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Replacing Classic sills with box section


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Hi All,

I've seen a few mentions of replacing Rangie sills with box section but no specific thread on the subject.

I am about to start replacing my rusty RRC sills with 100 X 60 X 3mm box section, (along with footwells, rear arches etc. etc.)

Does anyone have any pointers, or better still photos, of this procedure, please?

Many thanks in advance,


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I wish I had taken some pics when I did mine, as you say it's been spoken about quite a bit on here.

Here is the write up I did a few years ago... CLICKY!

Its a fun job... just make sure that everything is held in place. Brace it if neccessary. Then get jiggy with Mr Grinder :D

Dan :)

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Thanks Dan,

That's just the sort of info I was after.

Now I've got over the dreaded flu ( great Xmas present - thanks a bunch Santa!) I'm ready to make a start.

As a get well present to myself, Mr Grinder has been joined by Mrs Grinder and Au Pair Grinder to save me forever swapping grinding / cutting discs. wire cup brushes etc.

Having been forced to do nothing but watch daytime TV for a fortnight I now have a workshop wish list as long as my arm thanks to "American Chopper"


Bob :D

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