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  1. As expected, didn't find much time (or motivation...) to take another look at the brake problem last week. I did take off the master and checked the booster outputrod. Nothing seemed out of place, no items trapped. I did notice the rod can be adjusted. As I know some work was done to the car, but no idea what exactly let alone to what standard, it is quite possible somebody had a go at adjusting it. And made things worse. The car came in with a very worn wheel bearing, that would of course have caused a delay in braking power, and could have let to overadjustement. @Pawl12 you would
  2. Don't forget the injector seals. And possible contamination in the wiring loom.
  3. Thank you very much for the detailed description! Just the info we need to investigate further. I'll take the master off to check the booster output rod to make sure nothing is trapped. And then check the displaced volume with a syringe. I didn't realize the primary and secondary have a different stroke, that does make sense for the D2 layout. Will post our progress, but probably wont find the time tomorrow to look at it. Filip
  4. David, I had/have the same problem. Not only here, but also on some other threads / forums. Always with FB links. The easy workaround is to right click and chose 'view image'. Only downside is you can't go back to the previous window (i.e. the thread) afterwards. Only thing I can think of that could cause this is because FireFox opens FB in a container tab. Filip
  5. I've seen a few RRCs on 15" wheels, so it's definitely possible. I don't think the size of the brakes changed much over the years.
  6. Hi Jack, If you need to tackle a lot of hills, smaller tyres will help. Even if it's only a few %. I find it hard to believe you got such a difference in economy just from wheel weights. Were the tyres fitted the same width and overall diameter? A lot of people forget that when going to bigger or smaller (diameter) tyres, the speedo reading is also affected, so the distance recorded will change. Also, I don't think on a slow and heavy 4x4 tyre weight will have much effect. Unless you'd go from a a hi-tech alloy wheel with a small roadtyre to a solid steel one with a massive knobbly t
  7. There's plenty of people running 35" with standard gearing, shouldn't be a problem. It's only a 10% difference to standard. I ran my 90 TD5 on 37", not as daily though. But it was fine, could even pull a trailer if need be. Comfortable motorway speed was not limited by the engine power (max speed in 4th, 5th just a long overdrive) but by stability due to the lift and tyres. At work we had a 110 TD5 on 35" that had to work for a living, never any problems, just keep it in in a lower gear with a heavy trailer if you need more torque at the wheels. And be a bit gentle when driving off.
  8. Just to be clear, wheel size does not have a direct effect, only the tyres fitted. So yes, if you go from 265/75R16 (about 32") to 31x10.5-15 you will have a 3% difference. Or the other way if you go up to 33x10.5-15. 3% is not much anyway! It may be noticeable when driving off with a heavy trailer, but wont make much difference in normal use. As for fuel economy, that depends on a lot of things, like the state of the engine, usage, prefered cruising speed etc. At moderate speeds on the motorway the Tdi could prefer slightly lower revs so economy could suffer with smaller tyres. Which is why
  9. The mastercylinder is new and didn't come in a blue box, so no real reason to doubt it. I agree it seems the likely suspect, but I find it strange the symptoms are exactly the same as with the old master. Only thing I can think of is it was pushed in too far and the seals got damaged while bleeding. Maybe related to the booster, though I don't think the booster pin can be adjusted as on some other cars. The primary circuit that seems at fault is the one closest to the booster. Wouldn't the secondary be more prone to damage when pushed too far? We checked the output circuits one by one wit
  10. The popular steel wheels like 8-spokes and modular are available in -8 or -10mm and are used frequently on Range Rovers. I used those on my Defender (in 16" but that wont make any difference apart from choice of tyres). So you should be fine. If you go for 33x10.5 you might have to look at clearance with the outer edge of the wheel arches on full compression, also depending on actual tyre width. I can certainly understand your desire to fit smaller rims instead of bigger as on so many moderns. 😉 Filip
  11. This is all without ignition on, the basic hydraulic system, so the ECU is out of the loop. As far as I can tell, both shuttle valves are hydraulicaly operated from the master and the only connection to the ECU is via the shuttle valve switches to tell the brakes are on.
  12. I hinted at the problems we're having with our Discovery 2, Dirty Daisy, in @Jon W for sale topic. As the replacement parts brought us no closer to a solution, it's time a start a thread to call on your collective knowledge. We got Daisy as a running project. When driving her home my mate discovered she had little or no brakes. I found a VERY worn wheel bearing that seems like a likely culprit. Bearing replaced, all calipers bled as per Rave, but no difference. We got little or no flow from the primary circuit (left front and right rear), secondary seemed fine. Working back we looked at t
  13. yes, to replace the standard Borg Warner. Adding the shifter would then be another problem of course
  14. 25D would make it a 3.5 EFI auto 9.35, 1986 onward. Does that sound correct? Filip
  15. That's possible on a 4-poster as well, handy when working on propshafts etc. And on a 2-poster you can turn everything without moving the vehicle, so shouldn't be an issue either. I agree a pit is easy for large/heavy vehicles, but then you'd also like a wider opening and that may be an issue for vehicles with a narrow track. We have to move the runways closer to safely get a classic Mini or Fiat 500 on. For a modern Range Rover or similar you'd want them spread as wide as possible for best access. A pit can only be a fixed size, so would have to be narrow to allow for small cars. Or for
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