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  1. A bit of good news: Pat, Paul's wife is continuing his business (after fighting off the lawyers etc). I've just placed my first order, I'm sure she needs all the help she can get as it has been a very though year so far. And I'm very happy to get quality parts at a correct price (unlike from some other vendors). Filip
  2. As above, when properly cared for, the Triumph V8 is (IMHO) a better match for the Stag then the Rover V8. Of course you can go bigger with a Rover V8, so that's an easy way to gain some power. If you're looking for parts, www.V8tuner.co.uk is operational again, with Paul's wife carrying on after his unfortunate death. They list many different parts for the different applications, might be interesting for you to see what will fit best. Filip
  3. That would be a great excuse for me to fly to Sweden and drive back! 🙂 Seriously, get a Scania, something with a V 8. 😁 That too. 😛 But Mike and Ben are right, this one is definitely a keeper! 👍
  4. I hope you disconnected the battery. By doing that you prevent any water inside the BECM to cause shorts and cause more damage. Drying and cleaning should then be enough to get it working again. Good luck! Filip
  5. You can use the original wiring with MS, that's what I'm doing. Replaced the connector with the VS37 for MS and only use the sensors it needs. The only real advantage the standard setup (either GEMS or Bosch) offers is a separate O2 sensor for each bank instead of a common one downstream. A standard GEMS or Bosch ECU with the security disabled would also work, but likely to be just as expensive and while it might be easier to get it started, you don't have the flexibility MS can offer to tune the engine for your specific use. Filip
  6. Completely different, that's a standard side-mounted intake and wont fit with a rollcage, unless heavily modified.
  7. If it happens without warning, I'd check all cables and connections (including battery clamps), both positive and negative. I had a 2 Range Rovers where the 12V feed to the starter worked lose or broke. Also check the starter relay, swap it with another one or put a jumper in to be sure. It could be the starter itself, though they usually give some warning. Best to look for the easy stuff first before taking that off. Good luck! Filip
  8. @Blanco old tractors we're designed like that, not too heavy and with big tyres designed to run at (very) low pressure. Nowadays weight has increased more than tyre size so despite the huge rears on some modern tractors, they dig in the soft soil and tear it up a lot more than the old ones did.
  9. Yeah, the tracks are great for spreading the weight and reducing pressure and thus impressions. But tracks on bigger machines are steel, so I'd keep my feet far away from them! A HGV tyre at around 9bar/130psi is going to hurt as well...
  10. How long does it take for the 3 warning lights to go out after first start? That's the first indication of a failing accumulator. Usually, once up to pressure, it will be fine (with the pump keeping pressure up regularly).
  11. Do you have an old one to try? If you disconnect plug C1280 from the BECM, the instruments should get power so you'll see a reading, but communication with the BECM is not possible. If I'm reading the diagrams correctly that is (Rave, electrical circuits 99, E1.3).
  12. I find this site very useful: https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/pages/bulb-reference-guide Not used their products myself, but I plan to as I've heard good reviews from (forum) friends.
  13. I guess so, it must be in one of the ICs on the board.
  14. As Ben said, it should sync both the the highest value. But I have encountered cars that kept giving the odometer error message, despite the value in the BECM being the same as on the dash. As for the original question, it looks like the ribbon is for the entire message display, so unlikely the value is stored there.
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