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  1. I fitted a tank of around 20l under the RH seat my TD5, after relocating the ECU. I did consider cutting out the seat box and mounting with brackets, but as I could just get it to fit in the box I never bothered.
  2. I managed the rebuild of my R380 with a standard set of (fairly big) bearing pullers, both to take apart and put back together. I guess yours is an LT77, so could be different, I'm sure there is plenty of experience here on the forum. Good luck, it's a bit of work but very rewarding! Filip
  3. No, it was the Rover 2.5 unit, from before Ford took over LR.
  4. Maybe you could give us the full engine number, we should be able to decode it. It is unusual to have a carbed 3.5 in '99, but if the vehicle was a special build anything is possible. Garry does have a point about the camshaft being changed from the 3.5 to the 3.9 But we find the 3.9 cam works better in the 3.5 as well, so you'd want to order that anyway. Filip
  5. If you have a distributor, you need a long nose camshaft for the distributor drive gear. I think if you remove the distributor, you should be able to see the drive for the oil pump if it's the old style. Which would be consistent with the location of the oil filter. There was an intermediate version with a distributor that already had the poly-V belt, not sure what oil pump they used. But those were 3.9 or 4.2. STC488 is the latest version of the waterpump for old style V8 with carbs, it supercedes earlier numbers but should be functionally identical. Filip
  6. It's all old school technology, in the later installments Q-branch used lasers in the hubs. šŸ™‚
  7. Might be considered as not cyclist friendly... šŸ˜ˆ
  8. I'd say they do. Difficult to prove, as I have no way of knowing exactly how bad a battery was before reconditioning or if it would have pulled through with a normal charge as well. We have had several old batteries that seems unusable but lasted for a good while after reconditioning with the CTek. So my point of view is that the charger has paid for itself that way. I should also point out of the 4 Cteks we've had none had problems with the button. My dads old one did die, it was first used in his boat and about 10 years later put to work in the garage. It just stopped while charging and
  9. I totally agree, but recently had little choice but to seek alternative sources for LR parts than my usual UK suppliers. The combination of covid measures at the end of December and the last minute deal has caused significant delays and even cancellations. I've tried my luck with a Dutch and French supplier, the first went very smooth, the last order I only placed this week so still waiting for the delivery. I do hope things get smoother again once everyone is used to the new situation. Filip
  10. Because of the last minute trade deal, there shouldn't be any import taxes. I haven't seen any indication, though I have had 2 shippers charge extra for customs paperwork etc. The main selling point for Ashcroft is the known quality. I also don't see any prices on the website you posted (just had a quick look), it would have to be considerably cheaper for me to even consider. But it never hurts to have some competition in the market. šŸ™‚ Filip
  11. I can certainly understand your point of view, by dropping the final drive and/or transfer ratio the gearing becomes more close ratio. Not what most would want in a 90/110 I'd think, but that comes down to personal preference. Your TR7 sounds like a blast! I followed one in New Forest a couple of years ago. Not sure if it was a TR7 or TR8 but it definitely had a healthy V8 and a driving style to suit. šŸ˜Ž
  12. I'm gonna come in from an different angle here, and make a case for longer gearing. If you want more revs, you can always keep it in a lower gear for longer, but you can never add a 6th (unless you fit an overdrive). My 4.6 P38 with the R380 is usually in 5th from 30mph on, and will smoothly pull if needed. For cruising I want the revs as low as possible (some might say too low). Same reason in the Esprit I fitted a longer 5th from a later V8, to allow more relaxed high speed cruising. If I want more grunt for overtaking (in either car), I simply take it back to 2nd or 3rd and get all the
  13. Worst we had was a blocked cat that actually caught fire after about 15mins. My first rebuild in a P38 too... Luckily I had friends watching everything while I was behind the wheel. After about 10mins he could light a cigarette on the glowing cat (and gave it to me, all good fun and games), then he put the fire extinguisher closer by and when that needed to be used we decided to abandon the run-in... The cam still did fine for many miles. šŸ˜‰
  14. That's what the instructions from Kent Cams and Piper say, seems to work for us. But it can be unnerving revving a newly built engine like that, while watching for leaks etc. I always feel more comfortable when there's 2 of us.
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