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Defender TD5 throws a code when revved in neutral.

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I am having an issue with my 2001 10P engine Defender TD5 with 260000km on the clock. 


When revved in neutral the engine will pick up, then the check engine light illuminates and power is reduced to merely stumbling. Turning the engine off and then on clears this and the engine runs fine again. I have run the truck loaded on the motorway and she will wind up to speed and run fine.  I have run the truck up an Alpine mountain pass revving it hard in 3rd and it runs fine. I have run it down the same slope and the engine runs fine at high rpm.  The engine runs very nicely for a TD5 with no missing and no smoke in all conditions other than revving in neutral.

Items already investigated/replaced:

I have replaced the MAP sensor on the inlet manifold with a Bosch sensor. I have replaced the MAF sensor with a VDO one. The fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator and injector seals are new within the last year. I have inspected the interior of the hoses from each side of the intercooler and they are not delaminating. I have inspected the turbo waste gate and the linkage/flap rotate freely. Watching the engine rev I can see the waste gate operate which indicates the vacuum solenoid on the turbo is functional.  I have dismantled the ECU harness connectors and there is no excessive oil beyond the usual light sheen and no sign of contamination on the ECU itself. 

It feels like a turbo over boost situation or low fuel pressure but I would have thought those would have manifested themselves with the engine under high load, being revved hard up a mountain. It only does this when standing in neutral (i.e no load) which is unfortunate as revving the beans off the engine is how they do the emissions test here in sunny Switzerland. Unfortunately I do not have access to a code reader and the local garages have a fine sense of humour about the value of interrogating the ECU for you. 

Has anyone any experience with this fault or suggestions of where to look next?




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