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  1. Ben was kind enough to let me join him for part of the testdrive and let me take the wheel on the way back to the Workshop. I came in from a completely different angle, knowing it was not a vehicle to my taste (way too modern with too many automatic features, like most of the cars on sale today), but I was hoping a drive would make me more positive. It didn't really... For reference, my first Land Rover was a newly bought Defender TD5 used as a daily, followed by a number of P38 Range Rovers. For the last couple of years my daily is a Lotus with the Range Rover still put to good use as a workh
  2. I've just treated myself to a new DeWalt 899 for the Workshop. I thought long and hard about a Milwaukee, but decided against it because all my other 18V tools are DeWalt and even without the batteries the price difference was hard to justify. On paper it offers a torque of 950Nm (compared to 440Nm for my old one) and up to 1650Nm for removing. Should be plenty, it's not that the old one let us down that often, but it did happen on occasion. The new one got a good workout stripping a P38 chassis that had been outside for some years, made easy work of all but one bolt. And I can't blame the imp
  3. While browsing for a pneumatic rivet gun, I came across a riv nut one for the same price (€50). So cheap ones do exist, no clue if they deliver good quality (more important for a riv nut than for a simple rivet) and last a reasonable time. I've seen adaptors for an electric drill as well, at even lower prices. I wonder if that would be any good. We don't often use rivets, but when we do it's not something I enjoy... Airpower could make things a lot easier. Filip
  4. We've always run those cams with standard lifters, with good results. I do have a set of Rhoads lifters in a newly built engine, but that car is still far from finished. As Elbekko says, the gasket doesn't give that much. And all bolts/studs will stretch to some degree, to take up both settling and temperature effects. Filip
  5. Good to see one getting used and dirty! Would have been interesting to show how the different vehicles tackle the same obstacles, to get a better idea of how the new one compares to the older Landies.
  6. Some very good points! Could you explain why switching earth is preferred for electronic switches? I usually switch live, to avoid the risk of an accidental earth. But I did notice a lot of the standard circuits switch the earth. Even if it's with a simple switch. So following this topic with much interest. Filip
  7. Looks like a good read! 🙂 Just to be clear, as far as I'm concerned the world maybe be heading towards destruction, but I don't let that intervene with trying to bring happiness to myself and those close to me and enjoying our time on this rock orbiting a star. 😉 And to stay on topic, towing with an electric car doesn't really fit into that. Filip
  8. Totally agree on the last part, trains pay my bills as well. 😉 But I have no love for them at all. I avoid riding them whenever possible, the fuel cost of driving the gaz-guzzling 4.6 Rangie to work instead of taking a free train doesn't even come close to pushing me towards rail. It doesn't help that my job mostly involves reports no one reads, studies that lead to nothing, a lot of number crunching and all that steered by the political tendencies of the moment. Rarely do I get to leave the office, but when we do visit a building site or even better a rolling stock workshop I must admit
  9. Yeah, I've heard about that one. Aren't they using the big Belaz trucks? How I wish I could study those, instead of trains... Could make for an interesting testdrive! @Snagger so you're saying Musk is either a good-meaning Bond-villain (he does have all the traits, reminds me especially of Gustav Graves) or a mad Targaeryen who wants to be a good king but burns the city in the process. 😄 Filip
  10. The main reason trains use diesel-electric drive, or diesel-hydraulic, is because it's much easier to have drive on multiple axles, spread over the entire length of the train. That would be very complex with a mechanical drive, and you do need to spread the tractive effort because of the very low friction of the steel wheels on steel rails. Preferably without much intrusion in the passenger compartment (flat floors, low entrances etc). For the manufacturers it has the added advantage they can use many parts like drive bogies from their electric trains instead of having to design new gearboxes.
  11. It looks decent, for a new car, the obvious lovechild of the G-wagon and (old) Defender. But from a quick browse through the specs seems I conclude it's inferior to the (old) Defender in pretty much every respect, apart from emissions. And price, but that might be offset by Indian engineering/manufacturing...
  12. There's a movie out there about a guy with a Model X and a smallish trailer trying to get stuff from his field. He struggles a lot, not helped by the tyres on the X. But at least he's using it. Range would obviously be a problem, with conditions (slopes, wind etc) having a much greater impact, meaning it would be difficult to make accurate estimates. You'd need to err well on the safe side when chosing charging points.
  13. As above, I tried that a couple of times to get a vehicle on a lift. It works, but at a cost (time and associated frustration). Now we have a cheap trailer winch with a piece of box section to mount it on the trailer, on the rear of the 4-poster, or just secured with a strap to whatever is handy (like an eye bolt in the concrete). It has been a great help! Filip
  14. I agree a second hand engine is the fastest and often the cheapeast solution to keep a car on the road. But you do run the risk of facing similar problems before long. And there is a huge amount of satisfaction to be gained from rebuilding an engine yourself (and the V8 is an easy one) and then hearing it come to live and enjoying the renewed performance. 😉 Filip
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