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Discovery 3 compressor fault?


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Hi all

How long should a suspension compressor be on for 

As Myne now won't go in off road lifts back but not front and warning comes on

Compre3seems to be on ages before switching off and one of the pipes gets very hot

Do I need a new compressor 

(I don't own I diagnostic device) 


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Most likely there is a leak in the air system causing compressor to run on.

sort the leak - it WILL kill the compressor.

prime candidate is the air tank. They get pin hole rust leaks in the top. Easy to drop to inspect 

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There are numerous faults on the air suspension system. First is to check for leaks, go around the vehicle and listen for hissing. You might not hear any though.

The compressor has various switch blocks that put the air into the suspension legs. Remove the fuse for the air suspension and look to see if one corner goes down, if so check with soap suds for a leak.

The switch blocks themselves can stick causing the pressure to be vented. If they have gotten wet then corrosion inside the block can cause this. I stripped them down and changed the seals, very fiddly. I replaced one block entirely, the rear one. ( back goes down first)

Finally, the pump has an exhaust valve on it, this is also prone to corrosion and can waste away the air.

After a drive, listen to the vehicle with the ignition off. Over the next twenty minutes you should hear the switch blocks clicking to keep the vehicle level, and the exhaust valve popping to vent the excess gas if all is well.

An Hitachi pump unit is about £300!  Investigate the cause quickly. The new pump is supplied with it's relay, another thing to change before the pump.

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