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  1. Escape

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    Looks even more like a Transit than the Puma 😞 But still better than the new G-class, that's actually cramped and crowded inside despite the huge size.
  2. Escape


    We'll need a bit more info. Left/right, front/rear, does it drop to the bumpstops or just leaning, does it happen once or regularly on the same drive? Locking/unlocking wont affect the EAS, but by doing so you are cycling the system. Playing with the height selector should have the same effect. To determine leaks, disable the EAS by either pulling fuse 44 or the timer relay under the left front seat. Then check which corner or side drops. The EAS is actually pretty robust and reliable, but it helps if you have some understanding of how the system works. Rave is a good start. Filip
  3. Escape

    Total Parts out of business?

    Maybe the records aren't up to date? It started with the website being 'temporarily unavailable', now https://www.totalparts.co.uk/ can't even be found. 😞
  4. Last couple of years I've bought most of my parts from Total Parts (from Skelmersdale, Lancashire). About 2 weeks ago their website went offline and mails don't get answered. I fear they may be out of business. Anybody know more? It would be a shame, they were always ready to help and had good prices and shipping to Belgium. Filip
  5. Escape

    P38 fuel issues/will not start

    Not sure what you mea by 'hold it in by hand'. If you're just bypassing the relay, try putting in another one.
  6. Escape

    P38 air compressor help

    If the pump is running, remove the exhaust damper and check there is no air escaping. If there is, the diaphragm valve is leaking and needs to be replaced. It will dump all the compressed air before it can reach the tank. Filip
  7. Escape

    Home made reciprocating file

    I've uses a (shortened) rat tail file in a drill to speed things up. That worked pretty good as well.
  8. Escape

    Breaker bar & impact sockets?

    You can't rely on a cheap(ish) impact driver to undo wheelnuts. If one is stuck (for whatever reason), you'll be stuck as well. They can be a big help around the garage and speed up work/ decrease load, but you always need a back-up for when (not if) they can't cope. So a breaker bar or a HD wheelbrace or even the standard one is a better idea, especially if you add a length of pipe. This will greatly reduce the strain on your wrists. If it's only for emergency use, it doesn't matter if it takes a few minutes longer. I've found the handle for the LR bottle jack excellent in combination with the standard wheel brace. And if all else fails, you can put the (bottle) jack under the wheelbrace and use the weight of the car to undo the nut. Filip
  9. Escape

    Reciprocating saws

    I have a corded one from DeWalt, and it has come in handy. Mind you, it's not always the best or easiest solution. As you say, you can reach bolts etc that are difficult with an angle grinder. And you get more control. It is important to chose the correct blades (as always). I used a standard blade on suspension bolts and only got half way. The Bosch heavy metal seem to last better. To get the best results, you need to be working on something solid and be able to rest the saw against it, so you don't lose reciprocating motion. Once you have one, you'll find plenty of uses for it. The flexibility of battery power will be a big bonus as well. Filip
  10. Escape

    Is a RRC rear radius arm nut just an M20

    Just checked in Micrcat, it is indeed a standard M20 nyloc nut.
  11. Escape

    P38 fires but won't start

    The BMW diesel needs a good strong battery to make it spin fast enough, especially in this cold weather. So make sure it's fully charged or add jumpleads. They can also be fussy about fuel level. The V8 is a lot easier to start. Filip
  12. Escape

    No go

    If the immobilizer is activated, it wont even turn over. The BMW engine can be difficult to start, the cold weather wont be helping. Are you sure the battery is up to the job? If it's not spinning fast enough, it wont fire. Maybe try jumpleads just to be sure. Otherwise check if you're getting fuel from the filter to the injection pump on the block. You can always spray some start pilot (brake cleaner) in the intake to verify it's fuel related. Filip
  13. Escape

    Ashcroft ATB on road

    For the record, Ashcroft just supplied me with 2 pegged airlockers for my P38, so also in a short nose housing.
  14. Escape

    The new Defender is now pointless

    I think it was Renault that had made an easily removable battery in some prototype. As said this would avoid having to wait for it to charge but you just replace with a charged battery. Pretty much how we use battery powered tools nowadays.
  15. Escape

    LT230 transfer case upside down

    Good to know it's been done. Now if only we could swap the front and rear output housings, so handbrake stays at the rear...

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