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  1. yes, it could be the fuel pump, I haven't tried jumping the relay yet while starting. It definitely primes when turning the ignition on and runs when jumpered (as a test).
  2. After another rewire we finally seem to have the timing right: no signs of misfires and the engine came alive at last. Not running yet though, she fires and immediately dies again. Which we're hoping is just the air and fuel delivery and settings at idle. I continued with some other wiring and tidying up bits. Starting to look like a car again at last! She's now ready to give it a try in earnest and get the camshaft run in. Keep you fingers crossed on Sunday!
  3. If it's not broken or showing signs of wear/ damage, I would keep what is in there. Not just for axles, but for most things. Fitting new doesn't always make it better, so I'd save the time and money for if (when) something does need replacing.
  4. I just discovered the same thing... That's the better part of an evening head scratching because someone made a mistake in the wiring diagram in RAVE and only corrected it in one place (for another car). Ooh well, now we know and can proceed. 🙂
  5. I'm sure a Rancho with a PRV has been done. Now, a Rover V8, that would be something. And a driven back axle of course. 😁 Don't give me any ideas!!!
  6. Crumbs is pretty much what's left of most by now... I do admit they looked good, not sure I could put up with it as a daily. The M530 is a very nice drive, almost sporty. The Bagheera not so much. I've not had the privilege to drive a Rancho, but don't expect too much either.
  7. It was progress, definitely. Most importantly, we now know where the problem is situated. Which is half way to a solution. I'm also starting to wonder if this is why our previous attempt to get a P38 running with MS, almost 10 years ago, never succeeded. We knew (assumed) it was timing, but never figured out what could be wrong. I'll do the rewiring tonight, definitely have a stiff drink and maybe even try turning the key again. The day has started out pretty good already (despite taking the train), as we got a Matra M530 that hadn't run in 40 years through MOT!
  8. @Bowie69 why did you have to post that?? My dad's 450SLC has been for sale for years, just taking up space in the Workshop as there are no serious candidates it seems. But I'm sure I can find a rusty old Disco and use that as a donor to give it a new life. 😁 Might even be a good idea to keep the OHC Merc V8 is that's quite grunty. Mind you, I don't need LR underpinnings to take classics off road. Not by intention (this time) I should add! The 'road' got a lot worse for the next half mile or so, and no chance to turn back so I had to push on. And lucky the Lotus managed (just). 🙂
  9. Many thanks to @elbekko, not just for getting the scope but mainly for pushing on with the troubleshooting. I always assumed (yes, I know what that stands for...) if the VR was incorrectly wired, there would be no clear signal and thus no spark. Combined with the fact I knew the pin out of the sensor used and wired it accordingly, swapping the wires in the sensor connector seemed all but impossible without doing damage and most importantly, this same set-up actually got a P38 running (way back in '19), I had convinced myself it had to be something else. After testing with the scope we did another log with the MS. And that gave a much better result, no missing teeth in wrong places, all nicely spaced. As Ben said, it was already past midnight by then, so I didn't think it a good idea to push on much longer. The plan for next time is to verify coil A is firing at the correct position, by hooking up one channel to the VR sensor and the other to the coil driver output. We can always double check with the timing light as well. Once coil A is confirmed, we'll do the same for B, C and D. And then we can finally try to fire her up. Another mate has given me a deadline, to join him on a camping and green laning trip end of August. If the engine runs, that should be very much possible. We might even find time to look at the winch as well. 🙂 Filip
  10. That's not what you told me last night! And I wasn't the one who talked about an orange mankini... 😁 All kidding aside, it was a great evening. Now we know the man behind the fan. You're welcome back here anytime.
  11. I'm always up for a drink! I take it you're staying in the center? A taxi from Brussels sounds expensive, and it's actually one of the few railway connections that's not too bad.
  12. I have to disagree. I've had several TD5 start just fine without the electric fuel pump. Easily demonstrated by pulling the fuel pump fuse (which is how I found out, I had removed the fuse and forgot to put it back and still my TD5 started!). The only time it didn't work, was when a pump had failed and blocked the flow. You are of course right that the injectors need 4 bar to work as intended, but they'll cope with lower or no pressure, just not able to deliver full power.
  13. You already did (part of) the purge cycle, by leaving the ignition on a bit longer. That means the pump is running and likely to bleed any air in the system. The none return valve is easy to check, but my bet is on the injector washers as well. The pumps rarely fail and if the rest of the system is in good nick, a TD5 will start even without the electric pump (provided it's not clogged). Not at full power, but enough to get you home.
  14. As far as I know Land Rover never offered a manual option on the 4.6. The R380 as used on the 4.0 is a direct fit and will do the job even though it's not rated for the torque of the 4.6. I've been running that combo for years. As Paul said, an LT85 in decent nick should cope just fine as well if you show it a bit of mechanical sympathy and aren't constantly towing heavy trailers.
  15. No, we don't have an oscilloscope in the Workshop. But I'm working on borrowing one. 😉 As for the VR sensor, it was working in the donor vehicle and we also had this MS unit running a similar engine in another P38. But just as a proof of concept, we never analysed the data while running, just happy she started. The sensor we're now using is the same type, but a different item. Wiring loom is the same (bar some different connectors for temperature sensor etc) but coil packs are different (tested with GEMS, now running Bosch because of mounting issues). Part of me is saying just add fuel and give it a go, it's a Rover V8, it will fire up. But being a new and not so cheap engine, I don't really want to take the risk and make sure it will fire and run as intended so we can immediately do the 20 minute run in for the cam. At least all this testing has proven the oil is up to pressure after just a few revolutions.
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