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2005 ABS issues

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had to fit a new abs pump module form ecutesting as mine was shot when i brought the landy. fitted it and all worked for a few weeks. all the usual lights reappeared. now turns out there is only 3vdc from the wabco ecu to the pump relay.. got a new wabco ecu fitted srd000110. nancom now runs all tests ok, drive test shows abs is working as you can feel the pedal pumping. BUT the handbrake light dosen't go out, abs light stays on TC light goes out but sometimes comes back on. With lights on, Nanocam still says no faults.

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just to follow on.

it has now had the snap on diagnostic tool on it. still no faults shown, wheel speeds /voltages on all sensors good. 

Earths all checked, power all checked but still abs and brake warning light but abs seems to work when road testing. light does flicker now and again.

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