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HDC inactive, suspension lowered and brake warning light illuminated


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Hi All,

I'm pretty sure this has been discussed previously but I wonder if anyone has experienced the same issues.

I have a 2005 L322 4.2 supercharged RR with 80k on the clock. She's an absolute peach and never missed a beat until the other day. I parked her up for the night and In the morning the battery was flat, jumped her with a jump pack did the full lock to left then right and then went out for a 40 mile drive, 5 hours later went to go out again, battery flat. Started again with jump pack did the steering full lock left and full lock right and went for drive except this time screen kept flashing on and off and had every warning light possible flash up on the dash, all disappeared except HDC inactive, suspension lowered and red warning brake light. Once I parked up at home I checked voltage to battery when engine running and all measure good with 14.9v when I turned the engine off it lost all voltage, basically traced the issue to a loose Negative on the battery terminal. Have re-tighened and had no further issues but still have the HDC inactive, air suspension lowered ( even though its not) and red brake warning light. I understand this is a possible problem with low voltage but will I have to get the error codes cleared from storage.

Thanks in advance 


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Those symptoms are indeed typical of low voltage. Normally, all faults should clear when the cause is fixed. But as you've driven the car, it's possible the EAS and ABS have gone into hard fault. Best to get the codes read and reset and try again. Have you tried the car since? Worth a try to disconnect the battery, give it a proper charge and then reconnect everything.


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