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Have a very annoing "clank" coming from my 2002 Defender 90 when I change gears...It has rear detroit locker, front truetrac, had new bushes fitted, but the clank won´t go away. I´ve noticed that if I turn centre diff lock on, the 90 goes smooth and the clank dissapears, when I turn it off, it appears again.


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There is something loose in the transmission at or after the diff-lock. By which I mean that there is too much backlash in the crownwheel/pinions or there is wear in the halfshaft/diff splines or the prop shafts are loose or the U/Js are gone or the gearbox output splines are worn or there is play in the bushes/not done up tight or a combination of these factors. Most likely on this list is bushes IMHO. I have a similar clank which I suspect is the hockey stick bushes on the front axle although I know that there is a lot of free-play in my rear diff..


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