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1987 2.5 diesel NA 110 MOD torsional damper/pulley/flinger


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I have a 1987 110 ex-MOD with a 2.5 NA diesel.  I have both the MOD parts catalog and the 1986 110 full line parts catalog. From these, it appears that the part numbers of the appropriate bits are: pulley - ERC6860; damper - ETC4105; flinger - ETC4390. I think I can also derive that the pulley/damper assembly in this military truck is the same as that used in the civilian truck fitted with AC, so I can use the civilian assembly part number 554971 (from the John Craddock catalog). I think that's all straight forward. 

The uncertainty is the flinger. Is it best practice to fit a new one on the damper hub, or try to use the one in place now.  It seems pressed on, and I'm afraid that removal will expand the bore and render it unusable. While I type this it occurs to me that it is quite a silly question.  The flinger is available and not expensive so the prudent course of action is to get a new one.  But just for my enlightenment, is this really designed for a one-time use?

Also any comments on my part number conclusions will be appreciated.



(also posted to the Defender forum)

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Looks like ERR3093 is another pulley which can be used. Common to 2.5NA 2.5TD and 200TDI ? My own experince with flingers is to buy new rather than try and remove. They are pressed on loosely, and if they are reused and spin, can be annoying at best. If you have the new and the old you'll give yourself a backup plan if the new one doesn't work out.

Looks like you need all three parts you list, is your old pulley no good? or is it just the damper which has given up?

The only other part i'd buy new if you are doing the job is a new crank bolt and timing case oil seal.



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