and then disable it afterwards. Bit of a pain really....
  15. joe1

    Photobucket Fix

    Yay, thanks for that - there's also a fix for the Opera browser: https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/photobucket-hotlink-fix/?display=en

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