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L322 4.4 v8 petrol thermostat removal


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Hi guys, 

I’m a new member on here, thanks for adding me. 
  I have an l322 v8 4.4 petrol and it recently overheated on a journey. I’ve done the checks of hoses etc and it appears to be a stuck thermostat. 
  It’s been removed and I tried boiling a kettle and pouring it on it but looks to be knackered.
  Has anyone tried removing the thermostat out of its housing and running theirs without one at all? I appreciate it’s probably going to take longer and more fuel to warm up, but they seem to be a hot running motor generally. And when a thermostat goes like this, you’re on a trailer heading home as it would soon cook it!! 
 I can order a new one, but parts don’t seem so great for lasting these days, and a thermostat does such a vital job..

  any thoughts greatly appreciated.

  Thanks, Luke 


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I changed the thermostat in my old V8 L322 and the issue did not reoccur. I am not sure how much a genuine or OEM one is?


I would not advise running without one, they are designed to run at a set temperature and will be more efficient when doing so


Also - welcome to the forum!

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