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  1. Escape

    Show me your switches!

    Window switches work nicely for a winch. If you need multiple switchers, I'd go with the Carling series. Never found anything wrong with the quality. For a winch isolation switch, I prefer a big mechanical one to cut the 12V feed, instead of a relay. There's always a chance it sticks or fails.
  2. Escape

    P38 EAS Problem .

    Indeed, I've seen this on 2 cars: the pipe just after the center muffler corroded through and over time both the line to the tank and to the right rear bag melted and all pressure was lost. Not fun when that happens on the M25 while towing a cartrailer!
  3. Escape

    No Hazards or immobiliser!

    Does sound like a fuse. What car is it exactly? Maybe a wiring diagram can shed some light to have you looking in the right direction.
  4. Escape

    Best way to run a BMW M51?

    Couldn't agree more! It's the same with Lotus: they worked on a V8 in de 70s, but it took 20 years before the Esprit finally got a V8 and by then they couldn't afford/find a strong enough gearbox, so had to downtune it.
  5. Escape

    P38 EAS Problem .

    The valve block rebuild kit a a bunch of O-rings, not difficult to install, just take your time. It does include the seals for the NRVs, but not new NRVs (they hardly ever fail, usually just leak). The leak from the tank could be in the airline or coupling at the tank as well, but with a rebuild valve block most if not all of your problems should be fixed. You do have to make sure all the airlines going into the tank seal properly, sometimes you need to trim the ends to get a good seal.
  6. Escape

    Best way to run a BMW M51?

    IMHO the best way to run a M51 is in a BMW, not a Land Rover. I've had a P38 DT manual, and while it wasn't too bad, it was no where near as good as a TD5. If you want to get rid of the electronics, I'd say a 300Tdi or International 2.8 or such would be a far better choice.
  7. Escape

    P38 EAS Problem .

    If you keep a door open, or your foot on the brake, the EAS will not level the car. But the compressor will run and build pressure. I think Elbekko is right: you have a leak in the NRV and a (possibly small) leak between valveblock and tank. Therefore when the EAS wants to raise the rear, there's not enough pressure to do so and the faulty NRV actually lets air flow from the bags to the tank. Once up to pressure, there's no problem. A valveblock rebuild should solve both problems. Filip
  8. Escape

    Garage lighting

    For our workshop I went for tubes over LED. The price difference was too big to justify and if prices come down in future it's easy to replace the standard tubes with LED. We have 2 rows of 4 twin 5ft 58W fittings with reflectors, more than enough for the 18x7m main area. We'll add extra tubes to benches and work areas for local lighting if and when needed. The warehouse has the same units, 12 in total for about 350m². That's plenty of light as it's used mainly for storage.
  9. Escape

    Range rover p38 passenger door won't open

    or take off the rear door and cut through the striker.
  10. Escape

    TD5 ECU

    The injectors on the TD5 work partly as a pump, and are good enough to suck fuel through a broken fuel pump. I've experienced this on my 90 and saw it confirmed with some customers as well. You should be able to pull the fuse for the fuel pump and still start the engine. Just don't expect much power.
  11. Escape

    Bottle jack adapter for axles

    No real objections I think, just a preference for the LR jack. If you add a small piece of wood, there easy to use on flat surfaces as well. Only downside is they're getting hard to find (in good condition). So the Sprinter one might be an alternative, good tip FF!
  12. Escape

    TD5 ECU

    Have you checked the electrical fuel pump? If that fails, it should still start but will be low on power and if the fuel lines aren't totally clear could be limited to tick-over. Disconnect at the FPR or fuel filter and see if you get a good flow to the engine and also on the return when ticking over.
  13. Escape

    1991 RRC ABS Issues

    If the booster pump is not working, you'll only get pressure (without assistance) to the front brakes. Pumps can be rebuild, but finding the right seals can be a nightmare...
  14. Escape

    Decent Aerial

    After I bent the original one while offroading I replaced the aerial on my Defender with a cheap flexible one of about 50cm. I had tilted close against the window and never noticed any loss of reception compared to original.
  15. Escape

    EAS timer relay location

    I'll see if I can PM the manual. You ca fit a switch on the feed wire, or even fit a second relay that is ignition switched. We did this before I found out the pin-out of the timer is compatible with a normal 4-pin relay. Which is a much easier mod than adding a switch or relay. Only downside of the removing the timer relay is you need to refit it to run EAS diagnostics, as it tells the ECU to go into diagnostic mode (this can be done manually by turning the power on and off while connecting the diagnostic as well). A switch would have the advantage you can turn the EAS off on the fly if you detect or suspect a problem, and prevent it from lowering to access mode as can happen when there is a hard fault. Greetz, Filip

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