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  1. not all paints are the same though, the best finish i have found looks wise and to apply is the stuff from Marcus Glenn. The auction site stuff is a bit of a gamble. Pete
  2. similar location to my 24v D1LC, mine sits just behind the O/S side locker in the wheel arch as i use the lockers for jerry cans. The only mod i made to mine was to put the pump inside the tub, as the contacts rotted off after 5 years, replacements aren't cheap. I used a fuel can off a honda generator. Do you have a linky for the chinesey version?.
  3. Diesel? 2nd for glowplugs, also look for any air bubbles in the main fuel hose by the fuel filter, if there is then checkthe leakoff pipes.
  4. The P38 ended up with a flat battery after relying on a solar charger and a low sun angle. Learning lesson from last time (don't just connect the c-tek charger with batt neg still on as it knacks the becm up disastrously) Give disconnected battery a charge for a couple of days. Then reconnect batt and go through the eka procedure. If your door switches don't produce the required indicator flashes then that will need sorting out first. Likely a set of newer mgf drivers door micro-switches grafting in. Once eka code ok lets you start engine, the remotes can be reprogrammed via drivers door, (needs the ign to have been on without the key code lockout messages etc). Pete
  5. you have a short in your wiring, don't put high rating fuses into the wiring as the next problem will be the good portion of wiring melting out. if you put the correct rating fuse or bulb as roverdrive says, in. then leave the hazard switch disconnected and measure the voltage. If the drivers side works ok, i'd concentrate on the passenger side indcator wiring, can't remember if its green/red or green/white. take the bulbs out of the holders and measure the voltage to black or chassis. looking for my money would be on a trapped or chafed wire where the wheelarch has been disturbed or where the wiring runs out of the chassis/rear crossmember. To break it into manageable chunks you can unplug the rear crossmember/trailer wiring by the brake/clutch reservoir on the multiplug.
  6. ps also post your location up, which may help.
  7. so if you have measured the 12v purple feed to 0v and theres nothing, it's worth checking the fuse first then tracing the wire until you get 12v. the purple is permanent live (there with ign key out), also powered should be horn, clock, sidelights, interior lamp/s, trailer socket, and the hazard circuit. There should be an associated fuse for the clock, horn and interior light. Do your indicators light if you put 12v from eg brown wire such as cig lighter? Pete
  8. take the aux belt off and spin the alternator feel/listen for dodgy bearings, otherwise could be a warning light wiring issue. What are the volt readings on/off charge? Pete
  9. Was any welding done on your chassis? just wondering if so it could have fried the rf input to the radio (easily damaged by overvoltage). Have you tried another radio to make sure the reception is as bad with the same antenna? Pete
  10. Well, final bit of info to tidy this thread up with a successful outcome :-) With the becm reprogrammed and synced to the engine ecu, all was ok but the rf fob wouldn't re-learn. Then things got a bit worse last week when the alarm kept sounding on opening the drivers door. This meant the engine was immobilised (door thought it was still locked). the key central locking also dissapeared. So as said earlier, doorswitches. Managed to get the door latch out today by doing the following. Remove door card and foam liner, (easier access with window glass up) at the bottom edge of door unclip the two cable clips from the door casing and seperate the latch connector. Flick the green plastic rod catch round to release the door handle pull rod. Unscrew the exterior door handle (1 torx screw) and remove the assembly, (the mushroom spring clip on the handle needs to be eased open carefully) Release the inside door handle in the same way (push the plastic retainer away) then pull the cylinder and cable away from handle assembly. The door lock/unlock plastic bit is screwed to push rod on normal type self tapping thread (took a while to work this out). Remove the three lock retaining plate torx screws then lock will come out at the upper door area with a push or scrape on the window regulator assembly. By visual and by metering the wires out the pink/purple/green are motor wires for the remote locking. The remainder are switches, Black is common on all three microswitches, blue and white are normally closed. Red should have been normally closed but was showing 16k ohms to 1M ohms. So i decided to scavenge the microswitches from the mgf drivers lock as the mgf housing/plug area is slightly different The switches tested out ok and same function as the RR (even same colours). The colours however are identical with one additional wire (grey) adds normally open to the red (not needed) The only adjustment/mod required was to break (plastic weld) the old switch stack out from the old RR one and measure the new switch location drilling 2.5mm location holes for the roll pins from the mgf connectors. (they sit around 2mm higher in the lock body than the RR). All back together the key was learnt and rf locking is back. :-)
  11. red/yellow is fog light, appears both sides of the rear light cluster. green/white and green/red are the lhs and rhs indicators.
  12. regardless of whether you have any or none of the accessories the purple wire will still be there (so you can add them later on) on mine it is in the panel behind the offside rear lighting panel (at the back of the indicator and brake lights) i.e I still have a thick brown and green? (for the rear heated screen i don't have) :-) The internal light is probably related to the purple wire as it uses the purple as permanent feed then to the bulb, it switches on by grounding the other side of the the bulb through a purple/blue or prurple black wire. there are three or four setups like this on the defender. in the front seat area, rear seats load area, and under the bonnet for a work lamp. HTH Pete
  13. Yep just saying the purple and brown which are generally perm live even when ign is off, power clock interior lights etc, but the longest puple one runs through chassis to rear crossmember to power towing socket and rear interior light and possibly the rear wiper to park pos? worth unplugging to test? Pete
  14. doesn't plain purple run to the rear crossmember for the towing socket/rear wiper/interior light also, think it connects on multiplug by the clutch housing. Could be disconnected fairly easily. Pete
  15. I feel your pain, just coming to the end of a mamoth, eka code lockout/scrambled becm saga (see the other post). if you can find some half decent ones the late mgf/mgtf ones off ebay are the same parts from rover group. Taking it you have no other issues, like the engine immobilised or failing to crank?
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