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  1. Door lock doorbell. The drivers door microswitch was the failure point on mine. The second giveaway was the EKA code wouldn't go in till it was repaired. i.e no response flash from the indicators. Pete
  2. Do it from the top with an assistant. i.e reverse bleed it. air bubbles will naturally try and rise anyway and it saves time and effort under the landy. Fill the clutch reservoir (leave the cap off) and crack the nut on the master cylinder pipe union let it weep for a bit. Tighten the master cyl nut, push the pedal down hold a while then open the nut again and let the pedal up close the nut. Repeat until air bubbles stop. Keeping the reservoir topped up. Repeat an hour or so later to let the remaining air out.
  3. Interesting mix of features, chassis has nato socket and hitch in cross member so not civvy spec, wolf 110 rear axle, topped up with a td5 and associated rear wheelarch fuel filter. looks like tank could be td5 spec? Pete
  4. crimp the offending pipe/row either side of the leak, then drop some radweld into it?
  5. Do you have the worn pump/hot start kit on it? Pete
  6. Might be worth a search on here or elsewhere but is the fuel injection pump coded to the engine ECU and BECM?
  7. britannica restorations had a good post on original seals vs pattern parts well worth a view on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3ifGgeJfRY Pete
  8. That should be fine, would allow any pivot interference to allow front bonnet edge to be lower. After my rebuild my closure gap is larger. Was thinking of looking for some adjustment in wings or the slam panel.
  9. does it make any difference to the level, at the hinge end of the bonnet, if the plastic bushes are in the hinge the wrong way? as the slot is not in the centre? Pete
  10. Only went in for bread & milk.......... came out with a paddling pool, grinder and a plastic trumpet.🤿
  11. i.e when paid in at the bank..... they could refuse to take the lot....then indeed what is your other option? Pete
  12. Depending on the model/year the usual suspect is the VC/IRD, a lot that are up for sale have the rear prop removed. Could be there is a temp sensor which is telling you when to give up and let it cool down. Hence the limited rev range? https://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/freelander-parts.html Obviously the dragging brake pad/caliper won't help
  13. I cut 18mm from each side on my lt77 seatbox to allow the r380 wright off road matting to fit. rounded the corner cut with a file to avoid a stress fracture. I put an r380 in years ago but trimmed up the face of the seatbox.
  14. The only other thought is the notes were lighter (worn down) or wrong paper (counterfeit). So maybe don't look too close?. Just a thought.
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